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First Post - Introduction
  • mdadmdad
    Posts: 139
    Hi everyone. I'm new here. I'm Male, 43 years old, very happily  married, three kids. I just ordered my very first Aneros product, and it arrived yesterday, and I've used it once.

    My journey to Aneros begins with CPPS. It's something I've suffered with for 15 years. When it first started, I went through the typical antibiotics, DREs, no doctor knew what to do with me phase. That was very scary. At the time, I was in so much pain, my sex life was suffering terribly, and I was in a fragile state. Fortunately, with pelvic floor therapy, I was able to improve significantly to the point where CPPS was a simple annoyance more than a devastating condition.

    I used to perform internal pevlic floor tension release on myself using a crystal wand of some type; it was advertised as a sex toy for prostate massage. I always thought that was weird. Neither my DRE's or pelvic floor therapy felt the least bit sexual. I wish I had looked into it more then! I eventually stopped doing the internal work, and never thought about it again.

    Fast forward 10 years, to last month. My CPPS has been flaring up a little more than usual; it's still an annoyance, but it has been a bigger annoyance than normal. I decided it was time to tackle this condition once and for all, and do the internal work with my wand that needed to be done, including pelvic floor tension therapy and prostate massage to hopefully make the prostate feel a little better. I was heavily motivated. I really didn't like the wand, but I would like the prostate pain to go away.

    So... I started researching prostate massage again to find out the best ways to do it. I expected to find a lot of medical information about prostate massage, but I did not expect so much information about how good prostate massages felt. My first instinct was to shrug it off again, based on my previous experiences with internal work. But the more I read, the more obvious it was that I was missing something. Then I read that prostate massage felt better when you were aroused. Now THAT caught my attention. I never allowed myself to get aroused during a DRE or during pelvic floor treatments; if anything, those treatments were too painful to allow for such a thing. Perhaps I had dismissed prostate massage too easily.

    Of course, reading more about prostate massages led me to this site, and, well, my eyes are WIDE open like a kid in a candy store.

    My number one goal is to work on my internal pelvic floor muscles, get them moving somewhat, hopefully get the prostate to heal a little bit, and to ease my CPPS pain. If the other stuff happens for me, then that is an added benefit.

    Before my Aneros arrived, and based on feedback from the forums about the importance of the perineum, I took my Theracane and pressed it against my perineum, and held it there. I've done this a million times before while trying to work out my trigger points in the area (my rectum seems to be prone to them), but I never held the Theracane on the perineum gently in one spot for any length of time. So there I was holding it gently, and after a few minutes, my anus started involuntarily contracting. After a few minutes, the contractions felt GOOD, REALLY GOOD. I was extremely surprised. I did this for a long time, and experienced all sorts of pleasurable sensations that I've never felt before, all from using the Theracane gently on my perineum. Wow. My expectations were very high after this.

    Today I tried the Helix Syn for the first time. It went in easy (years of internal pelvic floor therapy will do that). To my surprise, the involuntary contractions never really started like they did with my Theracane. Things did feel good, however, but I had to help it along with voluntary contractions. I think the Helix is more of a subtle device than the Theracane was. I'll just have to keep at it and get more used to its subtle effects.

    My wife knows about the purchase, and she is very supportive, especially if it will help my CPPS treatment and perhaps also add to the bedroom excitement. I've even finally talked her into making some purchases for herself, something that she's never done before. Yay her! (or me?).

    So that's my story so far. I'm hoping for a very fun journey to whatever it is you guys say is waiting for me. I tend to believe I'm in the Bottom 99% and not the Top 1% of these types of things, but I'll keep my fingers crossed. I am completely open minded and am ready to try something new!

    Thanks for reading!

  • Welcome! You seem to have the right attitude already! As you've read the forums you've probably noticed that the journey can take any number of paths! Reading that you've already experienced some good feelings should be a good indicator of the types of feelings you may get over time. I look forward to reading any updates you provide! Have patience and faith, and just go with what you do get! Again, welcome!
  • You've done your research so now enjoy the ride that the aneos family will bring to you. There is always someone here to provide that listening ear or lend a helping hand so Congrats again and enjoy everything that happens.
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    Welcome!  Sounds like you've educated yourself and have experience in this area, you should do well.
  • mdadmdad
    Posts: 139

    Tried the Helix Syn for the 2nd time. It was less successful than the first time. It wasn't bad, but things never really got going. I tried to force it at one point (mentally and via contractions), and that didn't work either. I tried reading some erotic stories, and while that made things move along a little better, I realized afterwards that for the most part, it distracted me. Next time I vow to just close my eyes and focus on the experience, and forget reading/looking at anything.
  • mdadmdad
    Posts: 139

    Attempt #3 yesterday. Overall, this try was far better than the 2nd attempt. As promised, I didn't look at or read anything while using the Aneros. This allowed me to focus on sensation and the experience a little more. At some point, things got pretty intense. I couldn't get them to go passed that stage, however. But it was really pleasurable, and different. 

