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if you haven't had one.. your welcome
  • okay so figures my next session after i posed ive never had one. i have one.  ive been scowering the web and this site to find exactly what to look for. and its all so vague.. so heres a walk though of my first time.  iv'e always had enjoyable sessions.  for this one i used my progasm. i poped in bed layed on my back, i had the urge to put a pillow under my back so my pelvis was faceing an angle. i instantly felt a pulse in my abdomen noting special. i relaxed for like 5 mins, didnt do any squeezes and played a nice fantacy, half way through it i went Wtf?, and my brain focused on this micro contraption and i mean micro but it was litarally like i was looking up my bum and saw my prostate, when i pressed i could feel it pushing fluids, it was literally like taking your fingure and pressing on your eyeball, when it made contact i felt fluids rushing up the shaft of my penis and contracting my balls with a quick spike.  i then would release the pressure and re apply it, slowly i increased the speed at which i would press and release.  all this going on i had mind games going on, trying really hard to focus on not focusing. "putting everything going on in the back of my head".  my hands were on my chest and i felt them going numb not numb numb but i could feel myself dissipating my upper chest froze along with my arms, i had to force myself to stay calm or i would break the trance.  all of that going on and the ability to feel my prostate growing and becoming more active sending shivers all over my body like when you go over a hill in  a car when your not expecting it. and then it stopped. and it stopped rather quick. i just stretched my arms and shoulders and legs and my whole body kind of cracked and i could feel an intence release of blood going all over my body... i layed there for a few moments in re-leaf then i poped over and watched some porn and finished myself off.. thats my tale here comes for the bullets!..

    1: use a pillow/ or anything that will provide an arch in your lower back that lowers your pelvis it helps stretch your body and pull out your prostate/ works the same way with women.
    2: dont do any squeezes, think about something sexy, half way through stop and give a very gentle squeeze you should be able to feel your prostate now.
    3 play with it, start off slow, 
    4 focus on not focusing, IE. focus on how dark it is with your eyes closed all while continueing your squeezes.
    5 when your are able to feel your swolen prostate, give it a firm long squeeze and let loose. you will know your there when your there, and just enjoy. the orgasm is more like a super heighten state of alertness.
    it sort of rezembles a "speed high" and when you come down you dont try and force  yourself high again.    
  • ineverknewineverknew
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    sounds good.  Persistence pays off  ;) .  The prostate can be a finicky girl, one minute nothing, the next your best friend.  Keep at it, it will only get better.
  • I can follow you, O Domo-robot, through everything you describe like I was there. except the strong clench and release of my prostate, got to try that. I imagine my prostate swelling like my penis and my body or mind stroking it mentally like I'm jerking off except inside. What was the"speed" feeling like? Super vigilant, clear-headed?

    Jmay suggested just today to treat your image of your device stroking your prostate as a sensitive penis and rather than jerking off your prostate, kind of wait and watch, not letting the prostate cum inside you but edge tension-free to where that leads. So many men, so many experiences!
  • I've been trying really hard to discribe the feeling of prostate activity and I think I nailed it... when you have an erection and you gently squeeze the head of your penis.. the gentle rush of blood warming your shaft. It to me feels exactly like that. But as the head swells the fluid rush is more intence and as contractions start the fluid is able to flow on its own like starting a lawn mower..
  • First time I've seen that comparison, the lawnmower! LOL But I hear you, Domorobot, sounds wonderful.