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Tempo during intercourse?
  • Was wondering if anyone uses the Tempo during partnered sex, and how the experiences were (in general and in comparison to other models).  I've already tried using MGX, SGX and Eupho, but I find that they all impede erection.  I'm guessing that this may be due to the width and/or uncomfortable p-tab (since i've never had that issue with slim plugs and anal beads); so thinking about giving the beautiful tempo a try.  Thank you all for your comments, in advance :)



  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,807
    My Tempo is a bit heavier than I prefer for foreplay and it doesn't reach the most sensitive nerve endings on my prostate.   A "de-tailed" SGX, when fully sucked in, does the job nicely for me.

  • The Tempo is very appealing. I don't have one myself yet. Have you tried the Peridise models? If you haven't, then I suggest rewiring to those first. They're really fun once they start working ;)
  • braveneworldbraveneworld
    Posts: 1,099
    @Fortwayne I have a tempo and its fantastic. I also have a full set of peridise of which the largest is best.
    Tempo hmmmm.. Its a combination of the weight and the metal feel that is different and wonderful. Its like gliding silk!
    Cant comment on using it for sex but it is good for a super-T.
    Now I have read or heard somewhere that if she has it in her behind while having sex you can both feel it through the vaginal wall. Double penetration hmm could be fun.

    If i had the choice between the two most expensive aneros units to buy. Vice or Tempo I would go the Tempo every time.
    Heres a picture just for comparison.  (I find the coke can a little painful) giggle!
    2013-08-28 12.07.14.jpg
    800 x 480 - 108K