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Massage and ED
  • Hi everyone,

    Just getting back into massage after a long stay away due to various reasons.

    One thing I found last time was that massage effected my erection ability which was an issue when trying to mix massage with intercourse, I found the sensations as others have reported here are channeled to the prostate.

    My question/concern is can massage effect erectile function even on days when you have not had a session that day?

    I have read many times regular massage is beneficial to help with ED but reading some real time experiences on here I am not so sure?
  • I've noticed that after a year and a half I don't really get hard when using my aneros . In the beginning I would almost always get wood at the start of a session and periodically throughout. I'm not sure if this can be solely attributed to the fact of aneros being new and exciting, which provided the extra stimulus and now the novelty has worn off I don't get hard, or perhaps the aneros has caused me to undergo some physiological changes.

    Food for thought.
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 575
    I've been getting dry prostate, or super O's, consistently and easily over the past couple years of Aneros use (took about a year or more of "rewiring" to get to that point though) and the following is how it has consistently become for me.  I get intense super O's that come in peaks about every 2 to three 3 minutes and last for generally about 20 minutes with good sessions.  I'm really stiff, like the hardest erection you ever felt for about the first 2 to 4 of those peaks, then softer and then totally flaccid towards the end.

    If I want to have an erection following that, say sex with my wife, it's really difficult until some hours later.  Apart from that effect for the few hours following sessions, success at Aneros use has overall improved my erectile function, both with my wife and also, quite noticeably, with involuntary morning erections before awakening.

    So I'd say that massage has had no detrimental, and in fact a beneficial, effect on my erectile function overall, with no observable adverse effects on days I don't massage.
  • hey long time no comms ;) hope all is well.

    Your experiences are what i have some to expect as the norm, morning tents are pretty common for me unless the wife is one of her every night moods then its more like morning find the button mushroom!

    I a trying to get my hands on a helix syn to try for comfort, will report back once i track down one of these beasts.