    One thing that entered my mind was that when I get to this stage during normal sex, things jump right over the cliff and then I have an orgasm. Obviously, this is pleasurable. But sometimes, I'd like to be more like my wife, who often times stays right at the edge for what seems like forever, before finally having one or more orgasms. For me, teetering on the edge is one of the best parts about sex, and I rarely got to enjoy that moment for more than a few seconds. But yesterday, it seemed like I spent the entire day there. While I would have liked to have gotten passed that point, I can't say I didn't enjoy it immensely. Hanging there, completely on the edge, was extremely pleasurable.

    There were a couple of times that it felt like it was going over. It felt like something was going to happen. But nothing did. The fun part is that I wasn't sure what was going to happen. The overriding feeling was not in the tip of my penis like normal, so honestly, I wasn't sure what things were going to feel like next. It was kind of exciting. I feel like I'm close, though, so hopefully I don't have to wait too long. For my next attempt (hopefully today), I will try to breathe deeply and relax through the intense periods to see if I can get them to go further. But I still do need to keep in mind that this re-wiring can take months, not days, so my expectations need to stay in check.

    One very interesting thing I noticed was that my penis was barely stimulated afterwards. The base of my penis was on fire with good feelings for the better part of 30-40 minutes. Afterwards, I went to take a shower, and noticed that my penis felt perfectly normal. If I had masturbated like that normally, my penis would have been sensitive and eager for a resolution. But during my shower, and even after that, it was like my penis was never touched. My INSIDES were a little quivery, but my penis was unaffected despite how things felt during the attempt. That confirms to me that the sensations were all generated from inside and not the penis itself.

    I was very careful not to touch my penis during the episode. And I also refused to relieve myself afterwards via normal masturbation. I don't want a normal penile orgasm to become associated with the Aneros sensations for now. I am hoping that ignoring normal penile needs will keep those sensations from becoming overwhelming during Aneros use. If I have to masturbate normally, I will try to separate the two experiences by as long as possible.

    Can't believe I'm writing all of this... if I ever run for President of the United States, I'm fairly certain this will find it's way onto CNN... oh well, I guess I won't run after all...
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    @mdad, sounds like things went well.  One thing i might add, and this is just my experience, is that a prostate orgasm is different then a traditional one in that for me it is long period of ecstasy with no edge really that you seem to fall over, its just intense pleasure that goes on and on for a few minutes.  Alot of people try to compare a prostate orgasm with a traditional ejaculation orgasm, but you really cant, they are different, hopefully soon you will realize the difference first hand.  Good Luck! 
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    I would like to emphatically support what @ineverknew so succinctly said

    ... a prostate orgasm is different then a traditional one in that for me it is long period of ecstasy with no edge really that you seem to fall over, its just intense pleasure that goes on and on for a few minutes.  Alot of people try to compare a prostate orgasm with a traditional ejaculation orgasm, but you really cant, they are different, hopefully soon you will realize the difference first hand.  Good Luck! 

    Please also see my post regarding 'the EDGE'.
    image Good Vibes to You ! image
  • From what I read here, you are on the path to bliss, and you seem like one of the lucky few who get immense pleasure from the start. Keep at it. The lives of both you and your wife will be forever better.
  • mdadmdad
    Posts: 139

    Session #4 was definitely wonderful. It was mostly the same as session 3, but I stayed at a peak for much longer searching for "more" (probably longer than I should have). The post about "The Edge" was helpful. Thanks for forwarding it. After this session, I probably felt on the "edge" of something moreso than ever. The reason I feel like there is more is because my muscles never fully contracted much. There were occasionalspasms, but they were short. The only truly different thing that happened with this go around was that there was one time when my stomach started to tighten up. It stopped, and I never got that back.

    With more experience, I'll be able to figure out if I'm at the peak of intensity for my body, or if my feeling that there is an edge I can climb over is valid or not. I will definitely adjust my expectations based on the post rumel linked.

