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I have entered a new phase. Its good and bad. I need advice.
  • EDIT: I made a couple edits so it makes more sense.

    Its a long story (for me) but the steps are important. Sorry.

    A few days ago, while using the Maximus, I realised that I could have a HFWO. I hadn't ejaculated in over a week prior, and I felt that I needed to for a couple days. So I decided I'd try it the next day. After about a 45 minute session with the Maximus, I was right there, but...not quite. So I wrapped my leg around my Dakimakura (body pillow) and pulled it to me. I stayed motionless, pressed hard against it, letting the involuntaries build while trying to concentrate on the feeling in my prostate. After a couple minutes I made 4 long, slow thrusts into the pillow and reached the PONR. Then I backed away quickly. I tried my best to concentrate on my prostate and exactly where the contractions were coming from as I came. When it was over I stayed there to relax for a minute, but as soon as I did the involuntaries started again. It was like I've read about here, with the feeling of electricity shooting from my prostate to the glans. I realised that I wasn't getting soft. In fact I was harder than ever. So I continued with it for about 15 minutes, until the feeling/involuntaries had about 2/3 subsided. Now, the only thing I can think is that that was an ejaculatory prostate orgasm, since there was no refractory period. The fluid was a thin, milky white, too. Is that what it was?

    I was still ready for more after that. My balls felt full, but the need to cum was gone, so I decided to wait until the next day. That didn't happen lol. Instead I got progressively hornier. It started with prostate tingling, but as I repeatedly got super hard, that mostly went away. About 8 hours later I felt like blue balls was gonna set in (slight testicle ache, and a change in mood) so I decided to have another session before that happened. It was very intense. The session only lasted about half an hour this time, and I decided to try something else to achieve a HFWO. I rolled on my back, knees apart, and put my hands around my penis in a U shape, leaving about an inch and a half of space around. Then I pressed down, gently stretching the skin, and tried to relax. The involuntaries were strong, and after a few I knew it would work. I edged using that technique, twice, then I let myself ejaculate. I didn't realise how white and clean looking my cum had become. Every other time I ejaculated since I started using an Aneros (except for twice in the very beginning) it was in to a Fleshlight, without an Aneros. Anyways, that felt like a step in the right direction towards a true HFWO.

    The next day I tried to have a day off, and just enjoy the constant tingle in my prostate. But, I couldn't. Before bed, I broke down and had another session with the Maximus, and ended it with the same type of HFWO.

    The day after that, I actually managed to take a day off. I had intended to take 3 days off, but, today my ass needed more. I had a normal session with the Maximus, ending it before the pleasure faded completely. But, again I really wanted to cum. 4 hours later I couldn't help myself so I had another session, ending with frenzied thrusts into the Dakimakura. This time I didn't pull away. Now, about 2 hours ago I needed to cum again (second puberty, or what?!) but this time I just used the Fleshlight. No Aneros.

    Now, here's where I need advice. The first two ejaculations seemed like I was headed in the right direction, as far as HFWO goes. Because I think if I can get there without any external stimulation, I can learn to turn that energy into dry Os. But, the Maximus is what changed me from controllably frisky, to not having enough willpower to resist sessions, or having a wet finish. I've made alot of progress since I got the Maximus at the beginning of this month, but I think it will put me off track if I keep using it. What should I do? Any advice, tips or tricks would be appreciated. Thanks :)
  • my advice would be to stay away from any activity with the penis during your sessions, you are trying to "rewire" some circuits in your brain, continuing to play around with "traditional" penis play and ejaculations will most likely not get you to a dry orgasm.  I know its tough, but doing both together will only confuse your brain LOL.
  • I normally don't touch my penis, or let it touch anything during a session. It has only been since I started using the Maximus and got new feelings (including a quivering sensation in my prostate) that I tried something new. What I'm trying is to find not-too-stimulating ways to achieve a goal, while keeping the main focus and pleasure centered on the prostate. Logically I know this approach is wrong. Or is it? *confused whine* I gotta hide the Maximus somewhere. Bury it until I've had a dry-O. That thing is too intense for me to think clearly lol. 
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 722

    I'm not quite sure why you are trying to achieve a HFWO. I know it can be very pleasurable and I guess most of us have experienced one or two at some time, but I've never considered this to be a goal in its own right.

