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When, or if, should I upgrade...
  • I just want to say it's a real pleasure to be surrounded by this helpful and supportive community. We're all here for a lot of reasons, with different needs and desires, all walks of life. But this brotherhood, I'll say for lack of a better term, helps members and readers alike realize, learn, and grow through this amazing journey... This life altering journey! Thanks to you all!

    Now before I get misty, a quick question. Slowly when I can steal away sometime alone, I find myself on the cusp. I still need to really read and retain more while getting my head more clear, but I would love to think I'm within striking distance. However I'm at a crossroads of sorts. Even though I've used the original a dozen times give or take, I wonder if I should upgrade and possibly accelerate my progress.

    Now I definitely understand there's no quick fix or way to rush this, in fact it'll do the opposite. But when I'm laying on my back, watching porn, and feeling the shudders and pulses inside and watching my dick get very hard and bob up and down, at the very least I'm thinking about nearing my first dry orgasm. So, should I just continue on with the original and try to get on a more defined schedule, get my mind in order, and go from there? Or upgrade and continue on?

    I've probably answered my own question but I really don't know what to do... Thanks in advance!
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 392
    Which original unit do you have?

    12 tries is just getting started, yet you are getting some results which is a good sign. I'd go after getting more quality time alone without the chance of being interrupted. Setting the scene so to speak is important to help you relax. You might also consider not looking at porn during your session and see if it helps. Many have found it too distracting.

    So, get good quiet time and eliminate distractions. Stick with you current model for a bit. Let us know how you progress.

  • What is your original, Hopeful? I've only taken two rides on my Helix Syn, had a hellofa good time, and I'm already considering getting a Eupho Syn.
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    You haven't told us which model you are using but FWIW, if you are receiving anything positive by way of responses, I'd stick with the model you have for the time being.

    I'm convinced that trying several different models during my first couple of years at this, actually slowed down my progress. I hindsight I would have stuck with the Helix, with perhaps an occasional ride with the Eupho to add a bit of spice.

    BTW, it might be interesting to know how frequently you have a session. Most would recommend no more than two or three sessions a week until your body has learned how to respond.

    Good Luck!
  • I'm just so glad you're getting some pleasure, Hopeful. I like your characterization of us as a brotherhood. Quite accurate IMO. Don't worry about getting misty either. We all deserve it.
  • As others have said, porn during a session is distracting. Watch some before your session if you like, but during just close your eyes and relax. To keep a p-wave or orgasm going sometimes I'll fantasize. If you have a couple of models, I'd stick with just one for several sessions in a row before changing too.
  • Wow, I just had to go through the site to see what I have... It's the helix classic!

    Xileh - Yes yes and yes again! To know me is to know I jump the gun on occasion, but everything you said makes sense... More quality with more consistency.

    Warren - Is the helix syn your first?

    Pommie - Well, so far so good... I hope I'm not the type that'll take years but obviously not the type that'll get there in days or weeks either. Session wise, geeze, maybe once a week at this point. And to think at first I was afraid of overdoing it!

    euphemistic - Yep, so far so good, though I REALLY can't wait for more obviously! And I know, as odd as it sounds, though we're strangers more or less, we're brought together on these boards sharing something very intimate and personal. And I can only hope helping the what, hundreds or thousands more who just come here for help and not to post.

    OneEyedWillie - I can definitely see what you mean... You really do reroute your senses to the porn as opposed to paying attention to your body. I try my best of course but still... Although I thought the majority of users did use porn during a session, at least to get on the right track.
  • Quick update... Again, I continue to stymie myself... Had a session tonight... Only ten minutes after a BM and had to do so AFTER my session... Not alone... Tired and stressed... YET, I was pretty much on the edge... I have to look up the wiki and see, but it might have been P waves... I felt it in my dick as well as inside, wasn't the big O nor a MMO, but whatever it was it was nice and new.

    So again, imagine if I'm able to actually do this under ideal conditions for once1?! Hopefully Sunday night I can have another session!
  • Okay, don't blame me, blame black Friday! I probably made the wrong decision as evidenced by my struggles with the Peridice and what they do, through the one thread with Pommie and Warren... But I bought the two that were half price thinking what the hell.

