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3rd eye chakra and prostate massage
  • hi all...  another question, are chakras and prostate massage connected?  here is what happened... 
    i go for massages regularly  between rmt and relaxation. my relaxation masseuse knows of chakras and meridaians, and has told me that they are blocked and way out of whack. anyway, after about 45 min of work on my back she proceeded with a face massage, just over my 3rd eye, i got a feeling of total euphoria, almost floating,  she said she could feel a lot of energy exploding out of my head.   i used my aneros the day before, now I have never had a super O, just a lot of great feelings, etc. but I wonder with the "re-wiring" process if this is connected somehow. 
    Anyway i had to visit my rmt a few days after and asked a lot of questions about my experience. She knows of that holistic kind of thing and to help me reset my energy flow, she proceeded to to the same.  within seconds, the same feelings were building, she said that she felt it in her hands through my head and has never seen anyone react that fast to a 3rd eye massage...
    all connected? i wonder.  No one knows that i have aneros or my use of it.   
  • Yes, I've read that it's 100% connected to learning and using energy flows! Enjoy and keep us updated on your experiences!
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  • Grounding is a valuable energy technique. It's as simple as visualizing a connection from the base of the spine to the center of the planet, perhaps your support people can help you try it. They may be cleaning their own space after working with clients. A separate meditation session to start, then you can add it to your massage & aneros sessions.