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The do-nothing approach
  • Is it really do-nothing? Is it necessary to breathe deeply and slowly? What about the mind? If I empty my mind, I would end up sleeping. I guess you have to think of something to stay conscious, right?
  • rumelrumel
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    Please see the thread "Do Nothing" What does that mean?.
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  • ineverknewineverknew
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    @goodtobeaman,  breathing techniques are optional, some feel it helps them, though personally I have never messed with it, I just breathe normally.  Sexual fantasies can help keep your mind on the prize while laying there.
  • I've owned a Helix for over 2 years now, but hardly ever used it at all. Recently I decided I was gonna start using it and make a good attempt at using it properly. One session I was incorporating a lot of movement and voluntary contractions. There were some pleasurable sensations for sure, but nothing like what I've read about on the Wiki and the forum. No 'involuntary' contractions or anything either.  

    Last night I decided I was going to try the 'do-nothing-approach'. 
    This definitely changed things for me. 
    It took about 30 minutes before anything actually happened. All that time i focused on the extremely subtle sensations i felt and paid very close attention to every little movement of the device. Even the subtle sensations of my pulse against the aneros felt slightly good. 

    After a while I started to feel the device begin to slide further up inside me on its own. I focused on staying relaxed and doing absolutely nothing voluntarily. The device kept moving on its own and after a while I started experiencing involuntary contractions. It felt pretty good. 

    This was as far as I got during that session. No real 'O' was experienced, but it was a milestone for sure. Patience is key and being extremely relaxed. I can't stress that enough. Making no movement of your own and just paying close attention to the subtle sensations. You'll be amazed at how much the device will move on its own due to your body's involuntary movements.