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I bought the Eupho Syn.. WOW!!!!!
  • Well I bought the Eupho Syn..  WOW!!!!!!  Am I ever glad I did.  I just
    experienced the most incredible session I've ever had last night.  I'm
    thinking it was a mini-O with full body shaking.  The feeling of
    pleasure was amazing.  The one thing I was aware of was that the
    intensity was no where near what I feel during a traditional O.  But I
    know I'm I still on the journey and that I have many more great sessions
    laying ahead of me.  I had been kind of doubting if I was going to ever experience any of the things everyone reports on here.  But I now know that it is true and I'm really looking forward to that elusive Super-O!!  I'm now officially addicted to the Aneros Eupho
  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
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  • jtlee321 - Is this your first aneros?

  • @HopefulMMOer No this is actually my fourth model.  I started with the MGX, then the Helix, then the Helix Syn and now the Eupho Syn.  So far I'm getting the best response from the Syn models.  I'd really love it if they made a MGX Syn..
  • Do you like the MGX jtlee321? That's the last model I've gotten and I've had some trouble with it. I've cut off the circular ring first, then I had to grind down the p-tab because it was hurting my peritoneal area, then I had to put a eye dropper bulb over the p-tab because it was too hard. It's still uncomfortable on my peritoneal area but inside it feels very good. Did you have any problems? I love my eupho syn though.

  • @euphemistic I do like the MGX.  However I do find that the p-tab can become quite uncomfortable over time.  I think if they could make an MGX Syn, that would be incredible..
  • How did you find the Syn version of the Helix to compare to the classic? 
    I just purchased a Syn Eupho, currently waiting for it to arrive. 
    I'm curious to see how the Eupho will feel compared to the Helix. 
    How did you find the Eupho to compare to the Helix? 

  • musicmaker86 I really love the Syn's..  I had the Helix original first and then bought the Helix Syn.  All I can say is wow.  The Syn version just feels so much more natural and comfortable.  I love that the P-Tab is much more flexible and has more give than the original.  I sleep with the Syn's fairly often.  The Eupho has less of a presence than the Helix.  But it still lets you know its there.  It's really hard to describe it really.  I just really love all of my Aneros models, but my Syn's are definitely my Starters on my lineup. 
  • For me, the Helix Syn sort of anchors in there. I get super-O's with both of them, The Helix was like level 7 base and level 9 peak. The Eupho syn dances. I can tell it where to go, right or left, with no conscious muscles doing it. And then it rides me; I don't ride it. Waves run from 10 peak and 8 trough. Second ride, I completely blissed out, not counting the peaks or giving them conscious notice. Hallucinated I was in a female body being penetrated by my true love. I'm actually a little scared wondering what the third ride will bring.