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Peridise - use and tips?
  • So just ordered the complete peridise set off a british site. Bit more expensive but will hav em quicker. :). So any tips on use. I remember reading a post where a guy said he had like 250 hours use on the largest, then 300 hours on the second largest and so on. Do peridise users keep them in during the day. Goin about their business as usual. Sleep with them in. Any tips would b great. SO EXCITED
  • I also have the complete 4 piece Peridise set. Usually I only have it in for 1 to 2 hours at a time. While inserted I'll do some things around the house and lately have been doing a few sets of kegels before removing it. Even though I only have about 80 hours or so with the largest one, I'll sometimes insert the smallest when taking a quick nap. The smallest definitely moves a bit more and can give some very pleasant sessions.
  • I can insert the second-smallest and lie down, doing nothing.  In about 20 minutes, it has me howling at the moon.   Let your pc muscles nibble at the bulb.  It's not a butt plug at all.  Very subtle.  Use the large ones to get your muscles trained.  VERY different from the prostate massagers.  This has me going from 2 to 10.  The Euphos syn lets me cruise at 8, blissing out, not even realizing when I'm hitting a 10.  I spasm and flop more with the peridise than the Eupho at the end of each superO.

  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    You're probably going to think me a bit strange but I have an approximate record of my use of Peridise models. The largest one (22mm) I call P1, the next largest (20mm) I call P2 and so on to the smallest (16mm), I call P4.

    I began Peridise use with P1 in October 2009 and had a total of 24 sessions with it (about 140 hours). Last used in February 2012.
    First use of P2 was in November that year and it has had about 40 trips for a total of 270 hours. Last used in July 2012.
    P3 was first used in December 2009 and has been used about 120 times for a total of over 450 hours. Last used in August this year.
    First use of P4 was in July 2011 and has now accumulated over 140 sessions and 330 hours. Last used last night!

    As I recall P1 was never used through the night but P2 and P3 have each been through about half a dozen all-nighters and quite a few sessions with both have been several hours long, involving quite a bit of sleeping with the tool on board. P3 gets an occasional trip these days, just for fun when I am feeling in the mood for a bit extra, so to speak!
    P4 is used almost exclusively these days but sessions are normally less than a couple of hours in length and for probably half that time I am asleep.

    As a result of all this, I consider my prostate is fairly "awake" and I now enjoy Anerosless dry Os almost every morning.

    Hope that helps. ENJOY!
  • Tanx guys.
    @Pommie I dont think ot strange at all. Exactly the info i was looking for. U spent a long time on the large thou. Was there a reason or was it just feeling good. Am goin back on diet and gonna work out and walk. Havnt recieved em yet but assume cos its not pressin the prostate it'd b comfortable. (Went for an hr long walk with my helix in. Lol. Very uncomfortable.)
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    On going back through my records, I see that the P1 and P2 were pretty much interchangeable during the first few months and I settled on the P2 when I felt that it was doing the job at least as well as the P1.

    You also have to remember that the Peridise models are not prostate massagers, so I was using them primarily for relief of haemorrhoids. The fact that they produced the pleasurable effects that resulted was (although anticipated), a pleasant by-product.

    I agree with you, I don't think the Helix would be suitable for use while physically active.
  • calmercalmer
    Posts: 75
    I also have a full set of 4.  I find P1 and P2 the best for long term sitting.  The have a more bulbous head which presents themselves as less sharp object with less chance of damaging the large bowel.  

    For all night sleeping I prefer P3 and P4 they move more easily and I have never lost them during the night.  
  • Hi everyone, just a quick question... Do these rewire you or not? And do they help lead you to the Super O? It seems some have them and some don't, and since they're not officially prostate massagers, I'm a little confused. I though their purpose was to get your whole area ready for the massagers.
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    Everyone is different so my answer may well be of no help to you but, FWIW, I believe my use of Peridise models did indeed help with my rewiring. This may have been because I was using them for the relief of haemorrhoids and I wasn't particularly expecting orgasmic responses.

    I was aware however, that users of these little tools have sometimes received such responses so I wasn't really surprised when it happened to me.

    Clearly, I don't receive direct stimulation of the prostate but I do seem to have more of a general warming of the whole anal/rectal area and I now don't have to use a Peridise at all to get that effect.

