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Nice session, then I exploded, like i never did
  • Hi, i tried a session this afternoon, got my sheabutter, olive oil and astrogel.
    lube up very well then Helix in, i started on my side, leg up, do nothing, small sensation 
    then i move on my back, feet down, little better, then on my stomach, holding my weight on my leg and arm 
    so my penis was not in contact with the bed
    then i applied a small pressure to my ball,  a very very strong orgasm started to build up, i edge for as long as i could
    then release the pressure on my balls, it was amazing, i was breathing heavy, and having very strong butt clamp and 
    very very nice feeling inside.  then i went for it again, same feeling, it  was electric, and i came like a madman
    it was amazing,   and my penis never touch the bed, no stimulation at all,  the time, all that in 40min
    try it and let me know if its the same for you
  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 575
    are you talking about a traditional hfo when u say you came? or a super o?
  • It was a hfo, with cum, not sure if it was a super-o since my balls were touching the bed
    but man, as soon as i put pressure (very ligh) on my balls, my dick became so hard,
    then orgasm build up very quickly, resisted one time, then when i did it again, i couldn't stop
    and i had one of the strongest orgasm ever.
    i usually dont feel like using my helix for a couple days, but what happened yesterday,
    i'm doing it again today. already hard just thinking of the feeling
  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 575
    uhm... you need to read the wiki, I think your superO definition a bit mixed up.
  • I try not to get too caught up in labeling of each session. Just enjoy the journey, keep reading the forums and wiki to learn as you go and you'll make steady progress. That's the approach which is working well for me.