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after 10 years felt something new and great
  • I am on my phone so sorry for any mistypes or if this is concise.

    I want to start with the disclaimer I would not consider my sexual health to be normal. My reason for buying the aneros in my college years some 9-10 years ago was out of desperation to try to feel an orgasm again. I started masturbating young and had what I thought were normal orgasms through my mid teens. Then I began to notice the intensity of orgasm when I ejaculated would very and eventually I was barely feeling anything every time I ejaculated. I have no idea what happened but I lost my orgasm. everything else about me sexually still functioned fine I and masturbating and ejaculation would still feel good but there would be no increase and peak when I came.

    In trying the aneros I experienced similar results. I felt good feelings but never anything I would come close to calling an orgasms. Occasionally my body would shake and the my muscles would tense like maybe I should be having an orgasm but I would feel nothing.

    I continued to use the aneros on and off every couple of months over the last 10 years and it would either be non exciting or I would start to feel something that become very disappointed and discouraged as it faded away.

    Over the last couple of months I have discovered I have and addiction to pornography. I have been seeing a psychologist for help. I don't know if this is related to my other issues or not but I mention because it has caused my to use the aneros more lately. while trying to fight my urges to look at porn and masturbate I will sometimes substitute this with a session with the aneros ( not sure if this is a healthy substitution for my addiction but atleast I avoid porn while using it.) Earlier this week I ended up putting the aneros in around bed time and sleeping with it in ththree nights in a row. The first two nights were average, but on the third night I started feeling a feeling I had not felt since childhood. If my memory serves me correctly it felt like the building of type of orgasm I would have before my body was producing semen and before I would ejaculate. If I remember right it started in my upper chest, almost in my throat like I could control it through breathing. The best I could describe it as a warm and pleasant burning sensation. I kept concentrating on the feeling but instead of "chasing" I just tried to enjoy it. It slowly kept increasing in intensity until it was equal to what I remember as and orgasm. Then it started fading away. The difference from the orgasm I remember is I did not feel a sense of relief after. the best way I can describe it is like I was climbing a hill and when I got to the top instead of going over to the other side like a normal orgasm I turned around and went back down to where I started.

    I continued my session for some time after this. I started getting the other good feelings I have felt before, like a pleasant buzzing in my prostate, but as they increased and my body started shaking or muscles tensing they would fade away. I remember trying to just fall asleep but this kept happening in cycles and it would keep me up. I think the session lasted about 4 hours before I finally fell asleep.

    I gave it a days rest and tried again last night but did not get anywhere and fell asleep quickly. Even though I never got the full feeling complete with relief after I am still so grateful to have felt that pleasure at that intensity that I have missed for so long. I hope I can repeat it and maybe even gain a bit more. To those that are able to feel such great pleasure easily, never take it for granted!
  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 574
    btw.. if you ever did extasy or other similar drugs that might explain why your orgasms never were the same again.
  • I have never done any drugs. I have also heard that anti depressants such as ssri's can have that effect but I have never taken those either. thanks for the input though
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 386
    What a great post! I am so pleased for you and your progress. Thank you for the reminder to enjoy what we have been given.

  • Bigred8,
    Sorry to hear about your orgasm problems. Glad you had a great Aneros experience lately. I'm not an expert on male sexuality brain/body related issues but I do think it's possible your porn addiction has had an effect on your orgasmic pleasure. Porn, by the way it stimulates the brain, creates effects similar to cocaine in the brain. It takes more and more exposure to get off and it is damaging. The good news is, the damage can be reversed. There's really good info on this reversal process on this site I hope you have good success with your therapist and wish you much joy and health to be restored to your sexual life.
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,178
    i agree with @newguy8762.  Also, and i didnt know this before, but masturbating too often can actually cause damage to your penis.  Making it harder and harder to orgasm.