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Aneros made me squirt
  • Hello, I have been playing with the aneros regulary for a year now, I think I havent had a super O yet, but the ride has been great, however:

    In my last two sessions (both of them with my helix syn) when things are feeling really good suddenly I feel my penis get hard and really hot, if I let the feeling proceed I end up squirting a clear liquid, not exactly pre-cum, its actually less thick, and it smells a bit like pee, but not as stinky.

    Is this supposed to happen? Honestly when this happen I get up for a bathroom break in order to avoid making a bigger mess.

    Thanks in advance
  • I'm sure the more experienced will chime in but....

    I've had something similar.  Nothing actually squirted, but I've had some "leakage" and it seems more like pee than pre-cum.  I haven't had a super O either but have some pleasurable sessions.  Lately it seems that the more pleasure builds the more I have to pee.  I know many say to just let go but every time I feel that strong urge to pee I get up and actually pee a LOT.  Which tells me I actually did have to pee.

    I like to lay on my stomach on my bed so I can't take the chance of peeing in the bed.
  • Two possibilities:
    1. It's pee. Empty your bladder before playing.
    2. It's prostate fluid, which is much more viscous than semen but definitely NOT urine. It will have a slight smell like semen (that chlorine smell) but not quite as strong, in my experience. It is kind of slick and slippery when you rub it between your fingers. This makes sense since semen is comprised of prostate fluid, sperm, other liquids.

    I wouldn't be too concerned about it. This phase is likely just your body learning to acclimate to the extreme pleasure and will pass in a bit. You'll then be able to move into uninterrupted orgasms without ejaculating or without a refractory period.
  • This is something that happens to me off and on, especially when I am trying to have a full body orgasm without an aneros inserted. I wasn't sure at first if I was peeing or not, but I touched the liquid on my stomach and it was slick/slippery & had the consistency of pre-cum/prostate fluid (like newguy said). It's likely a sign you are making progress, there are many types of orgasms and experiences you can experience while on this journey. 

    You probably can pee on accident if your bladder isn't empty, but I would just empty your bladder before starting and lay down a big towel or blanket (sheets are easy to wash!). The last thing you want when you are about to have an orgasm/experience something new is to worry about peeing. Worrying or thinking about the fact you might urinate is going to break the mood/cycle you might be going through. 

    Personally having a hands-free orgasm where you "ejaculate" prostate fluid is one of my favorite experiences because I don't have a refractory period (probably because its not a traditional ejaculation), so I'm able to "cum" again and again. If it comes up again, just let go of control and observe what happens with your body. It's really not a big deal if you accidentally pee a little bit, and it will eventually flow into a full orgasm that might just get your whole body involved. 

  • This has happen to me but it varies. Some times I have full on peed on myself during a session and then some times i squirt out like a pre cum substance. When I am building up a orgasm and I'm shaking and my eyes are rolling in the back of my head and y breathes are panting like a dog that just got done with a run I lose control so i really don't now whats gonna cum out of me from time to time but I have had that happen.
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 392
    It may be seminal vestical fluid. If the liquid is clear, has little to no odor, and is slippery, you just achieved male squirting. It's a good idea to lay on a large towel because there can be quite a lot of it.

    I seem to have it mostly happen with the Helix Classic. Not so much with the Syn or other models. My experiences follow @sandmann206 pretty closely. It's another interesting aspect to Aneros!

  • Thanks to all for your insight.

    I think I Just have to do a bit more prep up (a matress protector or so) to enjoy this event in case its a recurrent thing.
  • @recoil this might sound a bit silly but I have been going through similar events recently.  I have started using a small, clear plastic measuring cup/glass near the bed.  It holds 1.5C.  It serves two purposes.  First, I have found it SUPER helpful to eliminate any extra sensations that might happen by my penis accidentally brushing a blanket or even my abdomen when highly aroused (I am almost always on my back).  In some ways it is like a mini sensory deprivation tank for my penis and really let's me focus on my prostate without distractions.  Second, when I have "squirts" I can check out what they are easily.  Sometimes it's precum, other times it's prostatic fluid, and about half the time is urine.  If I find it is urine I take a break and a leak and then start again.  Not sure if it helps but after one session with a LOT of great feelings that resulted in peeing the bed I decided it is easier to not to have to worry about it for clean up purposes.
  • Beegee, do you use the cup to collect body fluids or to cover your penis? Seriously I don't know. Another idea if you know anyone who works in a hospital or nursing home, ask them to get you blue pads or anything like that. They are used to put under incontinent patients and absorb everything. Probably can get them in a medical supply store too. I think I'll bring some home this week, I'm always spilling lubricant.
  • I think a Texas catheter might work well.

    For those who don't know what it is.  It's basically a condom the goes over the head of your penis but has a tube in the end so you can pee/ejaculate whatever without it going on the bed.

    Since I tend to pee I think I'm going to try this.  It might be good for those who don't want their penis to touch or feel anything.  
  • newguy8newguy8
    Posts: 192
    I had the same thing happen last nite....was having a precum fountain. then when i squeezed my anus, or PC....something.....gushed out... kinda ruined the moment to be honest, n it was feeling really good w/ the precum just kinda flowing out....darn it...