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Been a while but Holy Hell i hit the jackpot!
  • It has been a while since I posted any kind of experiences. I have been enjoying anerosless sessions for months now
    and has been wonderful. But this past week I had not ejaculated at all and everynight would do 2-3 hour Anerosless sessions..
    I have had super o's and multiple super o's before in a session every night but what I embarked upon last night was so amazing 
    I had to come back and write my experience. 

    After an hour and hitting a few really nice super o's. I hit them much quicker now as I have been doing this for a while now
    I just continued anerosless session and at 90 minutes I experienced the most amazing mind boggling super O ever!
    Picture your self literally at ejaculation feeling for 1hour non stop!  That is what happened to me on this session. I lterally felt like I was ejaculating at full orgasm for 1 hour! I cannot believe there is still more feelings for me to experience. Aneros truly changed my life

  • So cool...congrats buddy! This really IS an amazing journey!

  • lol thanks Theme. I did not ejaculate last night either so again will see if I can revisit the experience.
    This was a full extacy experience and the feeling was so amazing sex with my wife is boring in comparison which is a bad downfall to this but having the best sex in my life or dreams by my mind is not something I will give up!  I have been trying to conquer full ejaculation with my anerossless sessions but only happened for me once and cannot recreate yet. 

  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,210
    @clubhard, do you ever use an aneros device anymore or is it all aneroless?  Sounds amazing, thanks for letting us know how its going.  I'm sure everyone appreciates knowing that the journey never seems to end!
  • hey ineverknew it has been a while I hope you have found success now.
    i don't ever use aneros at all anymore. I don't need to. I still watch stimulating girls etc
    and once I lay down and turn on TV the pwaves begin almost instantly. They build and build as you know till you hit dry o's and then super o etc but no I don't use anything but my mind now. 
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,210
    @clubhard, im still on my journey with spotty success here and there but no worries, its all good.  Thats amazing, im sure its a wild ride!