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Prostate orgasm & penile Super-O
  • Hi,

    I recently bought the SGX and Progasm. Been experimenting with them for a little while now, mainly with the SGX as it feels that I have more control. Been also working on my PC muscles. Thanks to many members in here who have provided a lot of valuable insight.

    I haven't experienced orgasms with my Aneros devices yet, although I've certainly enjoyed good sensations and have developed a broader understanding of what's really going on. However, I recently experienced something mind-blowing with my girlfriend and wanted to ask has anyone similar experiences. I assume that it has a strong connection with my Aneros experiences and stronger PC muscles. I'm trying to understand it better.

    So, my girlfriend was giving me a blow job (no Aneros involved or anything that stimulated the prostate) and while she was doing that I was squeezing my PC muscles, then relaxing them completely, then squeezing again and so forth, really just went with the flow and enjoyed the moment. The orgasm started to build slowly in my lower abdomen. You know the feeling when you know that the orgasm is going to be pretty big and it keeps developing? So, then I finally ejaculated strongly, but a few seconds after while I was still enjoying my ejaculatory sensations it felt like this electricity suddenly filled my entire body. It was a very strong feeling of energy. It was all over the body, but especially focused on the top of my head, lips, toes and feet, and most strongly in my hands, which were shaking and convulsing. I actually got a bit scared at first because of the electricity and convulsions, which nearly hurt, but still felt so damn good, but I was like, hey all I did was enjoy sex in a totally natural setting, so it can't be dangerous and therefore I just surrendered myself to this awesome feeling. This lasted for like 2 minutes, and then gradually the electricity started to fade, which took probably another 2 minutes for the energy to gradually leave, it was most apparent in my hands, where it was the strongest. After that I just felt so good and serene. I got hooked like I got to experience this again.

    Has anyone similar experiences and what do you think causes such a great feeling? Is this something what you are feeling when you are talking about the prostate Super-O here? Feels great to be a man! The media should talk more about the prostate. Usually the prostate is only mentioned when they're talking about problems like prostate infections and prostate cancer. That's a disservice to many men.
  • Electrified,
    Congrats! That's a Super O/prostate orgasm/full body O you got there. Amazing feeling, isn't it? It's probably from a combo of Aneros use and strengthening your PC muscles, as you suspect. This is making you more aware of pleasant sensations in your prostate and perineum instead of just focusing on you penis. As you become more sensitive to this with Aneros practice, you'll experience those same orgasms with Aneros use, although without cumming, which will allow you to have multiples. Enjoy!
  • Thanks for feedback! Great to read that that's what it is. Yeah, truly amazing!

    Looking forward to having those multiples with Aneros use... 
  • JMayJMay
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    Pretty cool, huh? :D
  • varmintvarmint
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    Congrats!  You've truly re-wired!!  Your orgasm will never be the same!  Hang on for dear life!
  • Yeah! :D

    Glad to find people from here who have experienced these and who are "supportive"! Talked to a few friends of mine about this electricity stuff and they were in disbelief and asked what was I on... 

    Anyway, definitely added patience to experiment with the Aneros now that I know what to expect. Somehow easier to enjoy the journey. Thanks!
  • TomasheenTomasheen
    Posts: 277
    Congratulations on your experience. Alas, reading these fantastic posts, I tend to get really down. I have been doing Aneros for a our six years now and have never had that kind of result. In fact at the moment and for the last month or so, my sessions have been very disappointing. I get the weakest sensations which soon come to nothing and fade away. I then give up. My sadness is because I know of the possibilities and have had real great times in the past. Maybe this is not the place to say all this. Anyway, I wigs you all the best.
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    I think you and I should talk.
    I am exactly your age so I reckon we would have a lot in common.
    I am also going through a "dry" period just now but I'm confident that it won't last.
    If you would like to continue a conversation with me on this, please send me a PM.
  • @Tomasheen, I regret to read that. I'm sure that the great times you've had will return and once so, hopefully even improve. I used to skateboard when I was younger and would practice a certain trick for days or even weeks many hours a day, just trying out the same trick over and over again, landing on very rare occasions with no constant success. Yet it was often only when I then took a break, let my mind go of my obsession, and would then get back on the board after a week or so that I suddenly had the trick in me and would then land it almost every time. So I believe is the case with sexuality as well. 

