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Dear Santa.
  • Dear Santa,
    All I would like for Christmas is a Progasm Jr, only a Progasm Jr will do.
    Ok who am I kidding Santa any Aneros I have not got, will do!

    Sorry Santa I had to post my wish here as I might get arrested if I sent the same message through the post to santa@thenorthpole what with all the government spying on our privacy now days.

    Its kinda early but I got in first. hehe.
    Happy Christmas to all at Aneros headquarters and all of my Aneros friends on the Aneros forum. 
  • :D
  • Hi @braveneworld,

    I hope you get your Christmas wish from Old Saint Nick of a Progasm Junior. I got mine early last June. How this little guy and I interacted the very first time was love at first sight, or rather at first feel. ;) :D :D Progasm Junior is at bat in all my sessions along with his cousin, Helix Syn.

    But I have a Christmas wish all my own as it relates to your post: That NSA spying and surveillance will be reined in a real BIG way in 2014. Santa Claus delivering his gifts by sleigh and reindeer on Christmas Eve should not contaminated by such tomfoolery! But actually Santa Claus, or Saint Nicholas, Bishop of Myra, is far above and beyond all this. Remember he is a saint!

    And yes, there is another Christmas wish that I desire from Old Saint Nick, but I extend to all who are Aneros users, that we all achieve the bliss of the Super-O, and much more in 2014! ;) :D :D


  • P.S. Santa, please maybe leave my present next to my bed rather than under the tree,  it could get a little awkward explaining to all the relatives what it is when i rip open the wrapping paper ! =))

    Yes hoho ho super Os for all
  • @braveneworld  Happy christmas to you too  :D