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Helix is a Tuning Fork. Use TINY VIBRATIONs - don't just "Do Nothing" all the time.
  • Ok.  My intro: I'm in my 70s, with a long history of taking High BP Meds that contribute to my permanent ED.  My sex life is over: my wife has refused contact for decades (last sex was maybe 13 yrs ago - only very rarely in preceding decades).  Couples counselling? She won't go.  I tried Flomax for BPH and it didn't do much - dumped it.  So when my night Loo trips averaged 3-4 night and I occasionally dribbled in my pants, I acquired a Helix classic a couple of months ago, and have used it every few days since with water-based gel.

    Good News!  My BPH has improved, not disappeared.  Maybe 2 Loos a night. No more dribbles (but still must be vigilant).  
    Better News: The Helix started slow, but now delivers the most intense and sustained pleasure waves in my life - engaging all genital parts, especially the perineum, and leaves me with 24/7 recurrent episodes of pleasure even without the Aneros at all times: sitting, standing, lying down - just breathing (when my perineum likes to 'breath' in and out with me).  So - I'm posting an insight I can guarantee will help ALL NEWBIES and many others:

    The Helix is like a tuning fork.  Do NOT just 'lay there and do nothing' all the time.  It needs a tiny tiny vibration to jump start the process.  My method is to
        1. make sure your bottom half is empty, or close to it.  
        2. Lube the Aneros, GENTLY slide it in, wiggle, Re-Lube, ReInsert.
        3. Put on underpants. Put folded paper towel in underpants front & backside,
           with folds of papertowel under the perineum.  Put on real pants.
        4. After 5+ minutes warmup, Lie down (left side, I'm right handed)   
        5. Very VERY lightly stroke pants over the Aneros zone - initially
           the vibration of the pants THRU the towel & underpants must be TINY.  
        6. Within a couple of minutes, the Helix (like a tuning fork) will
           register these tiny vibrations more and more... Don't rough it up!
        7. Once your Aneros 'wakes up' your prostate, you can VERY LIGHTLY
           move the pants-touching to the perineum area, or other areas, as
           your body begins begging for more vibration.
        8. Now the Aneros can begin moving in synch with the vibration, and
           Now you DO NOTHING for a while, shifting between the tiny active
           and passive interior movements as your body takes initiative.  
        1. Put 2 tennis balls in an old sock.  Lay on your back.
           Put tennis balls under bony sacrum support, and your Aneros will 'float free'.
        2. Same trick: Put tennis balls on padded chair, supporting your Sacrum.
           Your Aneros will 'float free' and move in/out. Slight Rock.  Wow.  

    I may be old, but I'm not dead yet.  I'm wired already - probably not able to reach
    any Os, but my parts feel like I can stay on the Edge of an O for maybe hours.
    And - for those of you with wives who love you: love them with your hearts,
    minds, and bodies.  Two out of three isn't bad for me.     Cherish what you have. 
  • @Buffalo...I applaud your positive outlook! Thanks for the technique tips! All the best to you and your journey!
  • JMayJMay
    Posts: 117
    Cool, I'll try it out!