    To me it would be interesting to find out how many men here can make these great Super O/prostate orgasm/full body O experiences a "standard", experiencing them at will? So far I've only had two of these. A grand one with my girlfriend as depicted above, and a smaller one solo, but I'm yet to uncover the process that gives birth to them. Another question of interest is that how easily are these multiples that @newguy8762 describes experienced during intercourse? 

    Anyhow, my newest concern may feel somewhat ridiculous, but it makes me feel vulnerable and I would also like to share it with you, as @Tomasheen shared his. Perhaps someone here has words of wisdom.

    I'm with a very sexual woman, who adores my manhood. Yesterday we had passionate sex. I tend to always last long and she obviously enjoys that. So, she had an orgasm during intercourse and afterwards I did as well. However, this time, she just craved for more intercourse. Normally after such a long session she may be a bit sore, but to my surprise she just wanted more, more intercourse. Now undergoing a refractory period I gave her an orgasm with my hands. Then I quickly went to the bathroom and there heard her give herself two more orgasms within just two minutes. And then it hit me that I just started feeling very inadequate. I remember that just before puberty when I started to get to know my body I could reach dry orgasms without a refractory period, but once I finally first ejaculated, I could never hold that "feeling inside" anymore; it would afterwards always come out with ejaculation and my penis would get sore, which was disappointing because it meant that the fun was over. So, this painful feeling from my youth appeared to the surface - while she was "flying on the clouds" so to speak, I was still recovering and the fun was over just like in the past.

    So now I feel somewhat inadequate and sad, asking myself vexed questions that is it truly so that by gaining the ability to create life (ejaculation), I've lost the ability to maintain "fun" as it comes with a refractory period? That seems brutal. Although on the other hand, there's no question that the Super O/prostate orgasm/full body O that I recently experienced was by far the most satisfactory sexual experience that I've ever had, and if I could produce those regularly and even multiples with Aneros without cumming, there's no way I'd trade that blessing to anything else!

    I perceive that there are deep and intellectual individuals on these forums. Comments and discussion would be appreciated.
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    i think thats awesome that your girl was masturbating, it just shows how sexual she is.  I mean lets face it, if you could do that, wouldnt you?  But i would discuss this with her if it really has you feeling inadequate, i think she would understand your limits, but maybe there are things you could do to help her? Be a part of her need for more orgasms.  If it really bothers you that much you could always talk to your doctor about prolactin inibitors like Cabergoline.  Prolactin is the hormone which is the cause of the refractory period.  Just a thought though, i dont know anything else about these drugs and what kind of side effects they have, but studies have shown they can severely diminish the refractory period for men.
  • Electrified,
    If you can give your gf orgasms through intercourse, you should celebrate your self-control and in no way feel inadequate. You are doing something that over half the world population of couples doesn't do. Over 50% of women cannot orgasm through intercourse and most men cannot thrust for more than five-minutes without cumming. So, congrats! Give yourself a pat on the back!

