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First time Eupho experience and autofuck surprise
  • So ... I got a Eupho Classic and took it for its first ride last night. Here are my thoughts on the experience:

    1. That whole thing about the Eupho moving a lot more than the other models? Completely true. Wow. That thing just doesn't want to stay still.

    2. The sensations produced by the Eupho are indeed subtle. At first. ;)

    3. Do not assume that just because the Eupho is slim and has a reputation for being subtle, you won't really feel it. There were times last night when it felt plenty big.

    As a bonus, towards the end of my session, I discovered that I finally have the muscle control to pull off the "autofuck." It's not the subconscious, zero-effort thing I thought it was. It's something I can control. I have had many handsfree prostate/anal orgasms (wet ones) over the years so I know when they're on their way. The Eupho didn't quite get me there last night. I switched to my Progasm and it seemed like a bit much, a little too aggressive so I wound up using my hands to finish myself off. I'm a little sore today but it was worth it. However, I think that after more than a year of ownership the Progasm just isn't for me.

    I love the Eupho and I know I'll be using it often but if I want the HFWOs from the autofuck in addition to the Super Os (and I do!) then I need something a touch more aggressive than the Eupho but not quite as, um, pointy as the Progasm.

    So ... Helix? Maximus? Which one should I look at next?
  • I'd say go for the Maximus. It gives you a strong massage without being uncomfortable. The Helix is very fun too. It's not as forceful as the Maximus, but it's more aggressive than the Eupho, and it moves easily. Helix is the go to model when you don't know what you're in the mood for. At least it is for me. Really, you should just get both ^^
    I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks the Progasm feels "pointy" lol. I just have the Jr, but it's a little uncomfortable for me at this point. 

  • I'm quite sure I'll wind up with both, but I think I'll start with the Maximus. Unless they come up with a new model with about a 5.25" insertable length and a less pointy head than the Progasm. Then I'll start with that one instead.  :D
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    @deepinfocus.  Like Wandering_Smoke, Helix is my simple "go-to tool"  

    Although it can be irritating for some guys, the PS-New does offer prostate stim further up the rectum than the Aneros Helix-classic without the 'distraction' of increased bulk as with toys like Progasm and Maximus.   Several years ago PS-New was offered in the Aneros Store as the "Aneros Classic."

    Graphic (PS-X is the same tool as the "Aneros" Helix-classic):