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Is working the sphincter muscle the same as kegel exercises?
  • I heard that when you do kegel exercises you exercise your sphincter muscle too or exercise the pelvic floor muscles. Is that true? If you exercise one do you exercise the other or are they the same? Not sure what or how many muscles are in the pelvic floor muscles. Thank you.
  • Thunder (cool UN),
    The anal sphincters and PC muscles are different but it takes some practice to learn to distinguish between them and separate them when doing kegels.

    The PC muscles can most easily be felt when you take a pee. They are the ones you use to let go and let the urine flow and shut the stream off. You can learn to feel this by drinking a couple big glasses of water then when you get the urge to pee, try starting and stopping your stream of urine several times. It's the same muscles that cause you to ejaculate, although when you cum, the muscles go into an involuntary reflex. But, you can learn to squeeze them with practice.

    Once you nail this, you'll be able to discern how to separate the PCs from the outer anal sphincter (the inner anal sphincter is involuntary and you will not be able to contract or relax it with practice, although you can learn to relax the outer one and this helps slide things in past the inner).

    One way to practice distinguishing the outer anal sphincter from your PCs, is to lube a finger and insert it about an inch into your anus then squeeze your sphincter, like you're trying to hold back a fart. Try to do this without also contracting your PCs.

    If you do these PC and anal sphincter exercises daily for a couple weeks, you'll become a Jedi Master at separating the two types of muscles involved in ejaculation and Aneros pleasure.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    I believe @newguy8762 is precisely correct in his description. I would only add the PC and anal sphincter muscles are not entirely separable in their actions. At some point in a strong PC muscle contraction your anal sphincter muscle will also start to contract involuntarily. This is most obvious during an orgasm as both muscle groups will go into spasm simultaneously. I am not an anatomist or doctor but I know there are many different muscle groups in the pelvic floor and Kegel exercises can generally be said to help strengthen many of them. For Aneros users, gaining familiarity and a measure of control over the major groups is sufficient to manipulate your massager.
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