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Soft Palate Nursing
  • Hey i've looked up the various explanations of this on both the aneros and KSMO sites but I still don't totally understand the entire process.

    -Is the soft palate specifically the back end of the mouth?

    -What is meant by a full tongue touching the top and bottom of mouth. Is the back end of the tongue touching the soft palate at the back and the tip of the tongue touching the bottom of the mouth?

    -Is the suction constantly held or only whilst nursing (ie moving the jaw)?

    -Does the nursing involve a slight swallowing motion?

    I am getting some feelings doing it so i know im on the right lines but different actions produce slightly different feelings.

    Thanks for any further explanation. I really feel as if this SPN will take me somewhere
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    This seems to be Qigong or Taoist related. Where did you read about it?
  • beegee6beegee6
    Posts: 28
    Since your post I thought I would give it a try and have had great success.  It actually helped with my Kundalini Syndrome symptoms.  I wear an Aneros about 15 hours a day and sometimes I get a terrible over-pressure feeling in my skull.  The SPN helped relieve it.  There are a couple forums that have instructions if you want to check them out.  From previous forum posters here, it appears to help channel the Qi energy down the meridian from your head to your navel.
    I was having amazing experiences before SPN but since I started SPN I won't ever stop.  Really incredible experiences.  
  • Yeah i think im starting to get the hang of it but still experimenting with tongue positions.
    With regard to the head pressure, I get this now all the time but I find the SPN makes it worse. It's like it sort of 'loosens' me but then the tension comes back in force straight to my skull.

    Could you describe how you feel the soft palate nursing reduces the pressure. 

    Does the pressure appear then dissapear when you perform the SPN. I think I may have a problem with all body tension in general or something. Thanks
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,101
    @beegee6 hope you dont mind me asking? You wear a aneros 15 hours a day! Is this just sleeping with it or do you do other things with it?
  • beegee6beegee6
    Posts: 28
    -I think I read in The Male Multiple Orgasm that swallowing is helpful to relieve the energy build-up.  When I saw some references to swallowing with SPN in the forums listed above I started doing it.  The SPN with swallowing helps me relieve the pressure.  

    -generally unless I am at work I have either a Peridise or Aneros inserted.  If it is a Peridise, I enjoy the sensations of walking around with it.  It drives me crazy with arousal if I am moving with it inserted.  I do sometimes wear it to work.  Outside of work for casual use I insert a helix syn or eupho syn (also for sleeping sometimes).  If I am sitting down for a Aneros session I use the hard plastic Helix, Eupho, Progasm or Prograsm Jr.  No real rhyme or reason except personal comfort.  

    I figure if I am in the office in a meeting or at home with the wife watching TV, it helps me be mindful and in the moment.  Nothing makes an episode of Downton Abbey go faster than kegel exercises :)    
  • PommiePommie
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    That says a lot about Downton Abbey doesn't it?
    I think it might be past its "use-by" date!
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,101
    Awesome @beegee6 i have used helix classic walking around that was good and i have sat down while metal welding with peridise. I want to try ridding my push bike with helix but have not yet. Riding the quad bike did nothing. Always afraid i will hurt my self though! Glad I am not the only one doing this kind of thing!  8-}