    Since you sound a bit younger from your writing, I'd like to offer a couple thoughts:
    1. Orgasm and ejaculation are two different things that are normally experienced as one. But, with practice and patience, you can learn to separate them. What you experienced as a pre-teen was made possible by the fact your body wasn't producing semen yet. You could have multiple orgasms without ejaculating because you couldn't yet ejaculate. This is fairly common. By practicing PC muscle exercises for a couple weeks and then practicing edging (masturbation where you bring yourself just to the point of no return then clamp down on your pc muscles to keep from cumming) you can train your body to experience multiple orgasms without ejaculating and thereby brining on a refractory period. This is fun solo as well as in helping you maintain an erection with your gf and keep her going as long as you want, both of you experiencing multiple orgasms. This takes practice and patience and good communication. You have to guide her to slow down, to lay still while the orgasms are coming on you and you're trying to control them and not ejaculate and for her to let you know when she's coming. It's the kind of practice you should look forward to! If you Google the term "edging" you'll find a couple good, written posts on this on the web. It does take some technique, especially to master during intercourse.
    2. Using Aneros and nipple stimulation or having my wife finger my prostate is the other method I've been able to experience multiple O's. This also takes practice. You can come to a point where you experience these on a regular, consistent basis. Abstaining from sex/ejaculation for three days before a session will help to ramp up your arousal. Also, engaging your nipples can help. These are the two best tips I can give here, as well as practicing every couple days until you get consistent results.
    3. As ineverknew points out, there is some research that cabergoline (Distonex) taken in 5. milligram doses twice a week can eliminate a man's refractory period, leading to multiple ejaculatory orgasms (which are different than the first two I've sited). You can combine this with Cialis/Viagra/Levitra for long, sex-filled weekends if you're really ambitious and into experimenting.
  • Hi Electrified, your message brought back memories of the first time I ejaculated and what I was feeling and thinking. I was a pre-teen and was surreptitiously feeling myself because it felt good. I had to hide this from my family because feeling good is a sin in the Catholic church. Gosh, I remember practicing swearing in the bathroom so no one would hear me and had difficulty doing even that. So I was in bed and feeling better and better until I reached a point where I couldn't stop, let go of conscious control, and let my subconscious take control of my hand and body for the first time and I ejaculated and past out for a while. When I came to, I was still swimming in a hormone sea, but confused and scared about what just happened. I liked and disliked losing control but I definitely liked the orgasm and ejaculation feelings. So I did it again just to make sure that I didn't dream it like a wet dream. I remember associating this with wet dreaming so I must have been doing that previously. I don't remember having the experience of dry orgasm before this though. It was sometime after this that my father told me about wet dreaming which confused me because of the technical way he described it and the obvious anxiety he showed. I didn't discover the refractory period right away but soon found it useful to kill my sexual feelings for a while. That practice of killing sexual feelings lasted until I was 32 years old when I figured out that I was gay all along. Now that's a refractory period!

    I've often thought that the experience of orgasming to ejaculation followed by the refractory period has wired us men in more ways than one. I mean that we have come to associate sexual activity with more or less feelings of gratification leading to feelings ofsadness and disappointment, as if sex were a punishment for our original sin. So here we men are exiled from the garden of Eden with the sword-bearing angels guarding the entrance so we can never return. it's as if the fear of crossing that threshold, challenging death by sword, that prevents us from attempting to regain our primordial human rights to multiple orgasms and wholeness. Women have this ability if only they realized it. So we have men who vacillate between sexual gratification, release and sadness, and women who are discouraged from realizing their sexual potential. For me the church is the unifying factor that perpetuates this vicious circle for its own purposes. Just my thoughts on reading your message, Electrified.
  • euphemistic,
    Now your post has me fondly remembering my first orgasm at 12-years-old. I guess that's a seminal (sic) moment in a young man's life.

    For me, although I had played with myself in the couple years preceding the big event, northing much came of it other than a recognition of how good it felt to stroke my hard penis. In the middle of my 7th grade year, my family moved to a new city and one of the first things I recall after the Christmas break was a film in health class on sex. I remember the embarrassed snickering from the other guys in class as erections and seminal emissions we're explained and the outright laughter when masturbation was mentioned. "What's that?" I said to myself. I'd never heard the term but obviously, many of the other boys had. 

