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It's the same, only times (-1)
  • JMayJMay
    Posts: 117
    Basically I've been trying to figure out a method that works most of the time, using what we as men already know. I've been having consistent good result with this.

    *Something that has worked GREAT for me, is puting plastic wrap on the P-tab, making it much softer and spongy. It won't come out during a session and it will make things much more pleasurable. Try different amounts of plastic wrap until you find what suits you.*

    I've reached so far a conclusion that just as there's an homologous organ for every part men have in women, there is also an homologous mode of action for each.

    Men, being the Yang part of the equation, already have the energy to cum. We already can stroke the penis in such a way that, if done right and with that intention, within a couple of seconds you actually can ejaculate. You can also use different strokes to still get pleasure, though it's less, but it won't make you cum. Basically, since we have the energy to cum, good strokes actually bring you closer to orgasm, while mid strokes keep you in a pleasurable zone but not really making you orgasm.

    Women, being the Yin part of the equation, don't have the energy to cum yet, since that's the male role, they get it from him. As they say, Yin cannot grow without Yang (and Yang cannot manifest without Yin). In her, the "good strokes" actually deplete the energy they have gathered so far, while "mid strokes" help her gather energy.

    Though the clitoris is the homologous to the penis, in terms of action, the vagina is the homologous to the penis. The penis is the + side, while the vagina is the - side. So, in terms of action, the vagina must be warmed up first to recieve an (already warmed up) erect penis in it.

    If you pay attention to your arousal, you'll notice that, as Mantak Chia points out, there are stages of arousal. First is no arousal, then the penis elongates, then it swells with blood, then it erects, and finally it reaches a point where it's actually emanating heat and it's about to cum.

    If you want to use the aneros successfully, you will have to repeat the same warming up stages with your anus and rectum. You have to focus on them, and treat them the same way your penis gets hard. Think of those parts as a flaccid not aroused penis, that you will have to slowly start stimulating so that it naturally "elongates", swells with blood, gets "hard", and finally it's completely "on".

    Start by using very light contractions, extremely light contractions. Everytime things start feeling good, avoid the "good strokes" (the same that make you cum immediately, actually deplete the energy in women and they lose it). Instead of making strong contractions, which are the equivalent to good strokes, keep doing light contractions, slow light contractions, almost imperceptible. These contractions will help you to start to warm up the area. Your breath should be similar to those contractions, not too deep... actually leaving little air in your lungs and breathing in and out small quantities of air, trying to sync your breath with the light contractions.
    Then try doing one normal contraction and several light contractions. This would be the elongating part. Remember that "good strokes" or hard contractions, actually kill the process. Things will start feeling very good to this point, you will want to make normal contractions more often, but you have to resist that urge. If you actually stop doing contractions at all and focus on the desire to do them, the desire will grow bigger... and stronger... and bigger. It actually turns into an ache for making the contraction. It's that ache, the one that gets you to the next stage, which is the erection stage in men. Always make yourself want more, it will make your "erection" much stronger.
    Try it with yourself, give yourself a real erection using your penis, stimulating it as little as possible, every time you want to do more to it, avoid doing that and keep touching it lightly. You'll be hard as a rock. It's the same idea here, only that you are doing this with your anus and rectum.
    Eventually that ache for doing a stronger contraction will make the whole area swell with blood, and you'll reach a point where every contraction you make feels good, and things can stand on their own. At this point, focus on what's going on with your prostate, try to find it. At first, if you do strong contractions, you'll turn things off easily. Eventually, things are so warmed up that the "erection" stands by itself, though you must not force it too much.

    Once things are ready, well warmed up, your penis will have acquired a very different sensitivity. Most of your blood is in your anus and rectum, yet your penis will be as sensitive as ever and won't make you cum. It can actually go flaccid or semi erect during the session, without losing sensitivity at all.

    When you put the aneros in, repeat the same process once more, light contractions, make yourself want more, when you want more don't give in, make yourself want it more until it turn into an ache, make that ache grow and instead of satisfying the ache, focus on your prostate and what the aneros is doing to it, how its shape it's shaping your prostate. Then do whatever pleases your prostate. To this point, in this internal erection, the head of the penis will be your prostate. Once things are warmed up, play with the different contractions, but always tending to light movements. That's when a Super-O can finally hit you, things are so warmed up, so swelled up with blood, so sensitive, so achy, that suddenly a chain reaction starts.
  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 575
    Quote: Women, being the Yin part of the equation, don't have the energy to cum yet, since that's the male role, they get it from him. As they say, Yin cannot grow without Yang (and Yang cannot manifest without Yin). In her, the "good strokes" actually deplete the energy they have gathered so far, while "mid strokes" help her gather energy.

