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Yep... An FBO without, you know, the O part!
  • Okay boys and the few girls we have... How's this report move ya?

    Wednesday night into Thursday morning I had a marathon session, broken up say 4 or 5 times. About the only successful part is when I had a light P wave... Though I did have a bunch of false starts, body tingling, contractions, I think my prostate getting really hard, and of course I had to pee a lot. Eh I thought, just see what my body tells me. (I went through this in the chat room a bit but don't think anyone was feeling receptive.)

    Yet now we get to the point of the title of this thread... For almost an hour, if you would have seen me, you would have thought I was one of those guys in the videos on xtube, or maybe even you. Laying on my front, with my trademark strategy having the aneros turned around 180 in my rectum, I was flopping around like a fish. Body spasms, shaking, trembling, rectum tightening, ass clenching, good amount of contractions and releases, could feel my dick getting hard and soft... Then turned and laid on my back, again, spams, tightening, shaking... (I only stayed on my back maybe five minutes though before I just stopped.)

    So, notice anything missing? I DID! P wave? MMO? FBO? SO? HFWO? HFDO? DO? LO? LOL? FBI? LMAO? How about NO O!!! Yep, with what may be a first, I experienced all the theatrics but no pleasure, not one bit. Maybe a bit of tingling but truthfully, that was it.

    Anyway, I was detailed here because I realize this isn't for me but maybe other users both new and vets who have been through what I've just been through. Even so, I post this because as much as I've read, here and in the chat, I don't think I've ever come across a situation like this. Help, as always, is needed!
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    I just had a hiatus for eight straight days brought about by family commitments, when I just didn't think about Aneros or sex or prostate or any related subject.

    At the end of this period, everything seemed to fall into place and many things that I have not previously been able to achieve,suddenly happened.

    Might be worth a try?
  • Its funny I did this after a few days of nothing as well... Maybe I could use longer... But this was a milestone in a way because I had never felt \ mimicked the movements so closely of a FBO before... Like I said, spasms, twitches, tingles, contractions and movement down there, etc.
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 389
    Hang in there. Your experience is pretty common. I went through this phase as well and am still a real thrasher if I don't relax my leg muscles and glutes. Let hem tighten up and away I go! It can be fun to let them happen and explore. Just make sure you don't fall off the bed or hit something and get hurt.

    When I hit this phase, it was pretty violent, and I first experienced it using the little Peridise. With experience, I learned to recognize the sensations and moderate the onset. 

    I think you can look at this as progress rather than a set back.

  • Haha, thrasher eh? Didn't think I would be honestly but still found it interesting, obviously didn't hurt or anything. And yes, it did cross my mind that I could fall off and get hurt, but so far so good! Like you, I just kinda let my body do it's thing.

    And wow, violent thrashing from the peredise... I know regular users LOVE those things and I can see why! As I write this I'm talking with rumel in the chat and as he said, obviously this type of O is different from a traditional one.

    But trust me Xileh I do see it as progress!

  • Oh, and speaking of progress... Had about a two hour session
    tonight, so far so good.

    First part - Shakes, spasms, clenching, not too much movement in the rectum,

    Second part - Deep little small contractions that went down slowly through my
    rectum to the bottom, then seemed to go into my dick where my dick would feel
    good...Pleasure pockets and pleasure tingles both occurred in my butt a couple
    times, below my left shoulder blade and my left forearm... Clenching and
    shaking, not as much as first time though... Subtle movements in the rectum,
    pleasure tingles here and there throughout the body, light dry O's, left
    fingers would move, right arm shook, etc.

    Third and Fourth part Similar to first and second, a bit less, toward the end
    put on a HFO binaural beat track and had nice dry o's, big but not really pleasurable
    purse, had a few big time contractions in my rectum as well... At one point my
    legs spread and lifted me up, my dick touching the towel, stomach and face buried
    in pillow and bed, etc...

    All in all can't complain!