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My wife wants to join in any ideas
  • ssw1ssw1
    Posts: 76
    My wife wants to join in I'm just not sure what I should have her do and how to do it.
    She found my stash and got mad. so I explained to her I was doing it so I could get stronger erections. So she wanted to see how it worked so I did. The only problem was when she inserted the helix my erection went to 1/2 :(
    She got mad and seid I was Lying and that it wasn't what I told her
    So now I just want to come up with a good session for us to do together. I have almost all the Aneros line!!! Lol
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated:)
  • See if you can time it where u get a session before she joins in. This way u would very aroused and the erection shouldn't be a problem. For instance I'm bout to put in peridise with full intentions of later on switching over to my classic in hopes of great sex with wife tonight.
  • To ur point of better erections, has it helped u have better erections? I have recently tried to have a session 2-3times and week and I am having better erections.
  • Show her some kegel-exercising toys, and offer to buy whatever she wants.  Point out the ones that are best recommended that you think she'd like.  Show her the reviews from other women, especially blog reviews (the funny ones).  Tell her that you love her and that you just didn't know how to bring this stuff up, but now that it's in the open, which of these toys looks fun to her?  And will she come on this journey with you? 


    Because really... why not?  Ya get one go 'round this side of life, so you might as well enjoy it together!

  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008

    Sorry to say this but I think you may have given her the wrong reason for starting Aneros use in the first place! Many users, including me, find that even during the best of sessions, the 'old boy' remains flaccid throughout. I certainly wouldn't recommend Aneros tools as a means of improving erection quality or as a treatment for ED.

    If you have Peridise models, advise her that these are purely for control of haemorrhoids - absolutely true and that is still my main reason for using them. Orgasms are simply a wonderful side effect.

    All the other Aneros tools are intended to massage the prostate for the very good reason that they promote general prostate health. Again the orgasms are just a delicious side effect!

    Good Luck!
  • As I see it, the difficult thing in your situation is the trust factor. Now you will have to work doubly hard to restore it. Logan5 was spot on in saying you need to tell her you love her and then come clean explaining the benefits of Aneros use. My wife and I are in our 50's and open discussions about sex hasn't always been easy, so I understand what you're going through. Generally speaking, I think people in my generation and older, especially if they're pretty religious, have trouble talking about sexual things with their spouse. Another thing you could do is buy her a Hitachi Majic Wand. When it comes to female sexual pleasure, there's nothing better on the market! After she's used this, she might understand why you have been doing what you've been doing.
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 578
    Good points here.  I told my wife about 4 years ago when I started this, largely for prostate congestion symptoms at the time, (and we're the type of couple that finds it hard to talk about sexual issues also), that it was to help keep my prostate healthy and hopefully help erections, which in my opinion overall has, and thus, if she came across some funny shaped looking things in the bathroom drawer that that was all it was.

    By and large, she doesn't want to be in on it when I'm using the Aneros, though we've tried it a few times when having sex.  I think if your wife would be up to seeing what it does for you, you could try it for some fun foreplay, particularly if you could reciprocate with some fun foreplay stuff she'd like.

    Why don't you both shower together or however you like to work up to a little time together in bed and get relaxed and as far as your part in showing her how this works, guide her in inserting it in you and while you're relaxing those ten minutes or so for it to warm up inside you, do some little things she likes, and then when you feel ready to get some action going yourself, show her how to lightly tickle your nipples (which really gets the prostate O's and a raging erection going on me) and let her watch the show a few minutes, but then before you get to that really relaxed stage where you want to start softening (which happens to me too after the first few prostate O's come) go ahead and have sex with which she should be able to feel how much better erection you're having at the time and which she should enjoy.

    Once she saw the benefits of it on both your sex lives, she'd probably be setting it out at the bedside as a little reminder when you come in from work, LOL.

    Just an idea here among the other excellent suggestions I see thus far in the thread.
  • ssw1ssw1
    Posts: 76
    Thanks for all the help guys.
    We went to an adult store and she got kegal balls. So we got home and went "Weight lifting" lol she put the balls in and I put the Aneros in and we went are separat ways and each set are timers for an hour. When we meet back and Experienced it together she was hot and heavy and so was I . We had 30 min together and we both could not take it anymore so we had sex and it was ausum.
    Thanks again for all the ideas!!! :)
  • And life returns to normal. "Happy wife happy home" Unhappy wife then your in for big trouble as you found out.

  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 392
    And they happly O'd together. What a nice ending!

    My wife and I. have had great times since I told her. She loves the increased sensitivity in my nipples and other areas. Our sensuous life has grown far beyond where we were pre-Aneros. Openness can really pay off.

  • ssw1ssw1
    Posts: 76
    I think she was mad becouse I left her out so now she joins in after an hour session. Now she gets turned on by watching my get aroused. : )
  • How does she feel about you thrashing around on the bed and howling at the moon? 8>)  I haven't mentioned Aneros to my wife yet.  I discovered I could get a mini dry O at will before I discovered Aneros, and my wife's comment when I showed her was "You shouldn't do that in public".  8>)  That was when I started research on MMO and found this group.