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My "Secret Weapon" for SuperO's
  • AneRico
    Posts: 211

    The Carex Bed Buddy Hot/Cold Pack

    It is like a tube sock and is filled with food grade oatmeal and rice.  It sells for around $12US

    I am convinced that this technique has played a huge role in my reaching SuperO's.  Experimenting, I used it in my first months of dedicated Anerosing and I launched into SuperO's with it shortly thereafter.

    For me, it was a godsend.

    Here's the technique:

    Lying on my back, I nestle the bed buddy up against the very base of my scrotum.  Then I snug the Bed Buddy up to the base and sides of my scrotum such that my testicles are moved "up" towards my navel.  In this position the Bed Buddy forms a sort of "rounded V" shape with the hadles resting on top of my hips, or thereabouts (and they don't hang out over the edge of my body).

    I don't microwave it.  Just room temperature.

    For whatever reason this provides 'something' , I don't know what, that aids in the production of SuperO's.

    It is not a guarantee of SuperO's, but it seems to help so much that I never session without it.

    I think that if you wanted to try this technique you could start with perhaps a hand towel, rolled up lengthwise (so that it is a longer thinner roll, if I'm explaining that correctly).  Or maybe you have something else at hand that is suitable to try.  That way you don't have to spend any money finding out whether you like the sensations produced by this technique.

    Give it a try.  Tell me what you think.
  • Will try it, Anerico. How did you ever discover this?
  • Alex_xxx
    Posts: 405
    Maybe it`s creating more pressure on the P-tab?
  • AneRico
    Posts: 211

    Honestly, I dunno.  I "might" have been putting some hand pressure there and decided to try with the "bean bag" …which is what the Bed Buddy really amounts to….sort of.  But I really don't remember the specifics of how I stumbled into this.

    It doesn't come very close to the P-tab.  It is definitely not touching the P-tab.
  • After looking at the photo, I think the girl would give me a super O. lol
  • The Carex Bed Buddy Hot/Cold Pack
    You could very well be talking about the woman!
    Looks like she would make a good bed buddy and definitely goes hot and cold without warning. LOL
  • Alex_xxx
    Posts: 405
    so there might actually be something to this except personal preference.. I tried with a towel.. might be that its lifting the testicles/ball sack...