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Dry orgasm... in my dreams.
    Posts: 21
    So, I've been using the Aneros for 2 months (I have both Eupho Syn and Helix Syn), and so far nothing spectacular in my session.

    I have however on two occasions had dry orgasms in my dreams, which has never happened before. Whenever I've orgasmed in my dreams I've always woken up to wet boxers. 

    One of the occasions was without Aneros, and one was sleeping with the Eupho. In the first one I ejaculated in the dream, woke up and noticed that I had not ejaculated in my boxers. 
    On the second occasion I don't remember anything about the dream except that I was orgasming. I woke up and as soon as I did, the orgasmic feelings faded quickly. And after a minute or so it was like I had imagined the whole thing.

    So, I was just wondering if there were people here who've had the same or similar experiences after they started using the Aneros device?
  • yeah. my first mini orgasm was on awakening. I sleep with the eupho all the time now and often wake up to pleasure waves but less often to mini orgasms. I guess I have to be very relaxed to allow my body to access the orgasms. I think the sleeping with it in helped my body get to know it and work with it. and to rewire. no super O s yet tho.
  • Hi @TEK,

    To have dry orgasms in your dreams, well that is the stuff of dreams. Maybe someday you'll have Super-O's in your dreams! Well that is my New Year's wish for you.

    But also your working with the Aneros may bring you back to the heady days of your adolescence and young adult manhood. Quite a few guys have wet dreams then! :D ;)

  • ClenchyClenchy
    Posts: 224
    I woke up one night having a really nice throbbing prostate orgasm (dry). I don't remember what I was dreaming about and I didn't have anything inserted. Hasn't happened since.

    Posts: 21

    Interesting. It seems to be the same with me, even though I consider myself a pretty relaxed guy.

    Thanks for the New Year's wish. :)

    I've actually always had wet dreams since those early of adolescence. Never had  dry boxers afterwards though, so that one is new for me. :)

    Nice. Actually, coming to think of it, I have awoken quite a few times with orgasmic sensation during the night. I've always assumed they had to do with my sexual kung fu practice, but maybe I should credit the Aneros device as well. Have you slept with the Aneros in?
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    @TEK - Yes, absolutely. I've had a number of dreams where I specifically dry orgasmed while using an Aneros prostate massager in them. Meaning I wasn't using the Aneros while sleeping. It was just in my dreams that it happened. Pretty cool, eh?
    Posts: 21

    Ah. Yes, very cool indeed.
  • "What dreams may come..."
    Posts: 21
    Hehe. Good movie. :)
  • ClenchyClenchy
    Posts: 224
    TEK said:

    Have you slept with the Aneros in?

    I've successfully gotten to sleep with the eupho once or twice, but nothing happened. Other times, I can't get to sleep. I find the base-level excitement of having an aneros in, is slightly too much for sleep to kick in.
    Usually when I start drifting off a big rush of sensation comes and jolts me back to full alertness. It's an interesting area to explore though, I've been able to wade slowly back into that rush, which I'd describe as a full-body, fuzzy, warmth with a trance like quality. Orgasm sensations seem more accessible in this state. So I can see why people have break-troughs while sleeping.
  • beegee6beegee6
    Posts: 28
    I try to set up the environment to have those every night.  It doesn't always work but when it does it is wonderful.  I have woken up to massive dry-Os but the most memorable and life-changing are the ones where I am in a deeply relaxed state just short of sleep (check out hypnagogia on wikipedia).  That is when the calm seas MMOs start coming in beautiful waves.
    I believe Aneros is more than just rubbing your prostate the right way.  It's a combination of deep stomach breathing, deep meditation, deep relaxation, and high arousal.  The Aneros device and the exercises help focus on opening the Sacral and Root Chakras.  I wish I was one of the guys that could MMO on command but I wouldn't trade my own experiences thus far for anything.
    Aside from a little tincture once in a great while all my journeys have been drug free.  However, these 'Aneros Trips' have been as intense as any DMT voyage I have experienced in my life.  
    This morning I woke up at 5am and was still sleepy so I read a little erotica and looked at some porn while re-lubing my eupho for an hour.  When I crawled back into bed I curled into a fetal position and drifted into this incredible relaxed trance while my prostate throbbed and buzzed as my penis made it own throbbing dry heaves.  
    In my trance, I visited a place I now call CandyLand.  It was a hypnagogia wonderland of almost infinite orgasms for two hours straight.  I was in complete control of the fantasy/dream within the trance.  At one point, a woman asked if she could suck my toes.  I put both of my big toes in her mouth and as she sucked it felt like she actually inhaled my entire body.  The orgasmic feelings road up my legs, pelvis, chest, and head until I was consumed and swallowed within her bliss.  When I came out of the trance, I was glowing from the feeling of orgasmic well-being coursing through me.
    I feel like the Aneros experience is waking up an ancient part of our consciousness.  Taoist, Qigong, Yoga masters have all reached similar destinations through different methods.  Just my two cents.
    Posts: 21

    Very interesting reading right there! Very cool!

    I too feel that the Aneros device does more than just stimulate the prostate. And I also feel that the Aneros practice goes very well in hand with my Qigong and Taoist practice.