    That night, my father tucked me into bed and asked if I had any questions about what we'd watched at school. I said, "Yes. What's masturbation?". My dad breathed deep, paused a second before launching into an answer that was a bit vague. "It's playing with yourself and pretty much everyone does it. It's okay to do, but you don't want to do it more than three or four times a week". And that was the end of that. Not much in the way of a real explanation. I had no idea what an orgasm or ejaculation was because as far as I could remember, this wasn't covered in the film and my dad certainly didn't let on what was to cum (so to speak). Although I grew up in farming communities and saw animals mating since I was a child, the whole process was kind of matter-of-fact and I didn't understand the mystery of it all. 

    That night, I took it all the way for the first time in my life and as I came, I began to feel this spinning, almost out-of-body-like sensation. I didn't really know what happened because I wasn't expecting something to come out. I guess kids don't have any context for experiencing this until they experience it, so even if it had been covered in the film or my talk with dad, I might have just gone over my head. This was an incredible experience, almost like discovering a super power! From that moment on, I was hooked, as I think every young man is.

    Euphemistic, I'm sorry you seemed to have experienced such a negative association with the church and sexuality. I certainly can relate, having been a part of a college group that made a big deal out of masturbation. My perspective now is, this is a failure on the part of many churches and well-meaning religious leaders to not properly discern what the Scriptures say about sexuality and in particular, to read into the Bible something it has never said about masturbation. It's also a failure, unfounded fear and unhealthy and unbiblical rejection of our bodies and a wonderful, creative God who designed penises, vaginas, erections, orgasms and ejaculations...not just for reproduction but for pleasure between a husband and wife. Sex was obviously designed for pleasure and not just reproduction or humans would only be sexual when a woman ovulated, like other creatures. We are ready to go at any moment and sex is a glue God designed to bond a couple together for life from my understanding of Scripture. If you read the Song of Solomon, it's highly erotic literature, filled with sexual innuendo and metaphors. The book of Proverbs tells a young man to be intoxicated with his wife's breasts and let his fountains (ejaculate) be for him and his wife. 

    Religion, like well-meaning but misguided big government, seeks to control our passions and restrain us. True faith celebrates that which God has blessed us with, yet recognizes limits...not to keep us from having fun but to protect us and those we love. 

    Anyway, I just wanted you to know there is more to the church than your experience may indicate and what you've experienced isn't necessarily the best example of how we are to live to the glory of God with our bodies and sexuality. 

  • TurnrowTurnrow
    Posts: 176

    As a Christian attending a conservative church, I agree with Newguy in what he has said.  With the proliferation of the internet, churches are being forced to abandon their silence and reassess ill advised cultural policies on sexuality. 

    I am happy to be part of a church which is at present addressing just these issues and encouraging personal growth and understanding in these areas of male sexuality.

    Dont hang your head, Electrified.  Newguy gave you great advice.  Fifty percent is a high estimation of how many women orgasm from intercourse.  I have read many sites that estimate that only 30% of women orgasm from intercourse.  You are blessed in many ways discovering the Super O at such a young age and in finding someone who completes you sexually.  

  • My point was not to denigrate anyone's religious belief. My point was to respond to Electrified who said :"So now I feel somewhat inadequate and sad, asking myself vexed questions that is it truly so that by gaining the ability to create life (ejaculation), I've lost the ability to maintain "fun" as it comes with a refractory period?" I think this is a really profound observation, something that the garden of Eden story was trying to account for, the Fall. Your sadness is something all men can identify with. It is a sad state that we men have found ourselves in, with our sexual pleasure limited by ejaculation and the refractory period. Fortunately, Electrified, our options for pleasure outside of procreation have expanded with prostate massage so don't despair.

