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  • hello a 36 year old man who for as long as i can remember LOVES to get off and love to get women off. I have been fasinated by the female G spot and would take pride in showing women whare it was and how it felt. and at the same time wishing i could feel the same thing. i buy my wife all kinds of fun toys and wish i had my own spot... Well how great is it that I DO =)
    so I buy the Helex and wait for it with a hard on and it comes i run around the house get everything i need to get started. I go into my room lay on my side lube up slide it in half way let it go in on it's own wait for it.......wait for it...... hum move around breath contract breath hum nothin although im dripping precum like a leaky sink thats new ....well maybe ill stroke my penis wow thats alittle better then the norm stoke breath contract stroke breath contract squirt precum thats a first stroke some more breath some more contract here something cums sort of deep feels strong so i stop sroking try to ride it out but its to strong and i shoot everywhere and it seems like i ejaculate alittle more then normal. dont get me wrong its nice toy and i like it but when im stroking on my own without the Helix i feel like i can get right to that point and take deep breaths and get close to the same thing. although i will say that normaly i liket to stroke myself till im right there and then stop and ill do this for hours sometimes and ill notice that after an hour my ball hurt. And I can do the same thing with the Helix in and i dont hurt at all. and infact I can cum 2 and 3 times one after the other can anyone relate?
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    You are using the device wrong, look through these forums to find what you seek
  • The whole idea of the Aneros is to take you to a new sexual horizan without touching your Penis.
    It sounds to me like your expecting results straight away, just like I did after reading so many threads on here? Unfortunately it does not happen to everyone. I've had my Helix 10 months and still not there yet.

  • darwindarwin
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    hey virginsoldier-

    i too was very frustrated. more than a year, and was never really close to orgasm. i went from the MGX to the SGX to the helix. i also tried modifications of the helix (you can see my many posts on this site).

    i have a feeling that guys like us might have an anatomical difference.

    looking over your posts, i see that you've had a response, with panting, etc, which is definitely going in the right direction.

    i personally had to discontinue use of the aneros owing to a pre-existing pelvic pain condition.

    what finally worked for me was learning the "Key Sound Multiple Orgasm" (KSMO) method that Jack Johnson has developed. its available at the site. it costs about $30 for his audio seminar. he teaches men (and women) how to have hands-off dry orgasms by learning a certain erotic vocalization technique.

    there are two halves to learning the aneros. one is getting the contractions right. the other is getting the relaxation, breathing and mind set right. KSMO is entirely a study of the latter.

    when i learned it i was in the exact place you are: i could get strong arousal responses from the aneros, but never to orgasm. having that experience with the aneros gives you a huge head start in learning KSMO.

    i believe you have posted about feeling tingling, etc, without the aneros. that is the basis of KSMO. it teaches you how to amplify those feelings through breathing and vocalization, to the point of orgasm.

    as you might have seen in other postings of mine, i am now in the camp of men who can basically go into a multi-orgasmic state pretty much at will.

    you've already spend about $150 and much time on the aneros. we are all different, so i can't make any claims for you. but, there is a reasonable chance that you will quickly learn KSMO and that it will complement your aneros very well. in my case, it was the thing that pushed me over. if you go for it, you'll see my posts on the forum there.

    (also, have you tried the position i recommended recently, which is lying on floor with butt and thighs against a bed and lower legs up on the bed? i haven't been using my aneros, so i haven't tried that position with the aneros. but, i have found it to be an excellent position for non-aneros dry orgasms. each time i use it i think of many reasons why it would be great for the aneros)

    good luck, and i feel for you in your frustration,

  • Darwin
    you couldn't send me this recording could you? Not easy to join something when your not able to pay for it ;o( ( no credit cards )
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,353

    no, sorry, can't. jack makes his living from the multiples site, and i for one have really benefitted from that. i think pretty much the people who buy from him understand that a "leak" could do him in and they definitely wouldn't want that to happen.

    best luck,
  • I think you are like most people in that you are not exactly sure what you are looking for when you start. This is why I recommend not rushing it, and just having fun. When you find it, you find it. There is a process of waking things up, and when you accomplish it, nothing will ever be the same!

    I would say that attitude and relaxation are the recipe for success. The exact contration you are looking for is not quite a contraction, but not quite pushing out. It is not quite anything that I have ever felt anywhere else. Just let it happen, and don't force it. Use the aneros without penile stimulation for about an hour. Enjoy any knew sensations, knowing they will eventually lead you to the super O, and at the end of an hour have a traditional orgasm as a reward for your effort.

    Good luck, I promise it will be worth it!
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    I want to thank everyone who had helpfull words.....---->you are using the device wrong, look through these forums to find what you seek <----although this is no help to me thank you very much! i know it will take some work to use this tool the right way and i am going to take my time so again thank you for all your help.