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DeVice vs Progasm
  • Anyone have experience with both of these models? How do they compare? 
  • yes vice is silicone progasm is plastic.  progasm ice is more agile which is what you are after. More movement. 
  • AneRicoAneRico
    Posts: 308
    Deleted by author
  • Bravenewworld, is the vice, ice and progasm all the same shape and size? Identical in form?
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    The Progasm Ice and classic Progasm are identical in size and shape.

    The Vice is slightly different from the Progasm models since it has to accommodate the vibrator insert and is slightly thicker, especially near the base.
  • @euphemistic That @Pommie fella ,he be right! :D
    Oh and the De'Vice be exactly the same as the Vice but he has not been drilled out!
  • Thanks, Pommie and Bravenewworld. I think you've settled me on the Ice.
  • I can finally answer this now. For me the Vice has more functions then the Progasm. The Vice pounds and also vibrates and for me stimulates the whole rectum from the buzzing sensations. The Progasm pounds me hard and deep and sends a direct hit to my prostate. With my legs up and butt elevated the Prgasm can really go to work on me but my best position with it is in the doggy style position. So If I had to choose i would pick the Vice but the buzzing stays with you for a few minutes which will will send after shocks even after its taken out. Which can be good and bad. My after shocks are just as strong as the regular orgasms so i try to correct my breathing so I won't pass out. But there both great..
  • Hello Gentlemen - I have a quick question for you. (I usually hang out on the pegging thread here at the forums.)
    Regarding the Vice - is it waterproof? I read all the info on the website and it doesn't say. A listener of mine (I do a podcast) used it laying down in the shower with the water raining down on his penis and had a hands free orgasm. Perhaps that level of water is safe for the device but I have another man who would like to use it while in the bath - doable?
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,036
    @Ruby_Ryder, I have had a look at the Muze in the Vice.
    It looks water proof but may not be water tight- (edit: @rumel, I got these words mixed up, the unit is too costly not to make the correction, thanks). It has an "o" ring inside the switch button/battery cap so that should stop water entering depending on the fit of the "o" ring. However there is another threaded join near the other end. This is a tight fit but I am not sure if it is has an "o" ring to seal it. The main problem would be having the vice/muze warm up in the bath, then taking it out - as it cools and the air inside the muze contracts it may suck in any water droplets around the joins. May be okay if the Muze is withdrawn, and before it cools, dried and perhaps the switch cap left off to dry. (If there is any ingress through the cap should be seen on the battery and can be dried.)
    Sorry if this is too much information.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492
    Ruby Ryder,

    I think @isavara's analysis is mostly correct and some minor water splashing on the Muze probably is not a major concern. However, I think a continuous submersion while in a bath or hot tub could spell disaster for a rather expensive instrument. Aneros only states the Muze is water resistant, so I think it is unwise to assume it is waterproof.

    That being said, one could certainly use the Vice without the Muze in the water, being all silicone the body of the Vice would be unaffected by moisture. The alternative would be to buy/use the new DeVice which is simply a solid silicone version of the Vice.
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  • I raved about DeVice when it first was marketed on last June. It complements very well both Progasm ICE and Progasm Classic. I just love the distinctive action each of three models render me in my Aneros sessions! ;) :D