    To me, the object of Aneros activity is to achieve multiple dry-Os. No mess that way! Personally I would avoid wet-Os altogether but, maybe that has something to do with my age!

    Great story BTW. Sounds to me as if you are having a great time - lucky you!
  • @Pommie What I was thinking is that if I can achieve HFWO with progressively less stimulation (no direct penile stimulation) then none, that I can then teach myself to redirect that energy into dry-Os. This strategy is also dependant on ONLY trying for HFWO after several days of normal sessions, on a day when I was going to ejaculate anyway. BUT, that plan backfired and I lost control of myself for a few days lol. 

    Thanks. I am having a great time :D This whole journey feels like a second, more complicated puberty lol. I'm loving every second of it, hence the new avatar with a huge grin :D
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 722
    I guess you are young enough that you still have an imperative to ejaculate every so often but in my 70s, that imperative is no longer present although I have to admit to enjoying one occasionally!

    I just hope it doesn't interfere with your progress with dry Os.
  • @Pommie That's the thing. My testicles are pretty small. I basically killed them with drug use (LSD, then methanphetamine) in my late teens and early 20s. I quit all that back then but my balls never grew back. My sex drive has only gotten worse over the years, and the only way I could have any fun was by using tantra/edging techniques and tease myself for as many days as possible. Now, since I started Aneros products I've been slowly realising that not only has my sex drive returned, but my balls are growing back. This morning (a second day of rest) I'm finally sure about it. MY BALLS ARE GROWING BACK!! :D :D :D So, I guess I'll have to learn to adjust to some increasingly strong urges as well as my prostate rewiring lol XD. 
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 722
    Fortunately I have never been a user of those substances. I guess you have given me another reason to persuade my grandchildren to avoid them.

    Great to know that Aneros use has improved your condition. Now we have another reason to take up Aneros use!

    Seriously though, I am so pleased to know that you are on the way back. Good for you!
  • @Pommie Indeed. That'll scare em from trying. Marijuana isn't bad though. I still smoke a couple times a year. Its better for you than alcohol...which I'm getting tired of.

    Thank you *bows humbly*

    BTW, I think its awesome that so many older men are finding new life, so to speak, through Aneros use. Not to mention a much better alternative treatment (or addition to treatment) for BPH. Now I just gotta figure out how to tell my dad. Apparently he has to get up every couple hours at night now. 

    Aneros makes all of our lives many ways :)
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 722
    I came across Aneros at age 70 (four years ago). My only regret is that I hadn't discovered this years ago.

    BTW, what really started me off was to control haemorrhoids, for which the Peridise models are recommended, but I have found that the smallest of these is almost as good as any of the regular prostate massagers!

    If you can persuade your dad to get involved he will be in your debt for the rest of his life. Go for it and Good Luck!
  • @Wandering_Smoke,  Glad to hear you got your balls back! lol
  • @Pommie That's awesome XD. Hell, I think anyone who has discovered the exquisite pleasure from Aneros, wishes they discovered it years earlier lol.

    I've had hemroid attacks a few times. I figured it was just irritation caused by lingering fecal matter, so I cleaned the area with a wet wash cloth after each BM during those times. It works. BUT, I gotta say, those little Peridise are insane (I'm currently using the second smallest from the full set). They tickle you to death. So much fun. And its a great way to divert overly strong genital leat that's my experience at this stage of rewiring.

    I will introduce my dad to Aneros products, but I'm still figuring out a precise presentation. 

    @ineverknew Thank you *bows humbly* They aren't back yet, but they're growing :D