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Looking for a Tool for Manual Stim
  • Enjoying all my Aneros models (Helix Syn, Maximus, Progasm, and Peridise) since I began early in 2013.

    Sometimes, usually with the Syn, if not much is happening in a session, I'll get bored and using a hand, grasp the Syn by the handle and kind of twist side to side or front to back. This usually produces a very pleasurable direct response to the prostate, albeit different from the typical mini-o's that I am now used to. I would like to explore this type of stim further, possibly in a more aggressive manner, but due to the awkward angle and flexibility of the handle, it is difficult to maintain this movement for very long. For a while, I was also in a habit of "cheating" by inserting the Helix Syn and mounting a soft upholstered chair arm, grinding away to explosive HFWO's. Because of this, I am sure I could also use a manually controlled device to get great o's.

    I also use a Lelo Billy vibrating massager occasionally, but due to its wider width, I can't achieve the same mobility when working my ass with it. And most of the dildos I have looked at seem to be also too wide for this.

    So the reason for my post: Is anyone aware of a narrow necked device intended specifically for manual stimulation of the prostate? I am picturing something like the Helix Syn, but with a long handle parallel to the shaft. Something such as that would allow good hand control and I am certain it would produce excellent prostate orgasms with a focused effort.
  • impimp
    Posts: 95
    You want the Pure Wand !
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    someone just recently mentioned this
    I have no idea how well it would work but looks like you can really get a good handle on it LOL.  Personally though i would advise against manual stimualtion, too easy to do damage and in my opinion will not yield super O's.  
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,357
    The Crystal Wand Deluxe is designed for it, and can also reach deeper to the sacrum which offers it own unique opportunities.  

    this page is pretty interesting:
    Posts: 22
    Think the Thera-cane was on context of perineum massage, not internal.
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 392
    Pure Wand.

    Just don't get too aggressive. Tickle and caress, not hammer. Your prostate is a delicate instrument.

  • Thanks to everyone for comments and recommendations. Pure Wand it is - ordered from Amazon this morning. Based on overwhelmingly positive reviews there, I figure it can do double duty as a g-spot / ejaculation assist for my wife.