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Peridise questions.
  • Hello everyone. I seen some reviews that said it would help work out the anus and PC muscles. Is this true? Thank you.
  • Yes it certainly does
  • I have very good results just lubing and inserting one of the advanced peridises; relaxing and letting it happen.  Trying to force a workout might not work at all, because it's a subtle device.  But it is fun to let my various PC muscles play soccer with the bulb as I pretty much ignore the stem.  I have passed out that way and come back with my face in a puddle of drool.  

    For me, the peridise runs along with maybe a level of 2, and hits me with sudden supero's at the 10 level.  Like a speedboat bouncing on the waves, as contrasted to the more steady cruising at 7 on the orgasmic ocean with peaks to 10 on my helix syn luxury sailing yacht.  

    You may want to use the basic peridises to learn your responses ... it's like learning to fly cast.  A simple system that requires getting the feel of it.