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Got my mojo back with Peridise
  • Lately I've had a bunch of dud sessions with my Pro. Jr. and MGX. It seems like I get started and just numb out in 5-10 minutes. The aggressive contact with my prostate just causes it to become numb and unresponsive after some good initial feelings. So I ordered the 2 piece Peridise set. I really responded well to the small 18mm one. I had continuous subtle anal contractions and P wave after P wave. Definitely recommend for someone going through a dry spell or is numbing out.
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 384
    I had a similar experience where all sensations just stopped for a couple of months. I bought the small Peridise set and things restarted with greater intensity. These little wonders are easy to underestimate!

  • The Peridise is wonderful. I think anybody who wants to get the most out of an Aneros needs a set. In fact I think it's what people should start with because, for me at least, control of those peristaltic muscles has been the key to unlocking everything else I wanted to happen.
  • I like the advanced set ... used the two largest to get the idea and get some control with my muscles.  Now, with the smallest or next-smallest, after a while settling it in, I can slide it a couple of mm and nibble at the bulb with my PC muscles.  Get a superO when I catch it.  That little sucker has me howling at the moon!.  The pwave strength with the peridises is about 10 top to 2 bottom.  With the Helix syn it's about 9 to 7.  I just bliss out and don't count the climaxes.