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Feeling of "rotation" / spiral movement in the prostate / deep anus
  • When I've had my Aneros inserted for a while and await for pleasurable feelings, I tend to arrive at this feeling of "rotation" in my prostate / deep anus. Hard to very accurately describe its location better than that.

    It's like the feeling rotates around and within the prostate, like a spiral movement. Once I had my Aneros inside and masturbated and when I ejaculated, I think that the pumping action was happening in the same location and integrated into this spiral rotational movement, so I assume this is the prostate

    Anyhow, the sensations are somewhat pleasurable and only a couple times have I gotten past that when that feeling starts spreading a bit and becomes slight tingles, however, rather focused and not very spread out. It has not grown beyond that. 

    What's funny is that this feeling of rotation/spiral movement continues even hours after I've taken out my Aneros.

    Does any of y'all pros perceive this stage and have any tips?
  • Yes!  But next time you're having a session, let the sensations develop.  Don't at this point try and add words or language to the experience because you will be limiting yourself.  Let your body and brain do the talking, let the energy develop as it wants to.
  • I found this on the web once and think it best describes the feelings when I actually have a really good session. Not having really good sessions lately :(
    This picture represents the pleasure waves so precisely that I just had to copy it for future reference. Even the constant speeding up and slowing down motion is there. Funny thing is the picture is nothing to do with aneros use really. Oh and yes in a good session rainbows do come from my rear :D
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    @braveneworld, wow!  That is very accurate!
  • I can "tell" my Eupho Syn to go right or left and it will do it without my consciously working the muscles to force it.
  • @braveneworld wow indeed, that looks very accurate! So I'm on the right path! Just got to have more patience.
    P.S. LOL at rainbows. :D
  • I'm saving that picture to watch during my next session, braveneworld!