    This time I tried more relaxation, and that helped, too. I do think that the relaxing through orgasm is totally contradictory to what I have done my whole life. If I get close, I can thrust harder, faster, do whatever it takes. But lying down, doing nothing, waiting for it is extremely hard and probably takes some getting used to. I just want to tense up, straighten my legs, and MOVE, but I can't.

    I'd like to take a day or two off to see if that recharges things in a different way, but it's so much fun to try...

    Thanks for all the comments and feedback. I'll probably stop play-by-play recaps at this point, and just update as I make progress or hit a roadblock.
  • @mdad Oh, you can move! I change positions alot during a good session. Just keep your focus on relaxing the internal muscles. Or just letting them do what they want, but not trying to "chase" the good feeling. You seem to be on the right path. Just follow it, like if you were on a raft, floating down river.
  • mdadmdad
    Posts: 139
    I'm probably through 6 or 7 sessions now. Things are definitely getting more intense. I still can't get over the top yet, however. My body tries to go over the top, and falls back every time. I feel like I am extremely close though! I'm already learning a number of things, which I will post about in a separate thread.

    I'm also happy to report that my prostate seems to be handling things well. I have been alternating days of using the Aneros with days of pelvic floor therapy to stretch things out. I am very hopeful that the increased bloodflow to the area, exercises, and stretching are going to make my CPPS better. I will be SOOO happy if that happens!
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 392
    You are making good progress, mentally, physically, and in your relationship. Sharing openly with your partner and being openly received is a good indicator of much more fun to be had. Many members of this forum have experienced enhanced relationships after sharing. Even after being together for many years, the Aneros can add a new dimension to a sexual relationship, just through the given trust of sharing.

    I hope you find relief of your CPPS. As many of us here know, the Prostate is a complex and little understood gland. We'll be interested in your journey.

  • mdadmdad
    Posts: 139
    Last night, without my Aneros in, and only hours after writing the above post, I was able to have an amazing experience. I went to sleep with the intention of skipping sessions for the day, but my prostate was still wiry from the night before. So I let my mind do the work for a little bit, and suddenly, my body started doing it on its own. Dry orgasms for at least 30 minutes, and possibly prostate orgasms, too, for another 30 minutes. I'm not sure I'm using terms correctly, since it's all new to me. But I'm still in disbelief that this could happen without the Aneros in! Best of all, my CPPS seems normal today!
  • Congrats...You are in a great place now! Enjoy the journey!
  • mdadmdad
    Posts: 139
    Last night's session was the BEST ever. My session "started" when I was running errands at night. The car's vibrations started to... um... feel good on the prostate. I didn't know that was possible. But there I was, on the way home, and I had the sudden urge to take the long way around. Shortly thereafter, I changed the equalizer settings on my stereo and put bass all the way to the top. WTF is happening to me? Now I'm feeling quite guilty, but at each red light, I was thinking "this feels really nice". So there's a win for Aneros... road trip sensitivity of the prostate...

    Somehow I knew the night would go well. When my wife and I got into bed I excused myself and went to put in the Aneros. As I've pointed out before, she's fine with it so I don't feel bad wearing it at bed time now and then. I've only done it a couple of times, usually without success.

    But last night I had dry orgasms within 45 minutes. They were wonderful, although short-lived. I probably had about 7-10 of them. It's funny that 1 month ago a SINGLE orgasm would have been sufficient enough to keep me happy and send me to sleep. Now I quantify 7-10 of them as "short-lived". Oh, how times have changed!

    The dry orgasms were nice, as always, but only the second time I had them with the Aneros inserted (I have them easily Aneros-less on days after my Aneros sessions). So I think I was most happy to have them with the Aneros in. The first time I got them with the Aneros in, they only lasted a couple of minutes (again, I'm not complaining). This time, they probably lasted 10-15 minutes (compared to the 1+  hours I've had them go on Aneros-less).

    Once the dry-orgasms finished, I think I nodded off to sleep. It wasn't my intention to fall asleep with it, but I did and was awoken an hour later to some prostate orgasms. These were some of the deepest, most intense orgasms of my life. I probably had 7-10 of them. Honestly, I am still in disbelief at how amazing these felt compared to my typical orgasm. There's a deeper, richer, fuller sensation to these orgasms. They build behind my testicles to such a degree that my entire perineum and scrotum is awash in pleasure. I have never felt anything this amazing in my entire life.