    Well...  women do cum, and they also "ejaculate". So I`d say we do exactly the same but with different means of getting there.

    Every person, male or female is both yin and yang - I`d say.
  • JMayJMay
    Posts: 117
    I agree. I'm refering to the nature of each energy on its own.
    We are yin and yang, otherwise we wouldn't be here.

    quote: Yin cannot grow without Yang (and Yang cannot manifest without Yin)
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    @JMay, is there a method for this to work for those of us who follow the "do nothing" routine?
  • JMayJMay
    Posts: 117
    @ineverknew I'm not sure, maybe it's part of the aching stage when you do nothing.
  • cj187cj187
    Posts: 68
    What a great insightful post. I never looked at it this way before. I'm def gonna try this when my latest model the eupho syn arrives this week
  • JMayJMay
    Posts: 117
    I hope it goes well. Make sure to let us know.
  • JMayJMay
    Posts: 117
    I had an amazing session the other night.
    It deffinitely is an acquired taste. Handling pleasure in a relaxed way is actually very challenging. Every time things get good you tend to interfere. To handle pleasure in a relaxed way really means relax absolutely everything. I remember seeing someone else's comment here which mentioned that you should start relaxed, without fear of the device falling down, because it just won't. That's how relaxed you should be. Relaxed to the point where you think the thing might fall off, and breathe, be present, don't ignore these sensations, acknowledge them but let them be.
    The more you spend time handling pleasure in a relaxed way, the more pleasure you'll be able to handle. It's an ability that grows with practice.
    After weeks of practice, you'll notice that things that used to be hard to handle are now just getting you started. You'll climb up to higher levels of "delaying pleasure" by being completely relaxed. If you just insist on that state, which doesn't mean relax and ignore what you are feeling, but, relax and be present, eventually you'll simply start to enjoy it.
    I insist, and I swear what happens is that eventually you reach a point where sensations felt by the penis just don't trigger the ejaculatory reflex. The more you are used to stay relaxed, the more you'll be able to feel pleasure, as counter intuitive as it may sound if you're not used to it right now. That's deffinitely the path to endless pleasure.

    In tantric sex they speak a lot about pelvic healing. The second anal sphincter isn't under your conscious control, you can't relax it the same way you relax the first sphincter. Your way to relax it is to be completely relaxed and letting go. Breathe, relax, when it gives in you'r starting the right way.
    Mirroring what we do, "good strokes" (which push you closer towards orgasming) won't be hard, you must recognise good strokes as whenever you relax completely, while "mid strokes" should be the contractions. You, as a man, want good strokes, right? You want to get closer to orgasm. With the same intention, the exact same mindset, relax completely, those are the good "strokes" that will help you progress, just put your faith in that for now, eventually your body will "get it".

    I hope I'm making sense to you here. It really is mirroring everything you do, learning to appreciate the other side. That other side, when you are able to feel everything you have, every part that has to do with your sexual organs, including skin, body of the penis, perineum, etc, in a relaxed way, you'll be able to feel a continuous wave of pleasure. It's not easy to relax while feeling pleasure at first, but you'll get used to it. Just insist on that, I'm sure you'll get it if you do that.
  • Hi Jmay. Again I think we're on the same page. When I relax and just breath, imagining I'm breathing energy thru my anus, circulating my mind around my body effortlessly, at some point I can feel the aneros petting my prostate like a kitten with each breath. From what you say maybe this is when my inner anal sphincter has relaxed enough for the aneros to move easily with my breathing motion? By this time I'm very hot and the slightest contraction of my outer anal sphincter will give me pleasure waves up my spine. Very nice indeed. Maybe I should try not contacting anything at this point and see what happens as you suggest. I've reached a plateau now where I can sustain these p-waves in session and without but don't get much involuntaries.
  • JMayJMay
    Posts: 117
    I think that as long as there is a strong current of blood flowing freely all around your body orgasmic energy will be able to flood it. If you trap blood on your genitals, you'll just spill it out with ejaculation. When things are really on, you are more free to move, because it's like a self sustaining state, as long as you don't lose concentration you can be indefinitely there. That's when you can experiment with everything you want, including how to get involuntaries. It seems that involuntaries come from staying in the middle ground between relaxing and contracting, To reach that point, start by contracting normally, then relaxing normally, then contracting in less time, and relaxing in less time too. Do that gradually so that you reach a point where you are contracting and relaxing very little and almost at the same time.