    Sorry if my story of how badly I was hurt by my church, offended anyone. It's really my experience and I can't help how I was hurt by my church. I'm glad that others haven't been hurt this way. i actually think about God and religion often, and have tremendous awe of God but not of religions.
  • Oh, and the reference to the angels guarding the entrance to the garden of Eden was also meant to be a metaphor to the perceived danger in crossing a threshold back to a primordial bliss. So the danger here would be in facing our fear of losing control or letting go to experience the kind of orgasm that we knew from childhood but was transformed when we discovered ejaculation/procreation orgasms that rewired our pleasure pathways. This image of angels with swords guarding the lost paradise is very sad but a part of our heritage as Christians, not a negative image just a perfect description of our dilemma, what we had to give up when we grew up. I guess I got carried away with my metaphors and didn't explain myself well enough. I keep thinking I should put this kind of stuff in a blog.
  • Thank you all for empathy, positive words and support. It felt good. I'll work on those techniques and will see how the development goes!

    Euphemistic, that's an interesting metaphor. I spent some time thinking about that and about my previous comment "gaining the ability to create life (ejaculation) vs. losing the ability to maintain "fun" as it comes with a refractory period".

    As far as edging goes, I gave it a try and it gave me a different perspective on this point. That instead of losing something we're actually gaining. The process just changes. Comparing the ejaculatory orgasm with the prepuberty orgasm isn't really working because now we have two sources of pleasure instead of one. 

    In retrospect, how it felt back then was just how it feels now when I'm edging, with the obvious difference that I didn't have to worry about control back then and I could just surf the wave and keep on enjoying that feeling. However, when the ejaculatory orgasms appeared they provided that addictive rush, which was not present before. The scientists say that the male brain scans show that ejaculatory orgasm are comparable to shots of heroine. Never tried heroine, but I can imagine that it's true. :D 

    I think it's actually very interesting how back then when I had my first ejaculatory orgasm, I experienced both more intensified pleasure and disappointment at the same time. Like "Wow, my orgasm has been taken to a new level! But hey, what is this soreness, can't I keep going anymore?" 

    It's a different frame of mind. When we became men, our sexuality got more complex as before there were only non-ejaculatory orgasms. So, now it's a journey about combining the best of both worlds. I find it very intriguing that on top of this we have prostate orgasms as well, which has been the ultimate killer for me this year! I only wish I had known about it before.

    P.S. Thanks newguy8762 for bringing up that proverbial interpretation. I always wondered what do the fountains symbolize!
  • By the way about nipple stimulation that I see folks talking about here, is it the same thing as with the prostate that when you start to activate them more, you will also feel sensations on them randomly every now and then? 

    I haven't read too much about nipple stimulation. Are there some special techniques for that or just improvising whatever feels good?
  • TurnrowTurnrow
    Posts: 176

    Besides the Wiki, I had many questions answered about nipple stimulation here:


  • That link/thread is the bomb! Thanks!   :)>-
  • Starting to get these tiny electrifying tingles with Aneros inserted, yet still no Os, haven't been using my Aneros too much recently though because of time restraints… 

    However, what I told happened to me (my first post) happened to me again! Only this time, I wasn't bewildered by the electrifying orgasm because I now knew what it was and I didn't ejaculate either! It lasted for many minutes and I must tell you that besides the immense love that I felt toward my girlfriend, it also drove me crazy and made me feel like an animal (in a good way of course, haha). :D

    Pinpointing the elements present at both times: 
    - very relaxed, had been chilling on the bed with my gf for some time before any sexual action
    - nipple stimulation by tongue (which I noticed the second time really awakens the prostate, there's definitely a strong connection here as newguy8762 suggests!)
    - mixture of blow job and hand job
    - squeezing PC muscles (during second time especially when I felt the electric tingles on my prostate while my nipples were stimulated, and then on and off when she was stimulating my penis)
    - very deep and big breathing, even somewhat vocal, when I was approaching my orgasm, intensified when I started to feel the electrifying orgasm arrive

    And then of course BAM! =))
  • Good progress! Those "electrifying tingles" you're feeling, they grow, and grow, into some pretty amazing full body sensations just as you described! The next time that happens, and if you haven't ejaculated, keep going! Relax, let your body decide, continue the PC muscle work, and see where it takes you! The Super O is often elusive, but...quite generous when it arrives! You are making tremendous progress!