    I continue to use the Peridise about three times a week in order to maintain control of the 'rrhoids. If I neglect to do so, they soon return!
  • These were not designed for rewiring nor for preparing you for prostate massage.  They were designed for haemorrhoid relief and are still marketed as "peridiscs".  The orgasmic effect was found by the (delighted) users, and not being dummies, the company remarketed them.  (Same for the prostate massagers, which are also still marketed on the medical side of the company.)  I get the best results from the second-smallest ... inserting, lying down, and doing nothing for about 20 minutes.  Letting my PC muscles play soccer with the bulb.  And I'm howling at the moon.  
  • Pommie - Interesting... I remember being reluctant about this whole idea of anal stimulation because I was told I have internal rhoids... Since using the aneros I haven't really noticed them and don't even feel them \ feel any pain or anything. I also found it interesting that users are literally counting the hours of use with the Peridise's. So at least they're use for you is clear and you have the added benefit of pleasure to boot!

    Warren - Obviously not to pry but did you buy these for hemorrhoid issues or for the pleasure? But yes, I'm sure the first few users were pleasantly surprised \ shocked I'm sure!
  • I got them for the pleasure, although I do have some non-troublesome roids.  The whole set of four was available at a good price at Amazon.
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,036
    I got my Peridise set in the mail yesterday. I used the P1 last night. I was quite surprised it sort of hit the right spot quite differently from the other Aneroses. The particular spot gives me my string of pulses which in turn has a remarkable effect on my general attitude. Although I am in constant night pain due to my stretch muscle in my thigh joint I am remarkably positive. I just insert reasonably deeply. For 'rhoids I think you use the bulb between the sphincters strengthening both an compressing any 'rhoids between them.
    What amazing journey
  • @isvara They're good, aren't they ^^ Before long, you'll wake up howling at the moon =^.^=
    I also got the 4 piece Peridise set, with the original intention of curing the occasional outbreak of hemroids. Those little demons do alot more than that XD. Hell, just before my current down time, I thought my first Super-O was going to be anal lol. That wasn't wat I wanted or expected, but it was awesome, all the same ^^
  • I have a question on the sizing designations in the Peridise set.

    Is P1 is the shortest one with a large bulb? And is P4 is the longest and slimmest Peridise model?

    Thank you all in advance.

  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,036
    @BigGlansDC, in an earlier post on this thread @Pommie gave these labels for clarity. If we follow his numbers then the Peridise with the biggest head is P1 in the full set of 4.
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    They are all exactly the same length.

    For convenience, I have decided to call the largest one "P1" down to the smallest one, "P4".

    P1 has its maximum bulb diameter of 22mm,
    P2 has its maximum bulb diameter of 20mm,
    P3 has its maximum bulb diameter of 18mm and;
    P4 has its maximum bulb diameter of 16mm.

    P1 is intended as the 'beginners' model while P4 is for the most advanced users. However, I have to admit that I now use both P3 and P4 interchangeably and haven't used P1 or P2 since early and mid-2012 respectively.

    I'm actually tempted to pull out one of these just to see what would happen now, but P3 is currently giving me such a good time if I feel the need for a bit more substance, that Iv'e not yet felt the need of a larger one lol.

    PS, While I was composing this post I see that @isvara has jumped me to it. Thanks Mate!
  • Thank you for answering my question on Peridise size designations, @isvara and @Pommie. ;)

    Just now I used the P4 for the first time for 30 minutes. Wow! What a ride!!! :D :D ;)

    Later in my session this morning, I'll use the P1 which I have used regularly since Thanksgiving a couple weeks ago. I love the autof**k action of the P1 as well as the Tempo which I have used for over a week. He's the Cadillac on my Aneros team, although he rivals my Progasm models. Yes, Tempo is also in my lineup this morning.
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008

    Thanks for reminding me of the Tempo!

    It's been a while since I have used this one. Might give it a go soon just to see what happens!

    I haven't used it since being rewired so this could be interesting!
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,036
    Last night after about an hour with Helix SYN, when I had some nice mini involuntaries, I inserted Peridise 1.
    Most of the night when I awoke I found I was having long series of these mini involuntaries. Considering I was also distracted with my Sciatica, this was amazing. Mind you nothing huge. I also realized that for all my active sex life I have been focused on the release ejaculation as being the orgasm. Now I am realizing there is another level to be awakened.
    The effects of P1 are quiet surprising.