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420 and scotch - OMFG!
  • A friend gave me 2 joints to enjoy christmas eve, so had a session with the helix classic. Was mindblowing.
    Started with 1 joint and a scotch, watchin porn, doin nothin. After 15 min, i started movement. Movin my bum Side to side so the handle hit the sofa lightly. After while switched to up and down movements. These eventually, at 45 min mark, turned into involuntary thrashings and my anus would clamp on the aneros. This happened tons of times until i got feeling like shocks on parts of my body that had pressure on them, like my back, bum, feet and shoulders. Never as strong as an orgasm thou, but different.

    So stopped, had 2nd joint, and another scotch. The porn was all but forgotten about.

    Went back to moving but this time it wasnt just the anus. Another set of muscles to the rear, mayb just the rectum, were acting like they were crushing somthing in my rectum. I would have slight shakes, then my rectum/anus would orgasm. Felt incredible. And that was just the start. The intensity built so quickly. My body would writhe in pleasure - it'd reach a peak - there would b a plateau for a sec -then the rectal orgasm would hit again, pulsing 4-5 times, then into the next 1. They became so intense that i would b almost worried during the short plateau, and would arch my back and grab the sofa as each orgasm hit. At 1 point, my breathing had become really shallow so i tried to stop. But it kept coming, harder faster. The more intense ones felt as if a ghost cock was fuckin me. These were more intense than normal orgasm. This mayb went on 15min to half an hour. Cant say exact time for sure.

    Eventually, i got a bit tired and just wanted to come. Was so horny. So lubed up and reached for my cock. Couldnt get near hard, and couldnt feel anything in my penis, but every time i stroked it, i felt the most intense pleasure in a knot that was in/behind my perinium. This quicky became fucking unbelievably pleasureable. My cock started to grow and then the dry orgasm hit. OMG. I lost count.they just kept coming with every few strokes. Still nomfeelinf in my penis. But felt like my prostat was building to release. Eventually, semen started spurting. I had another few dry orgasms, until i had the greatest orgasm of my life. I had come but felt nothinf in my penis. It was all centred on the knot. Touched my penis and it was so sensitive that i figured the session was over. This was at half 7.

    I popped out the aneros and tried to watch a bit of tv but couldnt stop thinkin about what happend and could still feel the knot in my perinium. After about 10 min i touched my cock and it felt great in the knot, so i got on my back and started feelin myself.
    It was then that the orgasms started again. The rectum was going nuts. Building to intensity that was mindblowing. This went on for ages. One after another. I was writhing in pleasure.
    Then it got to a point where i would just b lying, not moving, my head moving from side to side,eyes closed, seeing lights, felt so relaxed and happy, My whole body buzzing, before it was back to more orgasms. This went on for 20min to half an hour.

    Then, about 4-5 times, something happened that didnt hapen b4 or after. My anus clamped really hard, then spasmed for the lenght of an entire orgasm, just the anus. Was so unexpected that i was lost in it.

    Jerked off again and had more dry orgasms until i was spent. This was about 8.20.

    Between that time and 9.30, i had a few more rectal orgasms. Becoming less intense until the feeling of the knot was gone.


    This was the most incredible thing that has ever happened to me sexually. Am still in awe of what happened.

    TO THE MODS: if this was a super -o, can u move it to the stickied thread. Tanx
  • Dear IrishEdger, that was the Ghost of Christmas Present who's cock you felt. :-) Your Christmas Present this year for being a good boy! I was getting sticky just reading it. Really, thanks for sharing.
  • Merry Christmas! Welcome to the club!
  • Tanx guys. My biggest regret is not recordin it and uploadin it as private on xtube. Could have given the p.i.n here. But was afraid it'd stop if i did. And after a few mins i just didnt care. I was in heaven
  • Hey,  this was was an exciting story that gives me hope. How long were u riding before this happened.I  am so fucking jealous. I can only hope that this happens to me weed and all.
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,357
    weed has always greatly accelerated my arousal and response to the aneros and MMO.  it is like night and day. 

    two tokes.

    if you do more you might enter an altered reality suffused with intense eroticism, which is great but requires being alone for a few hours.

  • tightass said:

    Hey,  this was was an exciting story that gives me hope. How long were u riding before this happened.I  am so fucking jealous. I can only hope that this happens to me weed and all.

    how long overall - used aneros about 6 sessions max.
    How long that night - things started takin off after bout 45min

    Also to add, i had it back in today - absolutely nothin. It was the weed definitely. It makes me so horny and get thinkin really filthy thoughts. So dont think ill get another easy without weed.
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,357
    here is one of my crazy weed-induced posts.  it touches on recent discussion of penetration and how it feels to receive and give it.

  • darwin, you said "It feels so good that it is inherently taboo: you have to let it take you." Exactly, yes. I believe ass play and being f••ked is taboo exactly for that reason. The Principles of Manliness requires that men do the f••king and women get f••ked period. Ass play is dirty and should not be talked about by men unless talking about a woman. The ass is dirty, sh•t is dirty, not a natural necessary part of human existence. Some speculate that Neanderthals were big into every kind of sexual experience especially ass play. They presented their asses as a sigh of respect. Further, when modern humans made contact with Neanderthals, they rejected male on male ass play but accepted some other traditions. Ass play was misinterpreted by modern humans as defeatism. So yeah, it's very old and very powerful.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Wow! Congratulations! I only hope that you can learn to experience this without the weed. I've tried weed with Aneros sessions a number of times, and it just doesn't work for me. But I'm glad you experienced this and it helped you get there. :)
  • @Love_is tanx. Only tried once since. Got nutin. Gonna wait til new year and start peridise training.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    @irishhedger - I wonder if perhaps when it did work it was just the right combination of horniness and openness to the experience. Rather than the weed being the only thing that got you there?