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A lesson learned in life!
  • Well I woke up this mornning like any other morning and jumped in the shower. No Aneros session the night before or in the morning. It was going to be a real hot day so needed to do chores before it got too hot.
    I jumped out the shower and grabbed my towel off the hook on the wall and wiped my back and arms and then "as you do" put the towel under my ball sack to dry that area.
    I felt a sting ( a prick or sorts) and thought i had pushed on a prickly hair as i am shaved down there, so proceeded to wipe further and bang another sting! That was no hair! I removed the towel and to my horror a spider dropped out my towel.
    Now down here in Australia we have some very deadly spiders. It was not at the top of the list thank god! but it was in the danger area.
    Not because of the venom itself  but the reaction people have to the bite.
    The spider was what we call a white tip spider, I  am lead to believe it is a bastard hybrid of a number of different spiders.
    The problem with this spider bite is you can end up with a flesh eating virus (gangrene) or something similar!
    Within 5 minutes I had two lumps on my sack the size of a decent mosquito bite each and a unpleasant stinging sensation.
    Now this would have been annoying if it was on my hand or leg but it was my Balls! 
    I called my wife and she rang the doctor and a appointment was made and instruction given that if i felt real sick or there was lots of swelling to call a ambulance.
    I was worried to say the least and now on top of that i was going to be carted into hospital with my junk the size of a beach ball. At least that was what was going through my head. :-SS

    Well to cut a long story short the lumps went away after half an hour and i cancelled my appointment because you could not even see where the bites were any more.

    I have to keep my eye on the situation as it can still go bad really quickly so they say but heres hopping its all ok.
    THE MOREL OF THE STORY IS= Always shake your  towel before you stick it near your Aneros area because if you dont you might just loose the important hardware down there.

    You would think that was enough for one day wouldn't you? Well no it was 37 deg Celsius, there was a bushfire that burnt 1000 hectares in the valley below our house and then in the evening I had a encounter with King Brown Snake. One of the deadliest snakes in the world.

    Tonight I inserted the Tempo but for some reason my butt is not really interested much.
    Think maybe I may have overworked it, puckering up with each disaster all day.
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    Sounds pretty scary!  I scream like a little girl when i see a spider bigger then 2" in diameter.  Admit it though, you would have at least taken pictures if your balls swelled up huge LOL  Thankfully here in Michigan we only have one spider thats generally dangerous and ive never seen one, the black widow.  
  • Australia is like an alien world where everything can kill you. Let's see, you've go Great White Sharks, sea snakes, sea wasps, irikanji (which ca also cause massive erections when they sting a guy although you're in too much pain to really care), blue ring octopuses, funnel web spiders, red back spiders and 10 of the most deadly snakes in the world, oh and salt water crocodiles. Not to mention the duckbilled playtapus, the male of which has venomous hind leg spurs. I'm sure you have man-eating plants and killer bunnies somewhere too! Good grief! Glad your package didn't swell, turn black and fall off. That would be a very bad day.
  • My mates are still pink and happy this morning (day after)! All good so far.
    @NewGuy8762 you forgot the killer Drop Bears, and the bunyips.
    Steve Erwin even got killed by a giant fish of all things!
    Even the common kangaroo has been know to kill even though not often. 
  • Hi @braveneworld,

    I shall keep you in my prayers that you not suffer serious after affects from your encounter with the white tip spider this morning while drying off after your shower.


    P.S. Steve Erwin suffered a quick death after being stabbed by the sting or mace of a sting ray.

    Some months ago, I read a news account of an Australian runner who was bitten by a King Brown Snake. He didn't pay attention to it and dropped dead toward the end of his run.

    Here in the USA, we have rattlesnakes, water moccasins, and copperheads which are poisonous. Several years ago I was at a state park in West Virginia and nearly stepped on a copperhead sunning itself on the side of the road. Fortunately it felt my approach and slithered off the road. I saw the liquid motion of the gaily color creature. I recognized at once what it was, gave it a wide berth, and dashed into a quick run after passing it!

  • @BigGlansDC thanks. You would not believe it I got bitten again by another spider i think it was but on the finger this time. It actually drew blood but the wound did not sting or ache at all afterwards.
     it was 43 degrees celcius today and then tommorrow 38 and raining WTF! :)

    Yes Steve Erwin died at the end of a mace from a sting ray.... sting ray is sort of a flat type of fish really!
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 777
    @braveneworld it sounds like you need to get an exterminator to gas your house and get rid of those spiders. I've never known when I've been bitten; I really hate spiders. One time, when I was getting ready to get out of the shower, I thought I felt something touching my hair. I looked up, and saw what we call here a common house spider, a relative to the black and brown widow spiders (in shape, at least), and known to be very aggressive. I just about jumped out of my skin! Then, of course, I killed it with extreme prejudice for startling me like that.

    Did I say that I really hate spiders?