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Regular Aneros Use and Its Effect on Regular Intercourse
  • As a hetero (unmarried) male, i'm learning lots about becoming in tune with my body by using the Aneros. But I have one question regarding how using it will effect my future sex life. 

    Do any of you Aneros users, who are married, find that it in any way interferes with your regular intercourse? 
    Have you come to prefer the Aneros orgasm over a traditional ejaculatory orgasm with your wife? 

    Does it enhance your sex life with your wife? (with and without the use of the Aneros during sex)
    I've heard that it can somehow make it better - is this true? That is, regular intercourse that does not involve Aneros use during. 
    If you've found it to be better, how would you describe it? For what reasons is it better?

    I just want to know what to expect as I go down the road of discovery and how far exactly I want to go down that road. 
  • Alex_xxxAlex_xxx
    Posts: 575
    my gf loves it because: it turns her on, makes me hold an erection after I cum

    she hates it because I need my alone time with it and because I sometimes have to go 2-3days without cumming to peak the hornyness and help the illusive superO on its way.
  • varmintvarmint
    Posts: 94
    Aneros greatly enhanced my sex life with my wife for two main reasons:  better understanding and phenomenal orgasms.

    While re-wiring you truly come to understand why women have it so hard learning to orgasm.  Unlike, ejaculation, most don't just come, it's a learned experience.  I find myself so much more in-tune with my wife's body and reactions during sex now and am able to tweak my performance to make it better all around.  We've been having mind-blowing sex since my first Super-O.

    Second, re-wiring changed how I cum during intercourse.  I don't just shoot.   The orgasm works up on me and comes from deep within.  I start orgasming now a good 30 sec - 1 minute before my balls swell up and my load really starts flowing.  During this time, I'm not really sure what I'm doing but the screams and nail marks on my back are testament that my wife likes it!  Finally, it becomes too much and I grunt and shout my way to monster ejaculation orgasms as my cock, ass, and body spasm like crazy.  The orgasm continues for awhile after ejaculation too.

  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,837
    @varmint 's first two paragraphs and comments on more extended orgasms are are spot-on with our experience.

    My toys of choice during sex are SGX or Helix-Syn.   

    Our major changes are in lengthy foreplay and a more mindful and conversational approach to sensuality.   My re-wiring has given me the ability to chain multiple dry-Os to parallel my mate's orgasmic waves.  As a result we are more closely "paced" during foreplay than we ever were apres-Aneros.   The 'urgency' for deep copulation to ejaculation is gone and once her EVI is removed I briefly penetrate multiple instances, knowing that our imaginations will carry us forward in our lovemaking.  

    We've found that we are more 'gradual' with our foreplay and now extend it to allow for chains of dry-Os and clit induced mini-Os.   MMOs have taken away the 'urgency' to ejaculate so multiple brief penetrations interspersed between chains of dry-Os are now the norm and those now augment oral action to give us more variety in our foreplay. 

  • ctusserctusser
    Posts: 95
    Erections have become difficult after starting Aneros use. When my prostate is aroused I remain flaccid. My body began to direct all sexual arousal to the prostate, and when I would get turned on I could feel my prostate swell, and it became very difficult to obtain an erection. To have intercourse I would have to insert my penis in a semi flaccid state and after a little while it would become erect. But once erect I had control over when I wanted to ejaculate. So it has hampered my ability to get erections, but has improved my performance when I have one. I ordered some Tadalifil over the inet and this has cured the erection troubles. So it's been kind of a mixed bag as far as conventional sex for me.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,837
    Note:  Off Topic for this thread.

    I had about 10 years of experience with E.D. (started at age 65) before I started with the Aneros (age 75) and was quick to notice the intermittent erection pattern frequently mentioned in this Forum and in Chat.   I've not discussed 'intermittent erections'  with my Urologist since I've been able to maintain an erection for intercourse (while inserted with an Aneros toy) when I'm under the influence of Viagra, Levitra or Trimix.

    Eight years ago (age72) I was responding slowly to both Viagra and Levitra and asked my Uro to give me an option of using Trimix when my mate and I desired a more spontaneous response.  Before prescribing Trimix my Uro did a doppler ultrasound test which showed that I had "significant" venous leakage for some time after I triggered erection.  That led me to assume that my softening erections during prostate stimulation were the result of increased venous leaking rather than a deficiency in arterial flow.

