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  • Hi 

    I have most of prostate massages.
    I have been doing this for over 6 months/3-4x a week.
    I still cannot get a big O :{

  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    It took some of us over three years but, fear not, you should have lots of pleasurable sensations along the way.
    Just don't have unrealistic expectations as this would place you under pressure to succeed and that, believe me, is counterproductive.

    Good Luck and enjoy the journey!
  • I started by the end of january this year and i have not felt any big O as well. However month after month my feelings have improved. So even if I don't know where I'll get, i know i am engaged in this journey.
    @lovetherush you don't say whether you have noticed any evolution in your feelings. If so try to fo focus on your own progress and think of the big O as a gift you will receive ultimately when you don't expect it.
    My body/mind is a slow learner when it comes to "let it go". I had to understand that actually success is the result of practicing and building my rewiring step by step.
    May be are you as analytical as I am. I had to learn how to manage my practice on a personal step by step basis instead of direct access to the ultimate super O goal.
    Keep your mind open to others' difficulties, progress, advices.
    Keep on Mark.
  • Really good advice, well said, jules