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Aneros forum Mobile Version?
  • JaymanJayman
    Posts: 4
    Is there such a thing? and if not, Is'nt that a great idea for all of us smartphone owners out there?
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Hello Jayman, :)

    I'm not aware that there is such a thing. But you can always send Aneros support a suggestion for it by using the "Feedback" tab off to the left. Right now I suspect that they still have their hands full working out the configuration and bugs with the new forum software.

  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Great question/idea Jayman!!!

    Unless you have Love_is, I'll be happy to second the motion Jayman. I would deeply appreciate being able to bring the whole Forum directly on my iPhone via an Aneros App.

    I have tried participating in chats at KSMO using Safari on the iPhone and have succeeded for a short period, but it is too dependent on constant adjustment and a smaller than possible text size if it was on a purpose designed App. Closer than ever to our beloved community! While great arousal music plays from the iPod function... Or HypnAerosession... What a possibility... Even closer to that instrumented aneros model I keep rattling on about with readouts on the iPhone or iPod Touch... or iPad... ... or Blackberry... or...

    all the direct connections and mental modelling and metaphors of ecstasies fill and thrill your body/mind all

  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,782
    Hello artform, :)

    I'm not against the idea. I just don't have the technology nor the cell phone plan to browse the web on my cell phone. For me, it's not worth the extra money involved. But I certainly won't get in the way of folks who have a desire for this feature. I think perhaps I'd be too ashamed to be browsing in public where I might be seen anyways! LOL Right now it's only in the privacy of my locked apartment. :D

  • newguy8762newguy8762
    Posts: 198
    Hey guys...I happen to know a bit about this as I'm in marketing and own a mobile marketing company. The Aneros company can develop what's called a WAP site...that stands for wireless application protocol. You then build in an auto detect feature on the site that knows when someone with a mobile device is accessing the site and it redirects a person with a mobile device to a WAP version of the site, which is scaled for a smaller screen and navigation. I would also suggest developing an iPhone and Android (most popular smart phones) version of the site but Apple just removed all mature content.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    I think a mobile version of the forum is a terrific idea! Just wondering if a scaled down version of the forum would be workable though. It would be great to be able to respond to forum posts while I'm out in the field.

    BF Mayfield
  • CockadoodleCockadoodle
    Posts: 401
    Not sure I know what the differences are, as I can access the forum from my Blackberry, no problem. I've never posted or responded to a post yet, however. I'll give that a try. I read the forum posts all the time.

    I think what the original question refers to is for things like chat, etc. Right? Otherwise, I think it's working already, at least as far as accessing the forum is concerned. I'll test my ability to respond, tomorrow.

  • RestormeRestorme
    Posts: 7
    I have no difficulty accessing the forum on my Blackberry. However, I can't get into the chat room.
  • JaymanJayman
    Posts: 4
    Well I was thinking a dedicated app or there's already one out there called tapatalk pro. I'll send a feedback to Aneros and report back the results...
  • karyonkaryon
    Posts: 34
    I second that recommendation that the forum hook up with tapatalk pro. It looks very useful, and I'd be glad to be able to peruse & use the forum on my iPhone or iPad.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833

    Mobile access, particularly to Chat, remains of interest to me due to its obvious planform benefits.

    However, the current 'skins' appear to have been more a hinderance due to the fixed font result.

    Prior to the application of mobile detection on Aneros Chat and skin application I was able to use my old WebOS tablet and participate in chat using standard swipes and gestures to adjust the presentation including font size.  Now (since last spring) that capability has been dashed and the skins haven't been usable with my Android (Ice Cream) tablet regardless of Browser Choice (Chrome, Firefox or system browser).  I've also tried my wife's iPad (running either iOS v6 or v7.01) to no avail.  She has not yet installed iOS v7.03 so I can't comment on how that might work.

    Further, the mobile detection feature erroneously identifies either of my Laptops running Firefox or Chrome on Linux (kernel v2 on one thinkpad and v3.x on another) as a mobile device and offers the skin.   Clicking on either "Continue" or "No Thanks" dooms me to being kicked out of the session.   This "skin offering" sometimes happens when I first log into Chat and at other times it suddenly appears at a random moment.

    I shun web interaction on my cellphone due to the limited screen size but do find mobile attractive as I prefer to update myself on news with a mobile device.

  • Chrome on the latest Ubuntu with chat works fine. I'm not offended a tablet skin and go right to chat. The interface is nice and legible. That's on my netbook or thinkpad. Maybe upgrade to the latest version of linux would improve things, Rook?

    On the other hand chat on kindle android is difficult to see and can't be resized even with the touch skin. When the conversation reaches the bottom of the screen, it says "autoscroll" in red which apparently means I have to manually scroll to see what people are saying. If I click autoscroll, it shows the most recent entry alright but the keyboard disappears. When I start writing something and the keyboard is back, "autoscroll" comes back and I can't see the reply.

    I think one of the problems, Rook, is that every flavor of linux, android included, has multiple interfaces and kernels so developers would have to test their code on many more linuxes than with just Windows or Mac. Even just kindle has a non-standard version of android which limits its interface. I like using the Kindle in chat because I can carry it with me but writing is sometimes a pain.

    I'm not a programmer but it seems possible to get the interfaces right for the major distributions, Windows, Mac, plain vanilla android, and a major flavour of linux like Ubuntu. I haven't done chat in my Windows or Mac machines so I don't know if they work there. Ubuntu seems to just work with everything.

    I can see the forum on my andoid phone well enough and it's nicely formatted for the smaller screen but I shutter to think of chatting on the phone the way things are. If this is a vote thing, I also vote for an app for tablets and phones. It would be great. Maybe only the major OSs like iOS and plain vanilla Android. I wouldn't bother with Windows or the others that aren't very popular. Then I could chat all day as long as the battery lasted LOL.
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 392
    I use my iPad exclusively with decent results. It does exhibit some odd behavior at times, but is pretty useable. Adjustable font size and text wrapping would be great!

  • I have a vision problem and have to make the font size pretty large for me to be able to do most things on the desktop or tablet. The time I logged into chat, the font was so small on my tablet, I couldn't even read anything with a magnifying glass!