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Giving it a rest...
  • Ok, I haven't had an Aneros session in a while.

    All I got was cold and frustrated, I couldn't be vocal or throw off the sheets and really dig in to the whole experience, so I decided to shelve my aneros until at least summertime, which in Aussie, is rapidly coming around.

    I also decided on something I'd wanted for years and since it could also enhance my anerosing I finally bloody did it....

    I had a Guiche Piercing done!.

    A guiche piercing is a piercing that is placed midway along the perineum, externally located to have some effect on the prostate, much like the tab on your aneros it can be used to assist its massage externally, plus the slight tightness of it feels very nice. I'm nearly all healed and am ready to gauge up....then watch out aneros.
  • ineverknewineverknew
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    @4onthefloor,  i'm in a similar situation, just got a PA peircing and putting things on hold until it heals.  Though I only plan on waiting a month or so.