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is it painful?
  • lovolovo
    Posts: 2
    Hi, I was wondering if having a super-o or waves hurt. I've watched a video of a guy using the aneros, and he trashes like crazy. It seems like it hurt, so my question is, does it? and it seemed like he was not able to control his movements, but you are able to take the aneros out during trashing, right? You are able to control your movements during trashing, right? and how do you properly take the aneros out of your ass, it does not get stuck, right?

  • I don't think I had a super-o, but I had my first shaking experience and thought it to be just distracting since I couldn't feel the action on my prostate. Fortunately when I recovered I had the building feeling of impending orgasm but never did, and it didn't leave me frustrated like penile stoppage, just felt very nice.

    no problem removing toy unless you go on marathon sessions where the lube could dry out. sometimes the muscles work so hard the toy can pop out.

  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 390
    @lovo - welcome to the forum!

    To answer your question, no, Super Os and PWaves do not hurt. In fact, they both feel really good in an entirely new way. It's hard to describe what a Super O feels like since it is diiferent for each person. If you read the archived forum posts, you'll quickly get a sense of this.

    The shaking some of us experience is interesting, but can distract from achieving a Super O. If you get them, they can be controlled with practice, or they may just go away over time. They don't hurt either unless you fall off the bed or strike something.

    If you follow the Aneros instructions, you should not get hurt or feel pain. If you do, stop. Drop us a note and we can probably help you out.

    Let us know how you do!

  • lovolovo
    Posts: 2
    I have tried aneros for some time now, but I seem to get nauseous after using it, is that common?
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    @lovo, depends on how nauseous you are getting.  I know in the beginning i used to get a little nauseous and light headed after a session for a little while.  It went away after a little while, but wasnt anything i thought was serious.
  • lovo,
    I have felt slight waves of nausea from time to time but nothing like I'm going to blow chunks. This might be related to peristaltic waves going through your digestive track, as the Aneros can sometimes bring these on. Make sure you have a bowel movement before using and you also might want to clean out your rectum with a bit of warm water (nothing else) using a rectal syringe or douche. If it persists, try eating a couple spoonfuls of peanut or almond butter before you use the Aneros as these can help by having something in your stomach but not too much and the protein in these butters can calm your nausea down a bit.
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    Slight nausea (or "butterflies in stomach") is normal -- and a good sign that things are working.
  • AneRicoAneRico
    Posts: 308
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