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question about uncomfortable feeling coming from my prostate, i think
  • I havent ejaculated in about four weeks and yesterday noticed it was really uncomfortable to pee and didnt feel like I could empty it all the way.  I would pee, then a few minutes later the uncomfortable feeling would come back like i needed to pee again.  It eventually went away a few hours later, but then returned the next evening for a little while.  I'm assuming this is caused by my prostate being enlarged or swollen?  I'm only 39, never had any issues before but never went this long with ejaculation either.  It started a few hours after a session, nothing happened in the session that i would think would have caused any overstimulation.  Any ways just wanted to see what you guys think.  Its feeling fine today, no problems yet.
  • Badger
    Posts: 648
    Man wasn't designed to go for such a long time without ejaculating; even at your age, you should be ejaculating a few times a week for not only good prostate health, but overall health.

    The next time you get the post urination urge, push like you're trying to force a urination; I'll wager that something much thicker than urine will flow out. It's a combination of urine and semen.
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 353
    I agree with @badger, but if your discomfort persists, you may have a medical issue such as a urinary infection. Don't let it go on too long before getting checked out.

  • I've read that about twenty-eight days is the maximum amount of time to go without ejaculating, comparing it to a woman's menstrual cycle.  I usually go for three-week periods myself from time to time.
  • TEK
    Posts: 21
    I don't agree with Badger and Xileh. Actually it has now been scientifically proven that you get a kind of "hangover" from ejaculation, resulting in high dopamine levels and low oxytocin levels. I would actually say that the old Taoist sayings that you lose qi (life force) every time you ejaculate is true.

    Okay, so to the matter of uncomfortable feeling of needing to pee. I have that too, and I think that has to do with the urge to ejaculate. I've also noticed that if I haven't peed and have sex, I seem to ejaculate faster. It probably has to do with that the same urethral sphincter is used both when peeing and ejaculating, but I'm really just speculating right there.

    I also think (again just speculating) that it might take some time getting used to not ejaculating before that urge disappear. I'm basing this on my own experience, seeing that the urge has dramatically diminished since I started ejaculating much less frequent.
  • I have a similar feeling if I don't ejaculate often enough. It's an interesting balance. I am still learning what my body is trying to tell me, but I think, from my experience, that you need to release some pressure. What is good for me is to ejaculate two or three times in a day so that your prostate is completely empty. That seems to reset the system. I use a Fleshlight (actually fuck it instead of masturbating with it) while trying to make the same type of contractions that you have during an Aneros session. Same goes for ejaculation. Focus on cumming from the prostate. Then stay in the Fleshlight for a couple minutes after the initial good feeling orgasm, staying motionless while you keep pumping out prostate fluid. Most times, I don't even have a refractory period. A few minutes later the sensitivity of my prostate is better than it was before I ejaculated.
  • interesting responses on how long one should go without ejaculating.  Personally i have abstained this long to ramp up arousal for aneros use.  I also dont think I have ever seen any scientific proof one way or the other about not ejaculating and prostate health.  Good discussion to keep going though.  I personally kinda like the natural high i have from not ejaculating in so long, makes everything just that more sexy.  As for the uncomfortable feelings, i didnt have any on sunday, so whatever it was seems to have diminished and then just gone away.  Im no doctor or expert by any  means but I almost wonder if it was just prostate congestion if thats possible from masturbating as usual and then abruptly going to nothing.  I wanna compare it to when my wife was breast feeding and decided to stop, the milk kept coming but nowhere to go and was kinda painful for her, maybe something like that? LOL  Thanks for all the responses guys.
  • @ineverknew That's why I abstain too. In recent years that was the number one reason, because I didn't feel anything for a month after I ejaculated. So I practiced what I thought of as tantra because I wanted to feel as good as I could for as long as I could. What I'm trying to get at here is that there are two types of ejaculation. A prostate ejaculation won't diminish your desire, but it alleviates the need and tension. ...Maybe this is just me. If it doesn't make sense, ignore it lol.
  • TEK
    Posts: 21

    Interesting. Are you saying that a prostate ejaculation is the seminal fluid without sperm?
  • @TEK Yes, that is what I'm saying. If there is sperm, there isn't much. You'll know by the fact that what comes out is a thin, milky white substance, and the lack (or great redudction) of a refractory period. It's amazing what Aneros use has taught me, and what it's still teaching me. I'm not sure if many others here have had an ejaculatoy prostate orgasm or not, but it's a central part of my growth to super-O and other things. BTW, this is without an Aneros inserted.
  • @Wandering_Smoke,  Interesting concept, though how does one accomplish this without full ejaculation?  I have tried edging for a while and love how it makes me feel, so much so that ive gone 4 weeks without any ejaculation!  
  • @ineverknew I really don't know any better way to describe it than I already have. Hell, I don't really understand why I can do this, myself. All I know is that it started when I made that big mistake with the Maximus, about a month ago. Ever since then I've followed a strict "penis not" rule, and at least an hour after a session before I will give my penis any kind of stimulation. ...I wish I could describe it better. I'm sorry.
  • @Wandering_Smoke, no worries, just never heard of that before.  But understandable, lots of things prostate related are unexplainable.