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erect nipples
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,357
    i am increasingly into nipple stimulation.  i love to fantasize that a nipple enthusiast is fingering them, intent on giving me nipple orgasms, over and over until i am swooning.

    the strange thing about nipple stimulation, for me anyway, is that nipple erection comes and goes and doesn't necessarily correspond to climaxes.

    that said, last night i had a really intense orgasm with them fully erect.  it felt fantastic to have them like that, my own pair of tumescent clits.

    has anybody figured out a trick to consistently make nipples get and stay erect?   (I mean by stimulation, not by suction).


  • Maybe a few ice cubes, or some minty lube? I love erect nipples too :)
  • Hi, Darwin,good to know you have kept the nipple orgasm faith and that you are getting into it more and more!  I don't have an answer for erect nipples; I find that mine become most erect just before the first nipple orgasm, then stay that way as I continue to have repeated orgasms, as many as six or seven at a time.  But I also find that when I begin a session my nipples are actually more sensitive and responsive to stimulation when they are soft. I actually prefer them that way at the beginning of a session.
  • I am a nipple guy as well. My nipples were non existence before aneros but now they pop up ready to play when ever. I actually pump my nipples from time to time to keep them hard. I have actually had a few super o's from just nipple stimulations alone. Go to ebay or amazon and loop for nipple pumps to make them bigger so they can be more sensitive so you can reach that new hight in your orgasms.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    I know what you are talking about. I too have been very much into nipple stimulation for many years now. The only thing I can figure is that when I'm highly aroused is when they are very, very erect. And I love the sensations they make and feeling how big they are under my fingers.
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    Funny this should come up right now!

    The night before last, after a break from all Aneros activity for eight successive days, I had a two-hour session with my Eupho Syn. Having quit the session at about 1AM, I had some particularly strong echo effects during the next hour. At one point, I was lying on my back and thought I would try a little nipple stim. I have never really had any success with this before, but on this occasion, playing with my left nipple resulted within seconds, in a feeling of an electric current running through my prostate. I managed to keep this going for at least half an hour, experimenting on the way with various combinations of nipple stim.

    The really rewarding part of all this was that on waking in the morning (at about 7AM), I was able to repeat the exercise, receiving the same sensation of an electrical current through the prostate. I do believe that at last, the connection has been made!
  • Pommie, this is great news. I agree, your experience is evidence that the connection has indeed been made. Now just keep it up, and you may be soon experiencing nipple orgasms.

    There are a number of guys in my Yahoo nipple orgasm group who started with virtually no erotic sensitivity in their nipples. They persevered, in some cases for years, and now have nipple orgasms easily and frequently.
  • Hi guys,

    I am really curious. Can someone here on the Aneros Forum post some pics of guys with erect nipples? I tried to find some on Google Images without success.

    I credit the Aneros through its various models for unlocking for me the pleasure found in my erogenous zones, most particularly my nipples. Now outside of my sessions, I enjoy stimulating my nipples for the reaction I receive in my awakened prostate, even my whole body. Sometimes I enjoy doing this discretely in my favorite coffeehouse near my apartment. ;) :D :D

  • You'll find lots of photos of nipples, erect and otherwise, in the gallery of my group, .

    Great that your nipples have come alive. Years ago I had a girlfriend who was wild about my erogenous nipples and was always discreetly rubbing them in public locations. Once she slipped her hands under my thick sweater while we were riding on a bus and I had a powerful nipple orgasm within minutes. We were both astonished.
  • Hi @Wuerstchen,

    Thank you very much for giving me the resource of your Yahoo Group on Nipple Orgasm. I discovered just now that I can sign into your group using my Google account. Also I have applied for membership in your group and look forward toward participating in it soon.

  • Unfortunately so far I cannot join @Wuerstchen's Yahoo group even though I have a gmail account.

    However the uncensored Yahoo images has many pics of women with erect nipples which are highly provocative, in fact to a gay guy like me, even hot!!!

    But really, do men's nipples get erect like that??? ;)
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    Thanks for your response and encouragement!

    I am at last with nipple stim of my prostate!

    I was able to replicate the other night's events last night and, for the hell of it, have just now made it again while sitting at my computer before typing this post! What a wonderful discovery.

    Bring on the first orgasm produced this way!

  • Earlier this morning as part of my Aneros session, I worked with Tempo and Progasm Classic. I was stimulating, actually lightly caressing and teasing my nipples. I saw that they had become erect which made me very happy. But while I was playing with them, the rhythm of the Tempo and Progasm Classic was activated in both profound and subtle ways, producing absolute pleasure! And after my session when I went out to breakfast, the rhythm continued along with the alive prostate-nipple connection unabated, as described by @Pommie. ;) 
  • Once I have gotten "going", and usually after my first mini O or second, my nipples come alive and can lead me to mulitple, repeated mini-O's and sometimes the big one.  I have been able to "save" an otherwise "going nowhere" session with nipple stimulation. I, too, feel a direct "connection" between them and my prostate.  I have the nipple sensitivity only when my Helix Syn is in, though.  I haven't tried nipple stimulation aneros-less, but they may eventually respond.  Interestingly, I find that nipple stimulation is only intense and "effective" when I'm lying on my back.  If I continue on my side, their sensitivity seems to subside. 
  • Feel free to check out my Tumblr blog,, for more nipple-related pics and videos! :)