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  • A lot of quite fat men seem to be sexually very active, but I've read that being fat can nonetheless reduce mens' libido.    Long ago in my late twenties I was around 132 lbs.   I'm  5' 8"  tall and 4 months ago I had got to 160 lbs.    Losing weight by just restricting your calorie intake feels (for people like me) just the same as starvation.  It works, but it's very unpleasant and you need enormous will power to do it - and I don't have that sort of will power.

    I'm raising this because my own sudden curiosity about Aneros began only in October - after I'd listened to what Dr Robert Lustig has to say about obesity and sugar and he convinced me that the real villain is sugar so I stopped taking in any sugar whatsoever.

    My appetite has gone down, I haven't felt as if I'm starving, and  I've already lost more than 11 lbs.

    It's made me wonder whether my sudden interest in Aneros, my  presumably reviving libido, and my weight loss,  are interconnected?
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,210
    congratulations, sugar is in everything nowadays, i know its not easy.  I'm the same way as you, calorie counting never worked.  Its hard to say if it was your weight alone that caused libido loss, i think many things play into that.  I myself go thru winter depression living in michigan where the sun disappears until march it seems, but a b complex vitamin helps with that.  Obviously the healthier we are the better our bodies will perform, so being healthy in as many ways as possible will always help.
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    Good for you!
    It sounds as if you are on the right track.
    Well done and keep at it. All the better if it helps you to get your mojo back!
  • Thanks for your comments and I must share my experience on fat and libido. Am in late 50's. have gained weight due to stress and lack of exercise. But am on right track again with right nutrition and a personal trainer to keep my workouts focused. Have learned by eating better, regular exercise and sleep i am less stressed and have enhanced libidos, major erections too. My new Helix is kind of new workout tool and opening up a new world of sex alone and with new partners.
  • I'm 300 pounds at age 69.  I've got a pretty fair amount of libido, in spite of ED.  
  • JspadJspad
    Posts: 183
    I've been losing weight too, and proper diet is mostly how I'm doing it. I don't keep careful track of everything I'm eating, but I try to not eat unless I'm hungry, stop eating once I'm full, and cutting back on sugar can make a pretty big difference. Another good thing is to make sure you're not eating way too much meat, and try to go more for the leaner meats. So far I weigh about 170 pounds, and about a year ago I weighed 230 pounds. I used to think it was too hard to diet, but you just have to be a little more smart about how you eat.
  • tairytairy
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    Off topic, but is 160lb @ 5'8" really considered overweight? 

    I'm 5'9" and 160 is kind of my goal weight, I'm currently sitting (unhappily) around 185.
  • isvaraisvara
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    I am 5'10 and 149lbs (68kg) I am very happy with this, if I go over 70kg I really feel uncomfortable. I think bone (frame) size is part of the equation. Old measure 10 and a half Stone. I understood this but lbs and kgs are large numbers to remember!
  • rookrook
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    My HMO gives its members access to several local gyms and has a trainer visit each of those gyms on a once-a-week schedule.  They 'preach' the tape measure rather than the scales for both men and non-pregnant women.  One difficulty with this system is that waist size is slower to respond to conditioning measures than is total body weight. 

    Here's a link to Harvard's discussion of mid-section girth:  < >
  • Being a Newbie here I'm still finding a bit hard to navigate, which is why I haven't seen all the comments until today.

    I'm still following the No Sugar routine and this morning found that I've lost another 7lbs, so I'm hoping that soon after the end of January the rest of the belly fat and love handles will have disappeared & that I'll be back to those long ago blissfull days when I was a thoroughly randy 132lbs (and ED was something I'd never heard of - and if talked about would have been called the Old Age Impotence).

    The other news is that I've started to find that I get an erection a bit more readily and that I've started to test which version of  Aneros works best (for me) with Fleshlight.   I've got quite used to the Helix and It's now become quite aggressive.    Last night, finding that I had an erection, I immediately inserted it into a Fleshlight - and then lubed up and inserted the beginners' Peridise.   That, I hoped would help intensify the penis sensations, but not push them into second place.

    That was around midnight and had me gasping for breath for a while - until I fell asleep!

    Then, around 5 a.m. I found I had another erection, so I again inserted it in the Fleshlight (an STU) and   this time inserted the next smaller Peridise.    WOW.    The result was breath-taking.   Within a couple of minutes,  I began about 45 or maybe it was 50 minutes of what I can only call really intense edging.  I don't know if it can accurately be called an orgasm, but the entire 45 or 50 minutes were very intense indeed - and I only decided to stop because it was time for breakfast.  

    But what to call it?   I've read references to Super Orgasms and (I think) to Super Traditional Orgasms, but I think my 45 to 50 minute experience perhaps deserves it's own special name.   Does  SES   -  Super Edging Session sound right?     Achieved (in my case) by combining Fleshlight and Peridise.