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Does the Aneros prevent prostate cancer? & Movember
  • Hi guys,

    I received an e-mail early this morning from a good buddy in UK who learned that a friend in the church he attends had been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

    I know that this a perennial question here on the Forum, but does regular use of the Aneros prevent prostate cancer? I know that there have been medical findings that regular coital sex and masturbation several times a week have shown that such activities do exercise the prostate, or, as a good buddy here in the USA say, "flush out a guy's pipes" of carcinogens built up in the prostate. However, a prostate exam by a doctor once in a while doesn't hurt. What do you all think?

    Also right now is Movember, prostate cancer prevention month. One of my dearest friends from the distant past succumbed from a four year battle with prostate cancer on April 21, 2012. I hope to contribute a small sum of money in his memory very soon to Movember, a very worthy cause.

  • I'm sorry for the loss of your friend, Thom.
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,036
    Good question, I have thought about this a lot. There does not appear to be a definitive answer. What I have gleaned is, some have a predisposition for prostate cancer. The human prostate is made up of three glands. Some cancers are fast growing. Some are slow growing. Attitude and life style may play a significant part. Re Aneros,I think that most of us who use an Aneros have a good attitude to sex and specifically to our sexual organs and glands. We appreciate our prostate and value it's contribution to our life. We exercise the various muscles around it bring in fresh blood to flush the area. Some even use the VICE to shake it up a bit. I sleep much better with Aneros- but I am still at stage one (no super Os) We tend to have a more positive outlook and enjoy our life. Our forum discussions are genuine and our interest is for our benefit. The grey area is that it is impossible to measure the effect of attitude. I have a regular PSA test. I use a testosterone suppliament cream. My PSA level has got better since Aneros came into my life. My doctor seems satisfied with this. I also have BHP and since Aneros my I am able to urinate easily. So in many areas including general health my life has improved - so I expect my prostate health to be included. I am 74 and amazed!
    Apologies if the above misses the point.
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 577
    No definitive answer.  The awareness of prostate health that most Aneros users would have and the fact that most users are interested in extending their years of sexual function as they age--which is said to reduce the incidence of prostate cancer by virtue of more frequent thorough ejaculations--all seem to play a role.

    Though there are no studies to prove it, many users here anecdotally note decreases in their PSA's and prostate size on urologic digital rectal exams.  And with virtually zero adverse effects from regular Aneros use and a whole lot of fun, it's a great way to improve sexual health and performance.
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 392
    The first time I experienced "Milking" with my Helix, my emission was yellowish with brown specks. Apparently, regular ejaculations were not cleansing the pipes. Now my emissions are clear. I tend to think that is good.

    I also have BPH, and since starting, I don't get up at night. The medications for BPH did not work well for me. I had too many side effects. Since starting with Aneros I am back to a strong sex drive, and with a patient partner, don't need Viagra. The Aneros has improved my life and reduced stress which I think is healthy. The next best activity is to exercise every day.

    I am sorry for your friends. Prostate cancer seems to lightly acknowledged by the public and is not very well understood. Even by doctors, only one Urologist I have talked to really understood the importance of the Prostate to men. Since we seem to be more informed than most, help your friends out by encouraging them to get regular exams, especially if they are in their 40's or older. If they are open, tell them what you know about Aneros. Save a friend.

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    I know that this a perennial question here on the Forum, but does regular use of the Aneros prevent prostate cancer? ... However, a prostate exam by a doctor once in a while doesn't hurt. What do you all think?

    Unfortunately, the perennial answer is we just don't know ! As far as I know there have not been any scientific studies of the prophylactic effects of prostate massage on prostate cancer. It is difficult to say what measures, if any, would prevent a man from contracting prostate cancer without first knowing what causes this form of cancer to begin with.
    There are multiple theories about causality, diet, life style, toxic carcinogens and genetic tendencies are the most widely touted reasons. IMHO, it is probably a combination of these influences and ultimately further research/studies will narrow the culprits.
    @BigGlans, I agree with you donating money toward finding an effective preventative is a worthy cause for this all too common form of male cancer. As a prostate cancer survivor myself I am grateful for the diagnostic tools which detected my cancer at an early, treatable stage but it would have been even better to not have contracted the cancer to begin with if we only knew how to avoid it.
    image Good Vibes to You ! image
  • As has been said, we don't know but I am convinced that Aneros use has great benefits. I was having painful times peeing. I had a very slow flow and was afraid that I was in trouble. Having used the Aneros for a few months, I noticed the painful flow was getting better. I was also loosing the pleasure able sensations in my genitals, probably due to my age. I'm now 76. I read in the forum that Saw Palmetto was good for sexual health so I embarked on a course of it.
    I can report that I am amazes and so pleased that know have very little discomfort peeing, the flow has increased and the pleasurable sensitivity of my genitals has come back to what it was long, long ago. Love making and masturbation are now completely delightful. Thanks to Aneros and the forum and the wisdom of many therein.