    As the prostate orgasms continued, I suddenly realized that I had to pee. Sometimes I get this feeling when I'm having dry orgasms, but usually I don't have to go. But after enough time, the pressure in my bladder built up. I pressed on my abdomen to confirm and, yep, I had to pee. I resisted as long as I could, but finally had to give in because it was distracting me from my immense pleasure. I went to the bathroom, came back, and... and... nothing. It was gone. HIJINKS!!!! Lesson learned... when having prostate orgasms, do NOT go to the bathroom under any circumstances. Pee in your pants before cutting the orgasms short... the prostate orgasms were so divine I felt like I was doing a disservice to society by losing them. I feel like I deserved a prostate-stop-sign-violation or something. Fooey.

    All I can say is WOW. I've said it before. And I know I'll say it again. But seriously, the prostate orgasms were so incredible I'm writing a third paragraph about them. Up to this point in my Aneros use I haven't had an anal orgasm, and I've briefly touched on a calm-seas super-o full-body orgasm for a few moments. I'm keenly anticipating both of those in earnest now. I can't wait.

    I have had dry orgasms, prostate orgasms, and something in-between (maybe a delicately light prostate orgasm). I've had Aneros-less orgasms that went on for 2 hours. I've had sitting-in-car-stimulation. The list goes on and on.

    One of the coolest things about this is that I feel like I understand my wife's orgasms better now. She rarely, if ever, has noticeable muscle contractions when she orgasms. By this point in our marriage, I know when she does, but I always wondered how it was possible for her signs to be so vague. Now I totally understand. When my dry orgasms and prostate orgasms are going on, I don't have a ton of contractions either. Maybe one or two, maybe a third, but nothing like what happens when I ejaculate. My body does exactly what my wife's does, and that's amazing to experience since I never thought I would. Also, my wife always described her "plateau", how often times she stays on it and the orgasms just keep going, and I could never exactly visualize it. But when the Aneros orgasms start, they keep going and I stay at the plateau for most of the time. I TOTALLY get it now. Again, it's not about matching my wife (I'm not keeping score), but I'm the type of person that likes to know "everything" if I can. I HATE hidden information, secret alien UFO research bases, and things I don't get to experience. So Aneros has let me experience something I never thought I would, and the intellectual knowledge of how this feels is priceless to me. It sounds strange to crave this experience as intellectual knowledge, but it's a life experience I always wanted to have and it makes me understand my wife so much more. (sorry for the blah blah blah here)

    So now I'm at the point where I'm floored. I'm totally and completely floored by all of this. I've learned relaxation techniques, breathing techniques, blowing air techniques, and more.

    Funny story... Normally, I can do the Aneros completely silently. I can experience the orgasms without making a peep (I haven't had the super-O yet so we'll see if that holds...). The other night, while using my Helix in bed, I had a p-wave of some sort and my arm literally went flying like a puppeteer had jerked its string and hit my wife in the head on the other side of the bed. SERIOUSLY! I don't think I could convince the police it was an accident, it was THAT well aimed. My arm just took off, totally out of my control, and smacked her. Other than being completely hilarious, the lesson I've learned is that if the thrashing gets out of control, I need to roll out of bed onto the floor. :)

  • mdadmdad
    Posts: 139
    Two other things worth noting from my progress.

    First, it AMAZES me that after an hour of dry orgasms I am 100% ready to have sex. My penis is completely unaffected by the quantity or quality of my Aneros orgasms. In fact, after removing the Aneros, my penis barely feels anything at all, as if I didn't even play with it. Awesome! Helps me get on with my day.

    Secondly, my prostate has never felt BETTER using the Aneros. The achy feeling I constantly had is mostly gone. YAY! The prostate massage was definitely what I needed. I do sometimes get sore pelvic muscles from using it, however. But I suppose that's pretty common.
  • @mdad, from what you have written, I believe that you are finding the Aneros to be healing in such a short time. I am sure it will enhance your marriage. You are a real inspiration to us. You are an Aneros natural ;)
  • Can't wait to read your experience of a super o :)
  • mdadmdad
    Posts: 139
    Can't wait to read your experience of a super o

    Me neither! The only hint of it came when I was lying in bed after a night using the Aneros. I started to have a "sucking wind" feeling in my stomach and chest. I felt a warm flush spread throughout my body. I sensed my prostate tightening. Then I felt light and airy, and I had an orgasmic feeling in my stomach and chest. Then it went away. I think that I started a "calm seas" super-O. I can't wait for more!!! I'm confident it will happen any day now. :)
  • TreiTrei
    Posts: 246
    Welcome! I found this post very comedic (poor wifey :) ) and interesting all in one, thanks for posting.

    P.S.: I've shockingly had my first set of postate orgasms "without" the aneros in, just as you have and I’d never expected to be one of those types of people to do that. You may be on to something here ;) .