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Super Orgasm on my third try!! OMG
  • I bought the aneros after seeing videos of guys using it looking like their orgasms were taking them to outer space, it definitely sounded more appealing than just using my hand. I tried it two times during the first week and I just couldn't grasp the butt clenching rhythm that made it feel good. However, on my third try I changed how I clenched my butt and I lowered my knees and all of a sudden I get hit with a p wave. 30 minutes later I had 2 super orgasms and several small ones. I have never been a moaner, but I couldn't help it, it felt so damn good. The best part is all it took was clinching my butt muscles and I would start another chain reaction of orgasms. I tried it the next day and it was even better somehow. It only took me 5 minutes on the 4th try and the orgasms started. I know this is supposed to be a journey, so I guess I got lucky, reaching this point so fast. I still think it can get even better though because there is this ken video where the guy is literally in pleasure agony and I don't think mine have reached that point, but for the first time ever I finally feel that I can have an equal sex life to women, I would get so jealous of my girlfriend and her mmo's I was like why do you guys get those, it's not fair. But Aneros answered the bell. I bought the progasm jr since I'm a noob. Anybody think the next step should be progasm? Or is smaller better? Does what I describe sound like a super O? Or am I still almost missing it? One thing is true my butt muscles are sore, this thing works you out while knocking your socks off. I'm gonna go put it in and get in the shower, and then a session before bed.
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,180
    @kmal1128, Yes you are very lucky, many guys spend months to years before receiving pleasure.   It is still a journey and you may have even more pleasure to experience yet.  It sounds to me like you had a Super O, but i really dont like labeling such things, just enjoy them for what they are.  Everyone's preferences are different, if money is no issue im sure you might end up with many aneros devices as they are slightly different feeling/acting.  Most successful anreos users will tell you all of them will get you where you need to go eventually.  Good Luck.
  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 575
    Oh wow.. that was fast! I can immagine how frustrated you will get when you eventually hit a dry period..... if you`ll ever have one. You sound like a superO-superhero... haha
  • Hi @kmal1128,

    I wish to congratulate you on achieving your very first Super-O so quickly in your third Aneros session! You are very lucky! Yes, you may pass through times when you do not achieve Super-O's or MMO's, but if you just let go, relax, and enjoy Aneros pleasure, amazing things will result for you.

    As regards your next Aneros model, there are possibilities. I just the robust action of Progasm Classic, the Cadillac of Aneros models, or the sleek action of Progasm Ice. Look into Eupho Syn or Helix Syn for the soft, subtle action of silicon Aneros models. But you may end up getting the entire Aneros line, as @ineverknew suggests! ;) :D

    Take care,

  • @kmal1128

    Like you, I bought my first Progasm - a junior - only a couple of weeks ago.  Like you,  that was after watching a few videos.  They can't possibly be faked.

    I can't claim to have advanced as quickly as you.    I was mildly encouraged by Junior*,  but imagined that  Progasm Senior would produce a bigger response, so a couple of days later bought Senior too.    Senior did -  a bit.   But then I discovered that I'd been using far too little lube.    I read that you should use 5ml.   It worked wonders.
    I still haven't reached a Super O, but even so,  after watching the only video that I've found that shows the effect of peridise on a guy, I couldn't resist ordering a pair of them too.    I can hardly wait to hear from the local shop - hopefully by the end of the week  - that they've arrived.

    But I foresee a serious problem.   I've already found that it's really hard to suppress every involuntary squeak, cry or shout.   The only way to prevent people asking questions is going to be to make darned sure that I'm alone in the house for a few hours.

    *I at first thought that buying Junior was going to turn out to be a mistake.   But then I discovered that Junior makes a first-rate accessory to use with Fleshlight.

    One last thought - I've also tried lubes of different viscosities.  A more viscous sort works better (for me) with Fleshlight.    With Aneros, a medium viscosity seems best.