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Anal training when not using Aneros

  • I apologize if this question has been addressed somewhere else.  I recently began exploring with my Aneros and quickly realized the powerful potential of the device.  For quite some while I have been plugging myself a few times a week for fiarly long durations.  When doing so my plug is the "world's most comfortable butt plug" which I have attached a photo.  The plug has a very long neck and moderate shaft.  Basically once inserted it is very comfortable and almost unnoticed.  

    My question is do I need to discontinue using my regular plug or can I use both?  Are there any potential issues one can foresee with using both of the toys.  Any insight would be great.  Thank you for your help.


  • In my opinion a butt plug is only to open the anal canal up for pleasure. A aneros device is to stimulate the prostate and rectum. Now if you get nice waves with the plug then go ahead and see where it takes you but if not stay with aneros to become rewired. I hope i answered your question right,
  • Now that butt plug (anal/prostate) device, is HOT, HOT, HOT!!! 

    I wonder if it costs a pretty penny. ;) :D :D


  • i have a similar item that is used in conjunction with my e-stim (312) unit.

    Now that I mention that, does anybody have a good place to order wires cables for the 312?  My cable is bad and I also need so electrodes...

    didn't mean to hijack thread windy city  :)
  • Mulligan, try holding your hand about an inch away from your anus or perineum for several minutes and see if you feel anything. You can raise and lower your hand a little or swirl it in a vortex. I'm also touching my nipples. I get a mild to strong e-stim sensation and contractions of anus and pelvic floor muscles. It's cheaper than e-stim and always HANDy.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Erostek still sells the 312 under their own name and the "Intimidator"  plug/trode under their alternate tradename (ElectraStim):   < >

    @wincycityslaveboy   I think the Intimidator plug is so 'general' or 'universal' in it's contact area that your sensory nerves won't confuse it with an Aneros, which is very targeted toward the prostate and perineum. ....   enjoy!.  
  • BadgerBadger
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    For what it's worth, I've read about a plug very similar to the one above, except that it is hollow and there's a ball inside that rattles around as you move. I've also read that it gives you great sensations, but you can hear the ball clanking around inside you, though.