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Veterans: Need Advice About Involuntaries
  • AneRico
    Posts: 214
    For about a month I've been having daily involuntaries in the morning.  They are in the anus/rectum area and perhaps even the prostate (feels that way anyway).  They are moderately intense, pulse, and verge on being uncomfortable.  I think they result in some soreness.

    I have a theory, but I'm horrible with anatomy…so I'm guessing.  

    I find that if I insert an Aneros the involuntaries become very comfortable and pleasant…and the SuperO's start in a matter of minutes.

    My theory is that, by themselves, involuntaries have nothing to "work against".  The muscles just contract.  Causing fatigue and/or soreness.  But with an Aneros in they now have something to "work against"…some resistance.  So they are able to "do their job" in a manner that doesnt stress them.

    For you veterans (and for any gastro-whatever doctors), how does this theory sound to you?  

    Anecdotally, I get relief soon as I put an Aneros in.  An' dat ain't all bad.  heheheh
  • i agree with some of what you say, but it is possible to have super O's with no device inserted.  I have had dry O's while aneroless.  Whether this is from muscle memory or whatever, not sure.
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 353
    I often get them outside of a session. They can be triggered by sitting on the right kind of chair which also happens to be the seat in my vehicle. They are usually accompanied by strong pwaves and leg muscle contractions. It can be very distracting, but I have not felt pain. Walking and standing provides quick relief.

    Your theory sounds pretty good to me!

  • AneRico
    Posts: 214
    OK, I guess I didn't 'splain myself very well…

    My concern is….why do these Aneros-less involuntaries feel so harsh sometimes and are (possibly) making me sore.

    Question has nothing whatsoever to do with SuperO's.
  • If they're enjoyable...just go with it! They may change over time!
  • isvara
    Posts: 580
    I can't get my tablet to quote, AR, but you may be right. The contractions have been developed with an Aneros to work against. So the contractions continue looking for the resistance. It may be possible to train them. I am not anywhere near that yet!
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 722

    I know the feelings you are having and just give thanks for receiving these reactions. The "soreness" you describe is not a serious problem for me and I just accept that my body is telling me that my prostate is now awake.

    I have found over recent weeks that I wake in the morning to these sensations and, by concentrating on them, I can readily allow them to develop into dry Os that are almost as good is those with a tool inserted.

    Personally, I reckon it's great!
  • isvara
    Posts: 580
    @Pommie. I am glad you give thanks for them: I just pray for them! :(
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 722
    Have faith Brother!
    If I can receive these benefits, I'm darn'd sure you can too!
    Just keep practising!
    I pray with you.
  • AneRico
    Posts: 214
    Thanks, you guys.  I really appreciate your advice.

    @Pommie  Don't worry, I'm constantly thankful for ALL of this.  Without a doubt.  My main concern is to not cause myself some soreness when I don't need to.  Sometimes when I lift something, or when I sneeze I get a small "twinge" of mild pain (very very mild) in some groin muscle in the base of my pelvis somewhere.  I realize I need to do squats and other groin strengthening exercises to help with this.  However, I certainly would like to avoid the cause, if the cause is involuntaries.  Maybe they aren't even the cause.  dunno.

    And of course, on the other hand….I want to fully develop the -less sessions as a part of my development.  Just (being very repetitions here) don't want to give myself a setback due to muscle injury/damage/soreness.

    I never forget how blessed I am that this experience has taken off for me in such leaps and bounds.  I continue to experience greater and greater bliss and erotic, orgasmic pleasure.  My goal is to go further and further and like any practitioner of any craft or art, I want to protect myself from harm as I progress.
  • I would be very happy just to get the involuntaries even if painful at this point.
  • AneRico
    Posts: 214

    Last night they hit me again at bedtime.  So I decided that rather than 'fight' them I'd relax into them.

    Guess what?  Big, sustained SuperO's.  It felt like the Vice was in me…but nothing was in me.  it was awesome.

    sheesh.  how wild is that?  I'm amazed.
  • Awesome buddy!
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,257

    Your theory of involuntaries may have merit as a contributing factor for your experience. I think there are other factors involved as well which may be much more complex and involved. Jack Johnston (developer of the KSMO protocol) theorizes human beings have orgasmic behavior built into our genetic code. This is more than simple reproductive instinct but the pursuit of pleasure in its own right. I tend to agree with that theory. As such our consciousness needs to acknowledge, accept and embrace this DNA based life force energy. I think the Aneros journey is one of the pathways we are able to open ourselves to and access this energy.
    IMHO, the involuntary muscle spasms which you are experiencing are a manifestation of this energy (some call it Chi, Qi, Kundalini, Yin-Yang, etc.). Cultural/societal norms preclude us from openly embracing and acting with these energies when they occur in our bodies on a daily basis, so we first learn to suppress them (or try to anyway) but this is harmful to the body and leads to stress, anxiety and frustration, hence the feelings "... verge on being uncomfortable.". As you recently discovered, learning to relax into those sensations ("Just Let Go !") allowed this natural energy to flow through you just as your DNA was programmed to happen.
    Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your point of view), our bodies don't respect time clocks or societal obligations like work schedules, family participation activities and a million other life activities so when these involuntaries suddenly spring upon us during the day we still need to deal with them, what to do? As some of the other responders have noted and with whom I agree, when possible, just go with them and let them pass through, enjoy the pleasures they bring. In most cases you may be able to simply sit down, close your eyes and enjoy them for the short moments they course through your body. During those other times when it is impossible to fully indulge yourself, you will find if your are highly focused and intensely involved in another activity those involuntaries are likely to be rather short lived as your mind knows there are other tasks to be addressed which are of higher priority.
    AneRico said: was awesome. sheesh. how wild is that? I'm amazed.

    It is wild, it is amazing it is awesome what our bodies are capable of generating and feeling if we learn to get in tune and allow it to happen.
    image Good Vibes to You ! image
  • AneRico
    Posts: 214
    Theme_Gasm, Thanks.

    Good points, rumel.  Thanks.  I hadn't contemplated that energy might be causing the involuntaries.  I was thinking more that they were producing energy.  I'll work with them from that angle now (energy causes them)  and see what I get.

  • Is the soreness you speak of, muscle soreness. I sometimes get muscle soreness in my Abs which I attribute to the spasming which occurs during "chairgasms". I'm still in the learning phase myself. 6 weeks! I just started having Chairgasms yesterday and had approximately 12 of them since yesterday through today. My abs are certainly sore, as if I had an Ab workout.
  • AneRico
    Posts: 214
    Yes, muscles.  
  • BigGlansDC
    Posts: 634
    Hi @AneRico,

    I used to get involuntaries a great deal in the first few months of my Aneros journey. During that period, I also experienced quite a few chairgasms, walkinggasms, and a few bedgasms.

    But all this settled down a great deal since then. Now all "gasms" are located in my quivering and buzzing prostate.

    However this afternoon, when I was feeling tired and on the verge of falling asleep, it seemed that my quivering and buzzing prostate produced orgasms which passed throughout my whole body. I guess this all happened as a delayed reaction of my body to an intense session that I had Maximus, Tempo, and Progasm Classic earlier this morning. ;) :D

  • AneRico
    Posts: 214
    I'm now in my 6th month of SuperO'ing.  So I'm still very new to this.