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This could be embarrassing. Misdelivered MGX.
  • A few days ago I found and ordered an MGX from Amazon for around $22. Tracking says it was delivered today, but it wasn't in the mailbox and there was no key for the large package box. Here's where it gets interesting. One of the other models I bought came in a box that was just small enough to fit in the mailbox, but it was too big to pull out from my side without tearing open the package. If it got misdelivered and a neighbor had to open it to get it out, then everybody here will know what I like, and probably think I'm gay because of it lol. The worst part is that I'll probably never get my toy. Who would admit to finding their neighbor's Aneros and explain why the package was open? *face-palm* Oh well, I guess I'll see how this plays out lol.
  • I haven't had a session in 4 days, waiting for the MGX. It's too bad, but I hear mrs Helix calling me. So, I bid you adieu. *bows respectfully, then disappears*
  • It might just magically turn up back in the mail box open or not. Your excuse is its a medical thing for a medical condition, if someone had the guts to ask :)
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    yeah i highly doubt they would automatically think your gay just cause you purchased an aneros device.  Maybe leave a note that says "has anyone seen my delivered prostate massager for BPH, its a medical condition and I NEED it? LOL
  • You could say it's a cooking utensil like a pudding stirrer, or a very short back scratcher, or a device to pick your nose (it does look like a finger), or a raised finger for calling a cab or bidding in an auction (very chic this season), or even a prostate massager. In other words, they could mind their own business, gays don't have a corner on the market for sex toys, and who opened my package? (This is meant to be humorous)
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 392
    Or, just watch the forum for someone with a new MGX! Who knows what your errant delivery may have started.

  • Problem solved. Yesterday I waited outside for the mailman. He put my package in an unused mailbox. Our mail here (a small condo building with 8 units) gets mixed up all the time, but that's a first as far as I know.

    Yes, I would definitely use the medical excuse if a neighbor found it. I might be on the young end for having prostate problems, but its possible. 

    @euphemistic HAHA that was awesome. Thank you for making me laugh. That would actually make a good SNL skit. Or even a comedy commercial like the fake "I Need A Hand Job" commercials, except advertising a real product for fake uses.
  • BTW, I LOVE the MGX! I was having so much fun with it yesterday that 4 hours passed before I realised it. Then another hour before I decided to call it a day. It's like a mix of Helix, Eupho and Peridise. It reaches a little deeper, which I also like. And those ridges on the stem are very nice. The length and ridges made me try consciously moving it, more than the other models I own. We need a Syn version!
  • Here's a knock knock joke.

    Knock knock.

    Who's there?


    Aneros who?

    An arrow's in my heart.


    An errors with your fedex order, sir.


    Aneros knocking at your back door, sir.

    Glad you got your MGX and agree that it's very nice.
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 777

    Yes, I would definitely use the medical excuse if a neighbor found it. I might be on the young end for having prostate problems, but its possible.

    I had prostate issues since before my early twenties, and my first visit to an urologist was about 22yrs old.