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Low Sexual Sensitivity and the Super-O
  • Hey guys, just looking for a bit of advice, or perhaps a bit of direction from others' experiences.

    I'm a 32 year old male.  I have been using Aneros products for about six years now.  I have quite the collection of toys when it comes to self-satisfaction, and Aneros Prostate Massagers are by far my favorite.  Seeing as I'm recently single, I have at least a one-hour session about five times a week.  I own Progasm Classic and Jr, Helix Classic and Syn, and the beginner Peridise set.

    Throughout my journey I have never been able to achieve the super-o.  I thoroughly enjoy my sessions and in no way chase the super-O any longer, as I understand how frustrating it can be, and it also can take away from the session itself when you are chasing it.  I am rather well-muscled in my anatomy down there at this point, and have no problem achieving involuntary contractions almost instantly at the beginning of a session.  Full body shaking will occur when I allow it, sometimes I like to relax past it because I feel that it can take away from the pleasurable sensations that you one has to notice to enjoy in the prostate.

    The thing is I have an exceptionally difficult time achieving just a traditional orgasm with ejaculation.  I find that I have a very high sex drive.  I have no problem getting a full erection, and maintaining a solid erection for an extended period of time.  I like to think of myself as a rather healthy individual.  I do not drink, smoke, or take any prescription medication.  To reach a climax requires an incredible amount of effort.  Very seldom over the years have I been able to achieve orgasm during intercourse, and most times it was not an enjoyable experience due to exhaustion and feeling weary of heart attack.

    I will admit it is a blessing as well as a curse.  During sexual activity I can last indefinitely, enjoying lengthy sexual sessions and the ability to pleasure multiple partners at once.  However, it can be a bit frustrating and exhausting when it comes to masturbation.  For me to achieve ejaculation usually requires a few hours of pleasuring with breaks during.  When I do finally come I have to say it is wonderful, however the amount of my ejaculate can leave me feeling a bit sore on the inside.  However, after a lengthy period of ejaculatory abstinence it is a bit easier to achieve orgasm, although just ejaculating periodically isn't always that satisfying.

    So I have been wondering if my inability to achieve the super orgasm that you guys speak of has anything to do with me being just not as sensitive as other men sexually.  I feel as experienced as a wizard when it comes to the Aneros devices (expect Peridise).  I don't see it as a huge deal and I'm not disappointed at all as my Aneros sessions are indeed so wonderfully pleasing.  I just wonder if it's the same wall that keeps me from ejaculating that is keeping me from the super O.  Perhaps after all these years my body is just trained to hold it in?

    I'm just curious if there are other guys out there familiar with this at all.  I know it's not to common to hear a guy looking for advice on how to cum faster.  Any advice to such things as diet change or exercise?  Do you suppose there is any type of dietary supplement that could help? I've read on these forums that the use of MJ can greatly intensify a session.  I am not really to keen on the idea as I am drug and alcohol free, perhaps I would be more willing to try if it were legal.

    Or should I just suck it all up as I have a life of great sexual pleasure regardless?

  • Bryan,
    Sorry to hear about your problems with orgasm. It may seem like a nice problem to have for many men but I can see your frustration in what you write.

    You may be struggling with a medical condition called anorgasm, which is defined as difficulty or inability to orgasm. If you Google that term, you'll find several articles on possible treatment. One more recent option has been prescribing .5 milligrams of cabergoline (Distonex) taken two times a week (an off-label use of the drug) and in over 50% of the men in a small study, it restored their ability to orgasm. The belief is it lowers prolactin levels in the brain. Prolactin is released upon orgasm and it's what causes a refractory period to kick in, making it impossible for a man to have another orgasm for a period of minutes to hours, depending on health and age. For a guy who doesn't struggle with anorgasm this may give him the ability to have multiple ejaculatory orgasms (about which you can find many discussions on message boards on the internet) and this drug has developed a subculture following for that reason.

    Anyway, I'd recommend seeing a doc specializing in male sexual issues. Hope this helps.