    However since I'm understanding they're purposes better I'm thinking maybe I should return them? If they're really not guaranteed to aid in my rewiring \ obtaining the super O, I don't want to interrupt my progress so far with the helix... As always your thoughts are necessary for my sanity and appreciated!:}
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,210
    personally i think the peridise have helped me on my journey.
  • I sure can get a superO from them.
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    If you send your Peridises back, be assured you will live to regret it!
    Consider them as an acquired taste. Maybe in your case you might need to be a little closer to being rewired before you experience what these magic little things have to offer.

    It just so happens that this morning, after having rested my P3 for some months but having a short session with it last night, I slipped it back in this morning and promptly went into MMOland, complete with the feeling of euphoria/bliss that I have just occasionally had with the classic Eupho and Helix, but never before with a Peridise.

    Just put them aside for a while and come back to them later!
  • ineverknew - Were they your first or just aided you in being rewired?

    Warren - Which one helped you the best? I bought these yesterday...

    Pommie - I had to smile as your first sentence said it all. But just as I was reading your comment on needing to be rewired a little more your last sentence jumped into my mind as well... More time with the helix and then from there experiment. Although if they do aid with rewiring I'll probably want to incorporate them sooner than later.
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,210
    i learned on the progasm and started my journey two years or so ago.  Then moved on to the helix, eupho and mgx.  The mgx didnt seem to do anything for me but now is one of my absolute favorites.  The peridise worked in a similar fashion.  They did nothing for a while then all of a sudden they were amazing.  
  • Hopefull, I ordered the 2 piece peridise set too. Why not? it's cheap enough so little to lose. Unfortunately I used the Kindle to order it and wound up ordering 3 sets! Have to return 2 LOL. Let us know how they work for you.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    I concur with the thought that you are just getting started.  And, a change in toy is more likely to prove counterproductive.   This was a point my own journey when I traded a growing familiarity and intimacy with my Helix for the charms and promises of Dame Eupho.  

    Four months (and probably 40 sessions) later I returned to the Helix and after three more months I experienced my first Super-Os.  Along those paths I had a brief affair with MGX which, at the time produced nothing for me.  Now, MGX is toy which occasionally enriches my Aneros-life with new sensations and energies that I don't usually receive from Helix and Eupho.  Yet my Super-O experiences still accrue only from Helix and Eupho sessions.

    Suggest think of a different toys, not as "upgrades" but rather as alternate paths which will eventually visit the same 'Waypoints' along your Journey.

    A change may well prove to be just a diversion or detour.   OTOH there's a chance that your true-love may present a new face in your life.
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,210
    @rook, yeah thats how we all end up buying them all! lol  When you sign up for the aneros they might as well just put us all on a payment plan  :))  But i agree, some devices just work better for others.  Its really hard to know unless you do try them all.  
  • ineverknew \ rook - Yeah, it really seems like it's a trial and error kind of thing... Well obviously this whole journey is just that, but one thing that you guys helped me with is realizing that it takes more than one model. However, at my stage switching a bunch of times would yes, be very well counterproductive. And I noticed early on in my lurking here and posting as well that everyone seems to be using different models as they all seemingly offer different feelings \ lessons \ etc.

    euphemistic - Well, you know Christmas is coming up and you could always just give them as presents, haha! But you're right, the price was great so I'll just bide my time and eventually try them...

    Which now makes me ask, what benchmark should I reach before I use one of the Peridice's? Or should I even look at it like that in the first place? So many questions, and as always, thank you for all the help!
  • Well, had a productive small peredise session tonight... Felt deeper movements, more pulsing, and a few p waves. Didn't really get any kind of O feeling, but still felt like I'm making progress if only I'm just being rewired. It's weird, at one point the inside felt like the warp core on the Enterprise D, if you're familiar! Just like how it looked and sounded at high warp, my contractions and pulsing felt the same.

    Anyway. Always anxious for thoughts or advice!