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Absence makes the heart grow fonder.
  • TomasheenTomasheen
    Posts: 214
    I had a break from my aneros sessions. Two weeks. How would it be? could I cope? As I didn't take it with me abroad, I could do nothing about it any way. I often thought about it and tried to imagine the sensation of pushing it in etc. well I returned today and when I had settled in, I got it out, lubed up and put it in.
    Wow! I was overcome with intense pleasure. A really hard erection, and the contractions doing their own thing. I felt like shouting out in sheer joy, "Aneros aneros, I love you to bits"! Silly I know but there you have it. Coming back to it was like returning to a wonderful beautiful friend.
  • Anero have a secret world domination thing and you my friend are caught in there trap like the rest of us!
    When its not in the prostate is aching for it and when it is in the prostate never stops loving it, You will never be free of it again. But really you dont care you just love it!
  • Well, at least you didn't take a Tempo with you...or in you lol. That would have been an embarrassing conversation. 
    Now you got me thinking about taking an extended break. But...I don't think I can... I'm hooked. I can go 3 days, but I NEED it by then. Great story though. I've said "I love you Helix" (or another model) out loud more than once ;)

    @braveneworld. That is one of the best, most true things I've ever read. For most of my life I was an "exit only" guy, but now I couldn't imagine life without an Aneros. They have improved every aspect of my life. I can't thank the inventors (etc) enough. Someday, when I can put the words together, I'll write about all the ways that Aneros use has improved my life.
  • @Wandering_Smoke Well bugger me I am not the only one, I have pledged my love out loud too to my aneros tools.
  • Yes, that is what happen to me also. Took a family vacation for three weeks and was unable to have a session with the aneros. Was able to have several less sessions, but they were not as good as a full blown session. When I got home and was able to settle in had a great session. Used the eurpho classic and had my first HFWO. As soon as I inserted had a huge errection that lasted the whole time. Had tingles from my toes to my ears. Session lasted only about an hour but what a session it was.

    Absent makes the prostrate grow fonder.

  • TomasheenTomasheen
    Posts: 214
    Strange isn't it. It does become addictive. I do actually love it. It has made me love my genitals and delight in my awareness of them. They have become priceless and precious. Long may I enjoy their wonder.!