    @ctusser's excellent "prostate swelling" observation leads me to believe that my initial assumption may have been incorrect and that we may be experiencing  arterial insufficiency as blood pressure is being shared between the Penile Cavernosa and the prostate.

    During the build to dry-O I experience a strong pulse in my penis bulb and separately in my prostate but am so involved in the moment that I don't know which one occurs first or how those relate to the penis going flaccid.   And when the orgasmic energy takes a path into other energy centers I loose track of what's happening along my perineum. .....  perhaps someone can shed some light on this matter.

    Since erectile irregularities are sometimes an early indicator of arterial disease, it's a good idea to get a Uro's opinion on this.

    Tip for anyone who may be a smoker:   I was an avid cyclist in my teens (before the age of good seats on bikes) and a heavy smoker from age 20 until 42.   My Urologist makes it clear that, among his E.D. patients, smoking history ties with diabetes as the #1 cause of E.D.   The #2 cause is lack of nocturnal erections due to sleep apnea.  
  • Having completed my first year with the Helix. My experience has been that the re-wiring has rejuvenated my entire sexual experience with my spouse. I am 63 and married 43 years. I had experienced a significant decrease in sexual pleasure along with a degree of ED over the same period and was using occasional Viagra but without a salutary effect on the pleasure. I had thought that the problem lay at least in part to decreased prostatic secretions, since ejaculate volume is a determinate in the pleasure experienced. That's one of the reasons I had originally looked for a means of prostatic massage. Once I began to respond to the Helix (I've contributed a few posts to several discussions and an occasional blog entry about my progress). I am now at a stage where my Helix sessions are almost all very successful and some spectacular, with rapid response and several different types of O's. I find that the Aneros experience for all it's intensity and pleasure are not sexual for me. As I've written before, I don't use porn as a "warmup" like some write. One of my recent sessions went into the early morning as I lay next to my sleeping spouse. I find that my sessions can be exquisite without the shaking and involuntary movements. (That's a different type of experience that I save for times when I'm alone). So when I had reached a few O's and at least one superO, I found myself really desiring my wife and eased her out of her slumber to what was a very nice wake up call for her and a very exciting wet O for me. So my experience has been completely positive. I did remove the Helix before intercourse that time. However, I have on three or four occasions kept the device in for sex. That's a different experience. It was very intense but on one of those occasions I felt some "almost" discomfort and I think it's probably a better idea to remove it. I was going to blog about my first year with the Helix in a blog, but maybe this is enough. I am very happy I found the Aneros site and am grateful for the device and these great forums and blogs. All the best!
  • Do any gay men here have experience using the aneros during sex with men or with both men using the devices at the same time during sex? I haven't tried it yet due to lack of opportunity.
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 578
    59 here, married, and started 4 years ago with the Aneros products.  Took about 8 months of "rewiring" before had the first prostate O, then they were erratic for another 6 months but soon afterward became consistent, reproducible, and very intense.  My erectile function prior to all this was okay except for late nights when tired when it required lots of time and touch to become erect enough for penetration and/or I'd get soft during penetration.

    It seemed during the months of rewiring (I had at least 3 sessions weekly about 30 minutes each during that time) that my erectile function became worse, but once the super O's started coming consistently it felt my sensitivity for and hardness of erections became better than before I started with it all, with the morning erections being the most dramatically increased.  (Some mornings before waking up they are just so hard and last so long they hurt).

    The best way I've found to work in Aneros induced super O's with married sex is to have a session with my Aneros (the Eupho Syn is my favorite) during the "in-between" days she may not want sex and then to have traditional sex with her on totally separate days.  If I have an Aneros session with wonderful super O's and then attempt to have sex, like ctusser I just can't get an erection going enough to penetrate.  I am completely "penis NOT" during Aneros sessions and although I get a good erection as the first of the Aneros induced orgasms comes on, I become flaccid through the remainder of the session and by the time it ends, basically can't have an erection for some time.
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 578
    Should also add, as I only commented thus far on the erectile function effects, that traditional O's with the wife are longer, able to be controlled more, and more intense.  And again, as mentioned, that's a couple days since last Aneros use typically.  So, all in all, though you'll spend some solo time getting the initial rewiring accomplished and the super O's to coming consistently, it's all well worth the effort for your married sex life.