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binaural beats - nice session option
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,195
    Hey Gang,

    I really like this guy's binaural beat tracks:

    He has a bunch.  If you are already multi-orgasmic I think you might find his tracks will subtly move your body into the O-zone.  If you are not, they might still help push you along.

    Get yourself into a quiet dark place, and become very relaxed.  Put on headphones and let your mind relax as the beat goes on.  Don't force anything.

    Please let me know how it goes.

  • I've been using various binaural beats for quite some time, and I agree they do help. I usually let myself get into a good session and when I'm starting to get really excited kick in the binaural beats to boost it. In my personal experience if you listen to them for too long their effect tapers off.. for me anyway.
  • I put the "Smooth Jazz" music channel on the TV.
  • Darwin - Good and bad news... I listened to it a few days ago and if I hadn't already had a long weekend of sessions, I think it would have worked better, but IT DID WORK! Bad news though, the YT account has been terminated due to copyright infringements!:\
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,195
    yes, it has been terminated!  woah!

    here is one i just used to great effect:

    I don't know why these work so well for me.  Last night I tried to have a "do nothing aneros-less" session in my recliner with no sound track.  Nada.  Tonight I repeated it, but listening to the above track... legs started contracting, anus started bouncing, and I was off... into the O-zone.

  • Yeah, gotta love YT! Now tell me, should I try yours during a session?

    I found these through going through YT... The first I was interrupted with so I didn't get all the way through. The second, even though the guy looks like a frickin teenager, it definitely started to move but part way through the process I just lost the sexual energy. And the third one had it moving and feeling good, but again I didn't get to anywhere near completion.

    So let me know how they work for you... I'm guessing it may take some time, some rewiring as well. Though I do wonder how much our sessions could potentially interfere.
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,195
    HopefulMMOer, there was something wrong with your post.  

    Here are the links you tried to post:

    I have given up on the hypnosis tracks.  I have tried the one w/ the "teenager" and others.  They don't work for me, while the binaural beats definitely do.

  • Yeah you know I think the one you originally posted had a lot of potential, but YT fixed that! I just tried the first one straight through and no luck:{

    So the binaural beats help you achieve a HFO or dry O? Do you use them separate from a session or with one? Soooo much to learn, at least on my end!:}
  • I liked the "hands Free Orgasm" binaurals that Darwin posted, so I went to the YT guys website and purchased a couple of them on MP3. Here is his site with all 5 tracks available. I have nothing to do with him or his site, I just know of it from purchasing.

  • wyscott - Is that from his original link?
  • if i click on the files to listen, i dont hear anything.  is it just me?

  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,195
    @ineverknew:  which files did you click on.  can you give the URL?

    @HopefulMMOer:  when i listen to binaural beats it helps me have a great MMO session (usually w/o aneros).  I don't get HFO from them.

    I *once* had an HFO from this hypnosis track:

    but... i had not cum for a while and i think that a wee bit of blanket contact might have been involved, so not sure it was 100% hands free, though i did suddenly cum right on queue when the suggestion told me to.  i have never been able to reproduce that.  i have since given up on the hypnosis tracks as i don't find them persuasive, rather kind of annoying.

  • It's the link I copied from the youtube channel a while ago.

    Here is his blog too:

  • darwin - Yeah, I was close from the first one you posted but had already beaten the hell out of the my guy with a couple of close sessions over the weekend... That's why I would have liked the same one again as the other ones have had mixed success, but not big HFO:\

    wyscott - Gotta love the timing! His YT account was terminated due to copyright infringements
  • Yeah. I just clicked his YT link and saw that. What I wonder did he use that was copyrighted?
  • @darwin,  i clicked on the this link posted by @wyscott......  I dont hear anything when i try and listen to them on the website.  Oh well im not a huge fan of hypnosis either, hasnt really ever worked for me but i do enjoy them as a fantasy/story telling adventure sometimes.  A wee bit of blanket contact??? LOL  Thats hilarious!  Ive been abstaining from ejaculation lately, its been over 5 weeks, a wee bit of anything, even a breeze might make me HFO!
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,195
    i paid $4 to download five of AJB's binaural beat MP3s from this site:

    when i listened from my laptop speakers i heard only silence, even at high volume.  

    but they were fine through headphones