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Experienced Progasm user. What next?
  • Hey guys, thank you all for your many contributions to this community.  I need some expert advice.

    I have been using Aneros devices for about six years now.  I absolutely love them!  I feel like Aneros is the best toy on the market for men, and have never experienced any other device that compares in quality and functionality.  I started with the original Helix and over time worked up to the Progasm classic.  I've had that Progasm for a long time now.  While other toys came and went, that Progasm has stayed with me through thick and thin.

    However, the excitement of something new is always great.  I recently purchased the Helix syn.  I think it is a great product, and fully enjoy my sessions with it, it just doesn't do for me what the Progasm does.  I'm not sure it's a size thing, or that the Helix Syn is so comfortable that it just doesn't make me feel submissive enough.  I think perhaps, after years of Progasm Classic, I can just control the Helix Syn too easy.

    I could use a little advice as to which product to purchase next.  My "orgasm budget" is healthy right now and I want to add to my collection.  I've considered getting a Progasm Ice model.  The dimensions are the same, but I have read the different material is much smoother, resulting in better maneuvering.

    A lot of guys say less can be more after years of working with Aneros, so I have considered getting the Progasm Jr.  Would this be a good purchase for a loyal Progasm Classic user?  Or would the decreased size feel like something is missing?  I've also contemplated the Peridise, but there does not seem to be much discussion on here lately, I'm not sure what to expect.

    So to the experienced users, what was your next step after mastering Progasm?  I've revisited some of the older models, and the experience is always good, but I often just miss my Progasm during and after.
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,183
    I learned on the prograsm, so its my favorite so to say. That being said its not always the most pleasureable, the eupho is currently the best in my mind. Many on here say the more experienced users get pleasure from any device, so there's that too. The peridise is really small but does feel good even though its not technically considered a prostate massager.
  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 575
    That will be my next model. The junior that is...
  • I started with the helix 2 years ago and graduated to the progasm ice last summer. Love both of them. Use the helix when having sex. Wife loves it and especially putting it in and getting harder. Regularly work out on the progasm. Aneros brought my libido back to where it used to be. Every man needs one
    Posts: 21
    Less is more. Skip the junior and go straight for Eupho. That little guy will bounce all over.
  • After posting, I ordered the Progasm Jr.  A really great device!  I love how sleek it is, and I do enjoy how you get the robust sensations like that of the original Progasm, but I find that you get more mobility and overall movement from the Jr.  However, I find that I use the Jr. the least out of my collection.  I'm sure there will be a time in the future where I rediscover it, and it will be my go to model for awhile.

    The Eupho will be my next purchase.  Haven't decided to go far classic model or syn.  Maybe both?

    I've been trying like hell to get something from the Peridise set.  I get some decently good feelings from them, but nothing compared to the sessions I have with the prostate massagers.  I would buy the Tempo, but feel apprehensive about forking over the cash until I learn Peridise a little better
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    I have both the Eupho Classic and its sibling syn model and personally find the original to be the one that rock my socks off. Have just this morning had one of the best sessions (if not THE best), of my life with the classic Eupho. I still rate it my favourite little friend!

    If want my advice concerning the Peridises, I'd get all four and follow HIH's instructions for progressing through them from the largest to the smallest, aiming not to use the smallest for several months into the journey. This way, you will find the the smallest will give you everything you could possibly want from these devices. Just remember that they are not intended as prostate massagers.
    Good Luck and enjoy!